officially got my guy in’fronna me for a shoot.

just a taste.

and i’m like dayyyum that boy is fiiiiiine.


starting the transfer for my new site today folks. praise the lord. its been a lonnng set of years with my nothing branding online…..get your party pants on, its gonna be good. coming soon.

by Andria

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Whitney J. So suave! Incredible portraits!

Asia these are SO good!

Kirsten Mavric Photography If he isn’t already a model, he damn well should be. Reminds me of Idris Alba.

A Lost Place You are amazing! I just love the feel of your photos… so dreamy!

Joel Allegretto what a man… Looking forward to your new site launch!!

Emily Dykema Put him in a magazine! Well done!

Melanie Love these shots! Can’t wait for the new site to go up!

Lindsay Anne Dransfield Like whoa. These are just stunning. I love the light and moments.

katie These are fantastic!

Precious LaPlante Money shots :)