i was in the kitchen with clients and i got joining texts, one from CJ and one from Jenny. that girl is PREGNANT!  shrieks and smiles, its was the start of 8 months more to go of pure auntie excitement.

jenny is one of my first friends to have a baby. considering how much i already adore her crass mouth and spunky self, obviously i love her more, now that she’s produced an heir. i absolutely plan on spending lots of time now, in kirkland, and seeing this baby grow up.


you cannot even prepare yourself for this russian-american pouty lipped baby perfection that will make your heart stop beating.

my baby and i were the first visitors the other night. and a chill no fuss photo sesh with the 5lb little jacky boy. i cannot tell you the joy and giddy glee i get from meeting and photographing friends’ babies as they come into the world. there is just nothing like it. 

good frickin work jenny and ryan. we couldnt be more happy for you.

prepare. for perfection.

i cant even.

a little gramma love.

for the daddy who will be ukulele serenading this babe.


and to think, all that was done by lamp light in pitch black of night.

i love you jacky boy.

by Andria

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Aaaaaand ASIA


so off I go to my home away from home, Asia.

i’ve got one month ahead of me being gone. 97% work. 3% play. but all of it will be a very lovely time. lots of new friendships ahead with the RPTE trip, my first filipino wedding (good god!) and a bomb below the border nuptial in ixtapa. oh, and a valentines day with my boo in the philippines. talk about a good year for my favorite holiday.

once i see the lovely asian airline ladies in their uniforms, i know i’m in good hands. i’m learning to really appreciate the asian gentle spirit and willingness to help. we could learn a little from them!

i will be abroad for valentines and my birthday. pretty much solo on my bday, so that is a first. bring on 27 baby. holy balls, sounds pretty adult to me.

i hope to share some snippets of my trip instead of these lonnnnnnng in-betweens. i miss my bloggy boo boo.

please enjoy february in the US. it is my favorite month! and please, text/email/msg me every update in the world of the superbowl. GO HAWKS! 

Muah muah muah. Im gonna get tannnnn.

and as always, when I’m abroad…internet can be real sketchy, so please be patient with me emails and new inquiries….imma gonna be slow.

by Andria

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Jodi and Tony

in far off in a land called heaven, Jodi and Tony’s wedding day existed. 

it cannot be compared to anything else. it can never be duplicated. 

where only ample time was given to photograph and there was never a rush in the air. 

the beauty was natural and the mood, a delight. 

where children ran and played, and a dear friend was the officiant. 


where, the bride, was one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen in my life.

at the end of the day, this is where I feel indebted that i got to document such a thing.

and then i bowed down, my career is complete. this image.

the most darling thing of all time.

I’m not even sure how this day was real, nor the photos I was allowed to create.

thank you to jodi and tony for being just so badass. i wish we could do it again.

the beauty and incredible design of this wedding was executed by the wonderous, Sinclair and Moore Events. if you are looking for something like nothing else. now you know where to go.

by Andria

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chris jenkins

been asking my guy if i could shoot him forever.

then, standing by a white lamp in the living room, i saw it.

i’m still keen on a proper session, but this will do for now.

by Andria

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Generations Project: Carmen

one of the most beautiful things, is a life lived out. memories, and years, children and stories. 

someone who isn’t celebrating the first of life’s achievements, but  can reflect on a lifetime of them. 

it is all too often these stories, these people are not thought of to document. i want to bit by bit, change that.

to have their things documented, photographed. the jewelry that smells like her perfume. her things that fill a room. a story told.


this is carmen. she is 93. 

a canada, then iowa transplant, who has made seattle hers.

who, one day, on a ferry was approached by a man. charlie. “is your name mary?”  ‘”No, its Carmen.” a conversation that would lead to him showing up at her work with flowers. one month later, being engaged. being married for 63 years. they never argued.

he could do anything. a baker in the navy. and she raised the children. they lived in one of the prized houses on Greenlake front.

brought two children into the world. and now, one granddaughter.


she is spunky, and straightforward. only wears cowboy boots. 

she should be remembered. 

i take on each Generations Project candidate as they come. there’s no order or quota. i just want to do them as they come to me.

nominate! if you have someone in your life that you’d like me to know about for my project, please feel free to nominate them simply by shooting me an email, with a bit of info, their age, where they reside (and maybe a photo!) (candidates are 80yrs+)

email // ShootMe@AndriaLindquist.com 

if you want to see my original blog detailing more info on the project, you can GO HERE. 

by Andria

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