inspira(shown) could be but is not limited to:

a family that lost a child. {let’s shoot photos to celebrate their family}

a girl that’s been training for months to conquer her first marathon. {let’s get out on a trail and shoot}

a mama who just had a baby and her husband is in the military over-seas {let’s send some photos to that new papa}

a couple who just model dedication and love, maybe just celebrated a 50th anniversary. {let’s document their love}

a boy who spends his days at st. jude because of cancer {let’s capture his spirit and boyish behavior}

a husband and wife who have tried for years to have a baby and now are upon the due date {let’s capture those little baby feet}

a student who is a leader and sticks to the narrow path {let’s document their dedication and accomplishments}

a girlie who’s been waiting for 1 yr to see her husband return from Iraq. {let’s go to the airport together}

a person who started an organization to help and give to others {lets show what you do}


inspira(shown) is a monthly project i do. a story that needs to be told. a story and person that needs to be honored. a spirit that must be captured. where someone who reads this blog knows of someone. or someone they know knows someone. and they nomonate them. tell me their story and why they are an inspiration and i get to meet, listen, talk, plan and shoot with them. share their story here. honor them. and inspire others. it’s something that has been on my heart and something i know i am called to do. something i love to do.

so what would this person look like? really, it can be anyone, anywhere, anything. it doesn’t necessarily even have to be in Seattle. trust me, more amazing things have happened than travel.

it can be a story of acheievement or of patience. one that moves others. inspires. and honors someone that you respect and admire. it is someone you look at and just know that others will be blessed and encouraged by hearing their story.

i want their to be variety and for you to know there basically aren’t any rules surrounding this. please don’t think the story you have is not good enough. if someone has inspired you or moved you or you just know someone who has demonstrated an immovable spirit and strength…please, let me know. this will be a *free* session at no cost to anyone, it’s not and never about money. they could very well be quite wealthy (or not at all) and be able to afford a portrait session, it’s about honoring them and sharing an inspiring story with others. joys and strength are to be shared and i can’t wait to see the people I get to tell you about.

if you know of someone who fits this mold and needs to be blessed, honored and have their story told. please let me know.

here are the guidelines.

1) You must nominate them. (and not tell them you did so)

2) Send me their story and why they inspire you and others in one page or less (attached word document)

3) Include their contact info: email and phone.

4) Nominations can be sent in until the last monday of each month and then I will notify you and them by the last Friday.

5) All the information should be sent to with “Inspira(shown)” in the headline.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to write and submit someone you know. i can’t say how much it means, to me, and so many others. during submissions, please allow a day or so to hear back from me, as i receive a good amount of emails. i read every submission. i look forward to hearing from you.

by Andria

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