Generations Project: Carmen

one of the most beautiful things, is a life lived out. memories, and years, children and stories. 

someone who isn’t celebrating the first of life’s achievements, but  can reflect on a lifetime of them. 

it is all too often these stories, these people are not thought of to document. i want to bit by bit, change that.

to have their things documented, photographed. the jewelry that smells like her perfume. her things that fill a room. a story told.


this is carmen. she is 93. 

a canada, then iowa transplant, who has made seattle hers.

who, one day, on a ferry was approached by a man. charlie. “is your name mary?”  ‘”No, its Carmen.” a conversation that would lead to him showing up at her work with flowers. one month later, being engaged. being married for 63 years. they never argued.

he could do anything. a baker in the navy. and she raised the children. they lived in one of the prized houses on Greenlake front.

brought two children into the world. and now, one granddaughter.


she is spunky, and straightforward. only wears cowboy boots. 

she should be remembered. 

i take on each Generations Project candidate as they come. there’s no order or quota. i just want to do them as they come to me.

nominate! if you have someone in your life that you’d like me to know about for my project, please feel free to nominate them simply by shooting me an email, with a bit of info, their age, where they reside (and maybe a photo!) (candidates are 80yrs+)

email // 

if you want to see my original blog detailing more info on the project, you can GO HERE. 

by Andria

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Aaron DuRall I said this on the book of Faces, but you seriously rock. This is honestly one of the cooler concepts I have come across in a while. Such an honest and legitimately interesting idea. The execution is perfect and yes, her story speaks loud and clear through your photos.

I tip my hat like 20 times!

Brooke What a fantastic project to undertake. Carmen is beautiful and your description painted the perfect picture to expect what followed. But those red cowboy boots — ow ow!

Jennifer This is just so lovely. You made such a great record of a beautiful lady. Wonderful.

Thea Delamater I am in awe of these photos and of Carmen. I loved seeing her treasures and it made me wish I had documented my grandmother’s homes before they passed away. They live in my heart, always. But what a great gift you have given Carmen’s family! Gorgeous!

Carina I was JUST thinking about this project the other day! I’m so glad it lives on — amazing. I just want to give her a squeeze she’s so darling.

Michelle Simply amazing Andria, this is storytelling

Jean-Laurent Great idea! Well done!

Mom What a beautiful lady. so full of life and spunk you can tell……and oh the red boots…her family has to love this story you told here with your camera.. so fun and she makes me smile..

Nicole Very special. You should look up advanced style. She definitely belongs there. xx

Anjali she’s so vivacious! love this

Jessi She’s adorable. This is a wonderful set and project.

rebecca caridad This is so awesome Andria. I am always inspired by how you make seemingly simple or mundane subjects/surroundings into such romantic and silky images! This woman is beautiful! So looking forward to meeting you in Cambodia!

Kathrina What a wonderful project. These photos tell such a story of LIFE! So very special.(Missed seeing new photos while you were away!)

Dallas Curow Andria, I am so in love with this beautiful project of yours. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work, and this lovely lady’s story.

Rodrigo Vargas It’s so easy to love what you do. Congrats!

Aundrea Andria this is such a beautiful project. I wish I would have had the opportunity to have images like this of my grandmother.

Sara Your images always affect me greatly! Love, love, love this! I’ve been wanting to do something similar with the aging population in my family.

lindsey these are insane. i love them so much.

Elaine Burke What a beautiful Lady!! I wish I knew even more!! I bet she lived an excellent life, and has neat memories!!

Katharina What an awesome project and such great pics ❤ I’d nominate my grandparents, 85 and 90 and married 60 years, but they are here in Germany…I am already looking forward to more of this series!!!!

Emily Dykema This is one of my favorite posts of yours yet, what ah lady

Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] Not sure if you’d want to venture over to Vale, Oregon, but my grandpa is 81 and he sure has lived quite a life.
Ps, love this project.

Mikailah this is beautiful. she is beautiful. she definitely doesn’t look like she’s 93, but her eyes hold such wisdom; the true testament of time, and experience. :) i love this project, Andria. these people have so many things treasured up; memories, and experiences. so many things that can be learned from them, if we just take the time to listen. :)

Valerie Newsome Those are some exquisite perfume bottles.

Bridget Cantrell You photographed my dear mother, Carmen Cantrell. It blew me away, and made me cry just looking at how you captured the sparkle in her beautiful eyes, and reflecting in your photos the things in her life that bring meaning and purpose. She is so precious and I so appreciate you taking your time to celebrate the lives of those who are so often forgotten in this world. They are so rich in experience and wisdom and I celebrate your lovely work. Thank you so very much, this incredible feature is truly beyond words. Thank you again for your sensitivity in exemplifying the essence of my sweet mother, Carmen Cantrell.

In Gratitude,

Bridget Cantrell

wreckless I’ll remember this story for a long, long time. That’s for sure. Beautiful!

Ebony Well done! I love it!

madi allen this is beautiful. she is beautiful. i aspire to find myself wrapped up in a powerful, interesting, and unique photography project sometime in the future. thanks for the inspiration.

Anoushka I love this. These wonderful faces are definitely not documented enough…Such rich life stories..Thank you for this wonderful project!