I’m a photographer because it’s what I was created to be.


I’m the middle child, yet the second oldest of 6.

I use the handicapped bathroom stall. I like all the space.

I like bananas, but only when there is a little brown on them.

I park illegally about once a day and I dont believe in crosswalks.

I think I have mild OCD, only on certain things. My work being one.

I’m a Pisces, but have no idea what that means I’m supposed to be like.

I want my photography to be obsessively perfect, yet my room rarely is.

I used to be deathly afraid of feet. Deathly. Used to be lactose-intolerant too.

I’m a lover of routine, a creature of habit, yet I’m down to embrace new things.

I have a set of girlfriends straight out of Sex and The City, minus the $900 shoes.

I love my larger than life family, but I think I’ll make one a bit smaller of my own.

I have lived abroad and traveled the world, yet Seattle is synonymous with home.

I’d pick ice cream & my camera as my 2 items to bring on an island, but let’s never let that happen.

I have a few tattoos, but you’d never guess i’d be the girl to get them. the story behind them is quite a big part of me.

I will be happy if I can take pictures for the rest of my life, yet I know many other loves will fill my life just as fully.


This is me. Now you know. Take a look around.

Andria. {Andi Jo. Andi Pandi. Jo-Jo. Little Girl in the Pink.}


My heart behind what i do: HERE.

My outlook plain and simple: HERE. 

My love for my family: HERE. and HERE. and HERE.

My connection to my clients means the world. That’s HERE

 Images Sean Flanigan