want to come to Cambodia with me?

good morning. i just woke up in Thailand.

i can hear tuk tuk’s racing by. kids. and the ocean crashing. so it is a pretty good morning to invite you to come on a trip with me.

travel is a very important part of me. of my career. of my inspiration. it’s my aim to take a month off each year, to see the world. it’s also my aim to say yes to things even when they dont make sense. to say yes to things and figure things out later. it always works out. we are just too high strung in america, and i thank my lucky stars i have been able to get away to see other cultures or else – i know for a fact – i would be so high strung, worries about lists, in a constant state of t0-do, really truly not living the way you are supposed to.

you do know we only have one life, right? sounds really cliche. saying something is cliche is even cliche. but its the truth. it takes, getting away and just becoming putty to really put things in perspective. its one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, in my opinion. 

so it was an easy yes, when Bobby Earle – a southern californian photographer who looks like he should be on a package selling badass – asked me if i  wanted to come along to cambodia for his annual RPTE trip. i said yes before i even knew details. i said yes because i know what taking a trip to a new place does for me. I – along with Nick Radford (who shot my sisters wedding – woo!) are the “highlighted artists” of the trip. basically it means we are going and we want you to join us!

basically this is a chance to see a beautiful country, among other creatives, slow down, and be impacted in ways you dont expect.



you should obviously be going.

DATES: February 2-9th.

WHERE: we will be spending most of our time in SIEM REAP. (the NW’ish corner of Cambodia)

WHO: Nick, Bobby, Myself – AND 20 of you!

WHAT: no proper itinerary besides playing with monkeys, hiking into jungles, seeing culture, hanging out, eating good meals, seeing ruins.

DOLLAS: 1700 accommodation, all entrances to any activities. (basically everything except meals (hella cheap) and anything you want to buy yourself. (tax deductible photogs)


so there you have it.

being that I am traveling with a best friend right now. i cant tell you ow incredible it is to share an experience with someone internationally. its forever bonding. its like being in teh same cabon at sumer camp, but like times 900.

you will never regret putting aside your time at home to go see another part of the world. meet people. be changed. get rejuvenated. its the best thing ever.

i cant even imagine how much fun were going to have. waking up every day to an adventure. and having friends there. what the what. 

you can read ALL THE PROPER INFO and SIGN UP here on Bobby’s RPTE site. 

you can see IMAGES of previous trips HERE. 

learn about us HIGHLIGHTED ARTISTS here. 


i really hope you clear a week, say frick yea, and come. this is considerably one of the cheapest international trips you will ever take. there are so many people out there that I am internet friends with but never really get to see face to face. this could be an easy yes to actually see each other. exploring cambodia. LETS DO IT!! 

if you have questions, check out this PAGE….he will answer like everything you would want to know.

**last year the trip sold out in one day. there are still spots left. so I am spreading the word so some more fun people can find out.**

by Andria

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Meredith Sledge Andria, is everyone flying out of LAX? How does that work if you live on the east coast? Will the price still be the same?

Joel Allegretto so pumped! Can’t wait for this trip. looking forward to officially meeting you!

Jennie Hey Andria!

Came across your work somehow along the way through the world wide web 😛 What do you think about going on this trip if you are not a professional wedding photog?? I’m 29, love to travel, love to be inspired by other creatives, and photograph people…just not for a living. I travel all the time with my husband but he doesn’t photograph so we tend to do things we enjoy together with some rushed photos here and there. Looking for a reason to take my time on travel photography!

I would love to hear what you think!?


Bobby Earle Meredith, people come from all over the world — we start in Siem Reap on the afternoon of the 3rd and the 9th is the day people take off — so it’s just everyone’s job to be in Siem Reap around that time on the 3rd (some people get in late, which is totally fine, as well). For people who get in a day or two earlier (as some choose to do), I’ll arrange pickups and everything from the airport.

Price is the same for everyone — airfare, however, will be subject to your departure location and schedule :)

Bobby Earle Jennie, you can TOTALLY come if you aren’t a pro photog 😀 This trip is always made up of working pros, serious ams, and people who just love photography and want to take a stab at it with their Rebel or iPhone :)

As you can see on the images page Andria linked to above, the people who come have the opportunity to make quite a few beautiful, timeless photographs. Ironically, photography takes a major (and rightful) backseat to the far more impactful experiences we’ll all have. Last year the parents and wife of one male photographer came — none of whom really take photographs haha. So you’re definitely welcome

Bobby Earle to come with us :)

Daryl Munroe This trip looks phenomenal! Does the 1700 include airfare?

Bobby this would be so bad ass. I’ve been twice! I might be going in Dec but if not I want to go……

sharon oh man, i would be down to go on this trip… if only i didn’t have school ): maybe if you guys do this again during the summer, i’d love to go

Maria Lamb Hey Andria,
First of all, your work is amazing and I am so inspired by you.
Second, my husband and I are really interested in the Cambodia trip and were wondering if there are still spots open.
Third, we are so close to each other :) If you are ever in the Portland area, I would love to take you out to dinner or drinks sometime.

Anyways, thanks for your time, this trip sounds incredible!