30, Baby

today, my baby turns 30. 

we are celebrating big. there is nothing more that i love than making the biggest deal out of birthdays.going over the top.

but this morning, i cant help but think how lucky i am that this man is in my life. that i am the one that has the honor to make him feel special on this day.

this is the 3rd time i have rung in a new year to his life by his side, and i can only hope its year 3 of decades to come.


my baby is turning 30.

knowing what i know now, i dont know how i ever considered anything love unless it was coming from him.

he’s the one that smells perfume on someone, only to ask the name, and then show up where I am with a bottle, for me.

he’s the one that i cook for.

he’s the one that protects me and wants to make everything better.

he’s the one that sends me a photo a day later ‘of what i look like as i sit next to him’ so i can see his point of view.

he’s the one that makes me feel more special than i ever have before.

he’s the one that is always so genuinely happy for me when something good comes my way.

he’s the one that always calls.

he’s the one that coo’s and notices babies when we’re out.

he’s the one that says, oh wow, in the best voice with the first bite of something he really likes.

he is the one that does elmo voice to my nieces.

he’s the one that tells me he loves me at any random time in the day.

he is the one that has the greatest deep laugh.

he is the one that would do anything for his family.

he is the one that gets the car in the rain. carries the heavy stuff.

he is the one that gets huge icee’s and the largest popcorn every single time at the movies.

he is the one who gave me the things i needed.


a reason how i know its right, is I could list like this a mile deep. 

so today i celebrate my baby, to make him feel the most special possible. nothing is too big. i love him so. 


lets party.

by Andria

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Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] You guys have something so so special! Hold onto that. Happy birthday, CJ!

Jasmine Star LOVE this post…ain’t love grand?? :)

Abby That was SO sweet!

Anna Yes. My Own shares this date with Yours. Everything on that list is true. Love all these dedicated memories + hope for bright futures for you both <3

ashley GOOSEBUMPS. all up and down my body. happy birthday to your beau and here’s to decades more birthdays together!

Taylor That was the cutest ever! Happy Birthday CJ :)

Emily Dykema congrats andria! so happy for all the love you share with him!! Thank you for being the best wedding photog I could’ve ever asked for!!!

Keli Oh, I love this!! What a wonderful birthday post and dedication to your love for him. Happy Birthday CJ, sounds like there is a whole lot of gratitude going around!!

Tara What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your man!

fotograf nunta nice! cool!
I like very much!

Hannah Minkner You guys are quite the hot couple! Treasure that love xoxo

Asia this is so beautiful. so happy for you!!

Kelly Aw wow this is so beautiful

Anja Happy happy birthday, “Baby”!!
What a blessing ♥