Mark & Lauren

it’s pretty rare that a couple flies in, shows up at my place and we go out to shoot. not knowing each other from adam. 

cuz you have about 27 minutes to get acquainted and expected to make some magic. and that could just not be enough minutes at times.

but not so, with these two. i saw them out the glass door of my building, opened it up and got the warrrmest hello and Texas hug ever.

we were right, from the start.


mark, just a single guy on campus, would walk around and this one stunning girl would catch his eye. but he had no in, no way to say hello. who would have known, that mystery woman on campus, would one day be his wife.

stop it.

hellooooo parking garage becoming an amazing shot spot. i love you seattle.

these two chose Seattle for their 1 year anni so we could have a shoot. which i have done one other time now this year, and i think its like the best idea ever. so if you’re wanting a shoot, but your states away…just plan your 1 year here! done.

its a very sad thing when i fall in love with a couple and want them to be my friends, and they live states away. boo frickity who. nonetheless, i love these two and was very lucky to be the one to document the celebration of one year of marriage!

by Andria

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Caitlin Fish These photos are breathtaking and there should be a Disney princess movie made of her !

Jillian What theeeeeeeeee. That dress. Damnnn these two are babes. So into it.

kristyn we just got married in vegas at the mandarin oriental at the city center and are going back next year for our 1 year – our wedding coordinator has already given us the run of the hotel for next june – what would this cost and are you interested?

alex anne THE COLORS!!!!!!

carleigh perfection!

Beautiful. Like always.

Whitney HER HAIR.

Alex Lucas Andria, you are a genius. The way you captured their personalities within these photos is AMAZING. What a sweet, sweet love story. I love this rockin’ couple so much. It doesn’t hurt that they are family!

dorothy dang lady

Christine Hollerrrrrrr! Fantastic as always.

Jen Seriously, such BEAUTIFUL work Andria! Stunning. :)

Tina/@teenbug SO MUCH gorgeousness. GASP!

Carrie I can’t even handle these downtown shots. So beautiful!!! Incredible work, lady.

Alexxus this is pure magic. what the frick. LOVE THIS.

Mathieu Simpson Killed it.

Tonhya Kae hair envy. such an amazing shoot, good job lady.

Igor Demba Nailed in the head. So freaking good Andria!

rachael these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! it helps that they couple is GORGEOUS! blah!

holly beautiful! but why no smiles?

Vickie Could I get your info? This handsome young man is a friend, but my son and fiancé live there in Seattle

sharon promise me youll still be shooting when i get engaged and married. that maybe years to come but promise me! PROMISE ME ! 😛

Natalia oh my holy wow. these are like crazy amazing. she’s beautiful and they make the perfect couple. love all of these.

kristin wow…. could these be anymore amazing?

Emily Vermaat That. Parking. Garage. Love. It. Stop.

Meredith Oh my. I have no words.

Karen Your work makes the world stand still. Hot damn.

Paulo Amazing job on this one! Congrats!

Alex Wooooow, your work breathtaking! I could stare at these pics for like ever. Amazing job!

Alex Oh and please tell us how they met? I bet everyone would love to know everything about them 😀

Anjali that gold dress in that evening light? mindblowing.

James Stop it! You are elite.

Jeremy Daccarett Wow. I want to reach this point. I want to become friends with my subjects without even knowing them. Great job and great story. And of course, great photographs. Lovely work, Andria.

Amy Semple I want to die.

Jen K. so stunnning!!! i love that dress, did you happen to know where it came from??

Kim OMG. I want to die. She’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.