Peter Athans // Mr. Everest

a few months ago i got to spend a day documenting Peter Athans, ambulance the man to summit Mt. Everest 7 times over.

Mr. Everest, malady they call him.

i joined a crew from Massachusetts, for a magazine cover, internal article, video and interview they were running on him.

woke up at 4-something, got on a ferry and joined he and his family at their Bainbridge home, for a day of interviews, photographs and…learning.

He and his family are pretty inspirational. they grow much of their own food, they all almost 100% a non-waste producing household, they split their time between Bainbridge and Nepal. he and his wife have produced several documentaries and national geographic films. To see his home, and where he and his family play, work and live.


i have no interest in climbing. but man, i was pretty much in awe being in his presence all day. he has a gentle magnetism that you just want to be around. you can look at him, and tell – that guy has climbed Everest.

It was a unique pleasure to be able to document him in a way where he could feel very comfortable and in his element. To make sure I was getting enough negative space for the cover piece but to let it happen organically. I wanted every shot I got to be real, to be his real smile, to watch interactions and allow him to be the one to give me my shots.  That challenge is something I loved and I look forward to shooting more projects like it.

a pretty incredible day. pretty incredible man.

a real moment. all time favorite.


by Andria

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Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] so. awesome. what an amazing opportunity :)

Lauren Gracious, that light. The grain in all of these is sublime. I’m loving that blue and all those greens together. Well done, my lady.

sharon your photography never ceases to amaze me.

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed These are wonderful. He seems so stoic and yet so kind…

Abby Hacker So awesome! You really captured his soul :)