oh good god.

if people could only see me in situations like this.

with suyapa and ricky, in the middle of nowhere Texas. shooting my brains out. dancing to myself, screaming, yelping.

this is exactly what i live for as a photographer. good light. amazing people. a location that will make you fall over.

makes the 4am mornings worth it. makes traveling solo worth it. makes it, so worth it.


here are a few of what happened out there. you can bet your bottom dollar there’s about 359922 more images i cannot wait to share.

just got home from that great state last night, I’ve got two sleeps in my own bed and then I’m off again. I’m not a normal human from now until October. but if i’m doing work like this? good lord its gonna be a good time.

by Andria

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Kali Jaeger This is the most gorgeous shoot!


Paige love that last frame. been dying to visit Texas sometime :-)

Mikailah Autumn ahhhh, Andria, these are magical. can’t wait to see all the rest. :)

Gabi Wicked kool. Specially the last one. Are you still using Lr3 as in the VSCO tutorial you did a while ago?

Annie Richardson that 4th image hit me like a ton of bricks. so hard, but in a good way.
love the last image as well.

Crissie holy wow

Elizabeth Kathryn Amazing. As always. The 4th one is my FAVORITE. Fantastic girl

Lisa Epp Stunning session. I can see you dancing over it. :)
That last image… wow!

Marissa Kayann Great shots! LOVE the last one!

James Just stop it.

Sachin Khona Gorgeous!

mike Dig those strong colors.

Steve Gerrard Yowser! Lovin’ this session. Amazing locations too.

Steve Gerrard Yowser!
Love this session.

Meredith Sledge Lurrrrrv these!

Brittanny Gorgeous, as always.

Kate@MagnoliaRouge Incredible Andria… your work is utterly inspiring!!