Svetha & Anush

i dont think i could imagine living anywhere else. 

for so many reasons, but a pretty big one is. waking up to a grey masked white pillow air that shows up thru out the year, but oh so often in fall. 

if i was separated from it, it’d be like losing a family member. fr’reals. 


so i can see why Svetha and Anush flew their tooshes up from San Fran to shoot where it just made sense for their engagement photos. when they think of that stage of their relationship, its not california, its no where else. its seattle.

so our sweet seattle showed up in glory form, good light action grey day.

serious cuties.

these little hunnies are having a destination wedding in india. so rad.

happy monday folks.

by Andria

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abbey oh lordy i wanna shoot in that light.

Peggy such beautiful pictures.

So, do you get to shoot the wedding in India also? THAT would be so RAD!

thanks for the entertainment!


Ana How gorgeous!!

Tiarra Sorte yes,yes,yes!!

Anjali LOVE. i’m an oregonian stranded in atlanta for grad school, and it IS like losing a family member. i’m counting down the weeks until my escape! that said, this is so beautiful! that grey light that i love, and the skirt twirling picture. adore.

Anja Gorgeous, Andria. Great choice of location, Svetha and Anush!

alexxus hall ooooh lovelovelove this.

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