a girl named dallas

the thing about Seattle is, find we have the best light in the world.

little would you know while I was making these images, ambulance some hardass gang lady was calling me dipshit in the back.

i have 5 shoots this week, it feels like when i first started out and i was going crazy shooting. kinda fun.

by Andria

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Gabi Bucataru yes you do have the best light out there :-) But I guess talent also has something to do with it. Great one Andria!! Bravo!

Courtney @ Harness Your Energy The caption to these pictures made.my.day.

Roseann Beautiful, as always, Andria. I know you don’t have any trouble getting work now, but can you think back to a time when it was harder getting work and have any advice for a budding photographer? I’m having trouble getting booked and I so badly want to work more. Thanks!


Emily Dykema Andria! Love her hair color! These are great, so unique!

A Lost Place Love it love it love it! Is it okay to ask what kind of lens you used for these? I’m so curious, I really love the bokeh!

Inta Damn, you just KNOW how to bring the best out of people.