Jodi and Tony

in far off in a land called heaven, Jodi and Tony’s wedding day existed. 

it cannot be compared to anything else. it can never be duplicated. 

where only ample time was given to photograph and there was never a rush in the air. 

the beauty was natural and the mood, a delight. 

where children ran and played, and a dear friend was the officiant. 


where, the bride, was one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen in my life.

at the end of the day, this is where I feel indebted that i got to document such a thing.

and then i bowed down, my career is complete. this image.

the most darling thing of all time.

I’m not even sure how this day was real, nor the photos I was allowed to create.

thank you to jodi and tony for being just so badass. i wish we could do it again.

the beauty and incredible design of this wedding was executed by the wonderous, Sinclair and Moore Events. if you are looking for something like nothing else. now you know where to go.

by Andria

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Jackie Benthuysen Sooo goood! Just love your aesthetic! :)

jillian YUP.

›› Melissa Jane Oh my goodness it gives me chills!

Tiarra Sorte miss Andria!! CUSS!! You are incredible. so, so amazing.

Taylor SO perfect. I love it all

Tyson French HOLY SHIZ. Andria. These are unreal.

Alison holy guacamole. this is unreal. wow wow wow.

Meg Oh. So. STUNNING! Amazingly beautiful people, gorgeous details, and incredibly talented photographer. A match made in heaven for sure.

Mathieu Simpson Killed it.

megan plenge Oh my….what an insanely gorgeous wedding. Every single image. Just. WOW.

Carrie These images make me want to punch people in the face, they’re so so so incredible. Oh my goodness. Jaw-droppingly good.

Amy Just inspiring. Obsessed with your blog just to get refreshed.

Sarah Becker Lillard Absolutely breathtaking! This wedding was obviously one-of-a-kind (that dress!) and Andria, you captured it so well! xoxo

Luke This might be the best wedding photo set I’ve ever seen. Great job capturing nostalgic details. Great emotion. Great use of natural light.

Lara Anastasia Wow. No words.

veronika goisova love it so much!

Gio so beautiful..i would love to see more

PAIGE OVERTURF oh my gosh these are stunning!!! Love the way you capture emotion!!!

Catherine Grace holy crap these are incredible

Mark Sass | Wedding Photographer Wow! Andria I’m officially jealous now. These photos are so freaking amazing! I have no words for it!
I’ve always wanted to photograph a farm wedding. This one is probably one of the coolest weddings I’ve seen so far. Great job!

Anja Exquisite. Yes. Beautifully executed.

Brittany Gorgeous!

Kelsey Positively speechless after reviewing these photos. This is, without question, the most gorgeous wedding shoot I have ever seen. Cheers, Andria. My best friend is getting married in the fall and we’ve been looking through an assortment of different photographer’s works. Sad to see you’re not in the San Diego area!

Kelly Oh wow! Simply nothing but perfect.

David @ AiP Creative Photography Lovely wedding that was wonderfully captured. Great work!