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Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most – it was like walking right into what I was created to do. It fit me, my personality, my strengths. It had me constantly  thinking, changing, growing and it makes me feel alive to know that tomorrow will never be the same as today. I firmly believe each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, no matter the industry, I am certain this is mine. The process and journey I go through with each client is the most fulfilling experience and I will never get tired it or take for granted the responsibility and blessing I have with this career. i will never not be a photographer, not on any day of my life, not in any moment. it’s who i am.

I have been a pack rat since early childhood – horrible for my closet space – great for looking back through my life. I feel a deep connection to things and the memories attached to them and I will never be able to disconnect the feeling within a memory from a place, a smell, a keepsake. The only possessions truly worth keeping are those that hold an intense memory to an experience in your life. Photos are the best way to capture an experience in your life and that your photos should tell your story without you even speaking a word. I feel this to my core and it fits so perfectly with being a photographer. It allows me to create timeless memories for others and to tell their stories with an image.

I’ll come out and say it: I’m not for everyone. I will always stay true to my style and the creativity that I’m drawn to in photography. I want to capture who you really are and in natural lighting – you know, the kind God created. If you’ve looked at my work felt emotion or feel like you know the people in them, it is likely that we will work great together. I bring joy and true passion for creativity to what I do, an addiction to perfection and pull to create things I have yet to do. I want to get to know you. You’re not a number or just a photo package. I shoot with you as if we are old friends and we will be by the end of our session. I want to display your quirks, personality, and true self. We will laugh, play, giggle, scream and create an experience. this is about stories, it’s not just about pictures. i don’t mess around, i go for the jugular. i stop, i look and watch…i dont just raise up my camera to snap. i watch. i want to create a killer frame. i want to make art, and i do. 

I’d love for you to let me tell your story.

Images Sean Flanigan


by Andria

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Abigail Renola Tjaden Hi there Andria.
Sitting in my room tonight, after a half day of subbing (living in Portland, OR- after having received my masters in fine art at University of Idaho Moscow/Pullman)…I have been here now since Nov without a job.) I got to work again today…a half day, with kids. Which I love. But my first passion, which I wear on my sleeves and keep in my pockets is my creativity, my artmaking….my desire to serve the Lord in all the ways I have been gifted.
Endless time has been spent drawing since I moved here, and have recently been silkscreening these designs.
But with all of that ramble…my friend Jessica commented on your blog post today…and of course awesome photos draw me I started snooping. I was clicking on things.
I found the tears of joy page…HONESTLY…today I said to these kids…I said you are giving me my life back, you are helping me come alive…and it was this beautiful moment I had with the Lord as I read the end of your post…
Because being new to this city, I have been learning what it takes to keep going, keep trying, keep seeking.
To keep learning what it means to be in your own skin.
What is looks like to be ‘sucessful’ and how the heck one makes money.
I feel like God is really whispering into me right now…trust me and be patient with all that is unsettled in your heart/in your life.
I was talking with a new friend today, a kindred spirit type…and it dawns on me again, that we are all a part of this great mystery. And I want to remain in Him that causes me to rise and fall to the Sun. That my knees are still able to bend. That I can have this beating heart. And it still is beating. Going.
I find myself asking questions all the time. Some about love. Some about ‘why am I here’. But most about ‘Why Lord does being with kids, or undoubtedly when I am printmaking, when I am taking photos of my work with my friends, when I am seeing how perfectly I can place things together…’ not for my own glory…but that it can encourage and inspire others. That as creatives we have this gift. We can bless others.
And the Creator over all, He has given us this same Spirit, one to go deep, dig deep, and make our home in all that is good in the world. That we can tell stories of depth and sincerity.

WOW. I just kind of word vomited. HA. But novels are the new cassette tapes. Or shall I say the new tweets. Free flowing thoughts can come out. HA.

OK, what I really wanted to say was
Thank you, for being who you are called to be, sharing light into the darkness and into the rooms of others, strangers, creatives, folks around the globe.
We share because we can. And because we were designed to. For we are a part of greater story. And this is such a beautiful thing.
Blessings as you continue to be creative.
Blessings from above…may He keep hemming you in!!!

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