a different way

who says you have to do an engagement session that looks like an engagement session.

i dont.

by Andria

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Ginny & Jack

every once in a while, a couple finds me and my being able to photograph them uncovers a buried deep shoot that my subconscious has been awaiting its release. 

this shoot has existed for quite some time, all i needed was a pair with the right fit to unlock it.

you may remember ginny’s classic face from one of the best of time bridesmaids setup from a wedding earlier last year.


ginny & jack wed with no photographer, so it was appropriate to finally take some images to celebrate their lives joined.

this was a most most wonderful shoot. with a bit of a different feel in studio. and a bit different feel editing. i was in heaven.


with great pleasure, ginny ad jack. some of my favorite recent work.

makeup by the wonderful Chelsey Matley // and hair by Thuy.

if you’re interested in shooting engagement, boudoir, etc in studio…..let me know! excited to be using that space here and there for great shoots.



by Andria

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in the philippines

its more fun in the philippines. 

pretty much everything. 

including weddings. 


just wrapped 9 days in the philippines, clinic awaiting a bird to take me to china, sickness then LA, mind then finally to Ixtapa.

just a small beach wedding. with surprises around every corner.

was met with incredible incredible hospitality from the philippines and my sweet-oh-too-generous couple. the least i can do is give some bad ass images.


by Andria

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thank god

my heart feels overwhelmingly happy.

today. just a mix of things. seeing film prints of family photos we took of cambodians. to think, generic will that be their only family photo. will this photo be present 50 years from now? being here. meeting a man who has died 10 times, prescription lived thru more than any of us ever do in a lifetime. the simple pleasure of seeing work that i love that i am so blessed to be able to make. the fulfillment that comes by it. it is not a fair thing. seeing the face of the man i love a world away, ambulance and the immense calm of love i have for him.

just life is so good. not always fair. but good god, it is good. and i cannot fathom that i actually get to live in it.

i hope you are centering yourself in a life that can allow you to feel the same way. and if you are not, is it possible to do so?

life is good.

by Andria

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RPTE 2014

today we went out into somewhere who knows.

stopped, got out, went down back roads and took portraits, family portraits. it was incredible and emotional.

being here has been great. in a pack, not the norm for me, but i love it.

cambodia is gorgeous. there is so much life in the people.


here’s a tiny look.

taken by a 5 year old.

very good.

if you want to follow more of the trip, look for #RPTE2014 on Instagram.

by Andria

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