the b maids

my attention usually cant be taken off the bride too long.

but then.

when you do something a little different, mind it stands out.

who says everything has to be hearts and butterflies. 

there can be a little sex thrown in there too. 


these bridesmaids. that look.

these are good things.

by Andria

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Igor Demba Goodness, right there!

brittni willie and THIS is why you are one of the best! seriously so inspiring

Pamela Evans THOSE LADIES LOOK SMOKIN. Great job with the colors!

Stephanie ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!

Jaime Bristow Woah. Those are inventive, different and awesome. And I love the red heads hair style. Absolutely gorgeous. Everyone is beautiful.

Sarah Becker Lillard Beautiful – love that you took the time to shoot the bridesmaids so inventively! xo

marsha So, so inspiring.

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