Featured: “What I Have to Say” for The Define School

i got asked to write a piece on anything i want, with heart and conviction, by The Define School. 

you just opened up a can of worms. you know i get fiery when i write. 

i was wracking my brain about what’d my topic would be and then a comic in the stranger steered my thoughts exactly to the right spot.

so, today went live a little artcle (far less offensive than i thought my writing would end up as) on the female entrepreneur and her desire to do both – have a kick ass career and a fulfilling home life.  

you can read the article HERE

thanks to The Define School for being a platform for authenticity and allowing artists to speak the truth and what’s on their heart. not just worrying about being politically correct. more power to’ya.

and i’d love to hear your thoughts on this area women. do you agree, do you disagree. open it up. 

by Andria

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Christine Widstrom Love it!!! Keep rocking it, girl; you are amazing!

Holly Dunning Loved your article, it totally spoke to how I feel – anticipating the future of balance between career and home life, wanting both to succeed in abundance. Have you read Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean in’? She does a good job of touching on the complexity of the subject.

Jess Thank you so much for this. I’m married with no kids, but that’s in the future. I’m also employed full time while trying to work up to owning and running my own business. The first thing the naysayers tell me is that it’s totally unrealistic for a woman to run a creative business (I’m a videographer) and have a family and that I should choose-their preference is that I would choose the family.

That’s a choice I refuse to make. Your post says it all, and “it all” is what we can have.

So thank you again. I’ll know just be e-mailing this to everyone who says I can’t be a full time artist and wife/mother.

Christine Gronseth Thank you. Even as a non-entrepreneur but a woman who is passionate about career goals with the knowledge that only I am responsible for my professional future, aspiring to create something groundbreaking, reaching for endless acquisition of New, I greatly appreciate your thoughts. Not only your work is inspirational but also your insight. I watch my female role models raise new families while working 60-70 hours a week away from home. I share your concerns. Thank you for sharing your words and here’s hoping for all of us to find balance and “have it all!”

Heather Rae I gave up my career last year as a broker to stay at home with my newborn son. It was this exact battle I had with myself. Only 11 months in I couldn’t imagine not being here to raise him. But I also wonder had I given myself a break on what I deemed “success” at my career might I have gone back. It’s a great conversation. One that needs to be continued. We are the ones who will shape what our roles and the roles of our daughters will look like. This article puts us closer to getting it right.

Love your pictures!

Kylie Martin I love this. So encouraging.

Melanie Höld Thank you so much for all your words. I am a business women, trying to do it all, trying to be perfect, never being satisfied with my self. A voice in my mind keeps telling me: “You could do more!” It is true. Its time for freedom, balance and satisfaction. We all have it already, there is nothing we need to chase. Andria, I wish you all the best with all my heart.

Anjali “So here’s to *not* doing it all, but *having* it all, with balance, support and love.” AMEN.