Jillian & Drew

good god. 

there’s an idea in your head, if you could build the happiest of days, a wedding day. with great light. and even better people. a couple who adores each other and photography too. 

a day where its just bleeding moments to photograph. perfect little morsels. 

my total, absolute, favorite type of day to document. 


jillian and drew brought me out to michigan and showed me what it was all about.

their day was hand-made, self created. in his families backyard. with all the right touches.


jillian emailed me the second they got engaged and made us official. little did i know, what this day would hold.

a dramatic room with dark wood to take a portrait. yes, o yes.



thanking my lucky stars i got to document a day like this.

the best people. 

kickass venue. 

real good time. 

love me long time. 


i would also like to note, the detail and time i was given to photograph. i was able to shoot the couple FOUR times thru out the day. 4 little snippets thru the day. and in all different locations. and in all different light. i shot her getting ready for an hour. nothing was rushed and everything was right. that’s what equals to coverage like this.

by Andria

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Emilie This is gorgeous! I think I have recognized Mae from Bryan and Mae photography. :)

jillian andriaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. love them SO MUCH. we loved having you, you documented it soo perfectly. say goodbye to my productivity for today because i’ll now be spending it looking at these over and over. you the shit. real talk.

sarah andria, i’ve been following your work for awhile now. and i have to say, though your photos take my breath away every time, this wedding did it for me. i follow photographers and appreciate their work more than looking at the weddings and imagining my own from them, but this one hit home for me. this is what i’d want. i love everything about it, and you captured it perfectly. thank you for sharing. thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

lydia {ever ours} this day. amaze. *throws confetti*

Kathrina You are so ridiculous! SO GOOD! Those smoke bomb photos are amazing.

Abby Hacker This is awesome!! What are those smoke things they have that are full of color? I must know!! :)

hannah nicole So, well, you’ve outdone yourself and blown everrrrrrything you’ve done before out of the water. SO FRICKIN GOOD ANDRIA. Holy crap, you killed it.

Alannah Renee I seriously just teared up and I have no clue who these people are. Amazing, wonderful, genuine photos. AMAZING!

Sarina I am speechless,… This is so stunning in every single way! You are such a talented photographer and such an inspiring person. Thank you so much for spread pictures like these to the world, to see gorgeous events, amazing people, having the best day of their life in every single minute.

This is sooooo amazing!!!! Can’t believe it! All the best to these two lovebirds! :)

Nessa Absolutely, incredibly, awesomely, amazing <3

Lauren I LOVE how the bridesmaids are all in white dresses!! Lovely pictures :)

erin solid gold.

Hayley Watson Gorgeous, Andria!

Tonhya Kae boom. kick ass day is right.

Annie Richardson your job title should be read:
Andria Lindquist
PHotographer | Magician

Roseann So freaking great. I know no other words.

Karina Wohooo! This is so stunning!!! AWESOME!!!

Anja Soo, soo awesome.

Kym Van der Stoep oh man. wow. amazeballs. These photos are perfect. Everything I would want in wedding photos and everything I want to be as a photographer! These photos are so stunning. I love every detail. And that wedding! Lanterns! Seriously?! It’s like my biggest wedding dream! Love every single photo…

Kym Van der Stoep oh btw you make me want a tilt-shift so so bad!!!!

Chris Henderson This is so lovely. I met Jillian briefly at a photographer gathering in Michigan a few months back, she truly is sweet. These images are stunning.

Alexa these are absolutely spectacular.

Anna dead. so freaking amazing.

Diana Oh Andira! You are one talented Gal! I marvel at all you pictures… i hope you know how flippen talented you are. I have never been more excited looking at pictures before in my life until now! You pics make me wanna be there… every new pictures makes me wanna just get up and go where you are! Keep up the sick work!!

Meredith Sledge Oh Andria….. So much good here. Wow. It’s just so good.

Alexxus holy moly, these are freaking stellar. YES.

Lana holy crap.

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed I am swooning over here lady!!

Toni I just wanted to let you know that i think your pictures are really really beautiful and i feel so moved by them. It’s like i can feel and hear a story from the pictures.
Love from Singapore :)

Tutto Album Design Amazing, we love!! <3

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