hello my friends.

I am seated in the airport, see waiting to board our plane to (eventual) Manila. time for a month off, viagra sale time to chill. time to explore. time to not be putting in 12 hour days. time to wake up and not think about a to-do list. time for no makeup. bring it on.

we were planning on being in the Philippines for a month, after we completely fell in love with the people the places, but sadly the terrible typhoon came thru and has brought the most tragic devastation to the country. it is so heartbreaking. an area we love, Coron, a place we spent time in and felt like home…has been 90% destroyed. the town is almost wiped away.

so we scrambled and changed our trip now to the south of Thailand. we will be safe.

i am actually now in manila (post delay…woops) and everything is normal here, no sign of any damage from the typhoon. we fly out tonight to phuket, to get to the eventual Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta.

it is so so nice to be back in the philippines. 

for inquiring brides and clients, I am going to be much slower to email while I am gone (returning Dec 11)…so please be patient while I am away. preference will go to new inquiring clients.

have a nice cold fall in the US. cheers.


our friends are doing something wonderful for the people affected by the typhoon…..if you can do anything to help them give aid, the people really need it. CLICK HERE. 

by Andria

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Anja I remember your Coron images vividly. It’s so sad. Changing destination was a wive move. Enjoy Thailand. Can’t wait for the images from this trip…