Sara & Chris

i remember it perfectly. the night sara met chris.

it was friday night, and i was working on the couch, sara came in thru the door, grinning and ready to gush some information. she sat on the edge of the couch and told me about this english guy, this trainer for the Sounders she ran into while in line at a bar opening downtown. it was pretty short and sweet, but he left an impression. so she did what any logical girl would do about a guy she met, she researched every square inch of him up and down on the internet. 

so then she does what most girls do, and asked him to “chaperone” a date she’d set up with two friends. because every adult date, needs chaperones.

flash forward, they are spending time together. talking talking talking getting to know each other.

and before you know it, we’re hearing more and more about this sweet guy with an accent. and then he invites her over to england.

her grandparents knew the first time they met him, and we all pretty much fell in love with how he treated her, loved her and cherished her.


i’ve known sara for 8-almost-9 years and while you may look at her and think ohmygod what a gorgeous girl, it pales in comparison when you see her heart and love, her generosity and true kindness towards others and all the joy and spunk she brings into a room. in all these years, i dont think i’ve ever seen her angry, but always patient and understanding. she’s been a roommate, a sister in christ, a friend and now family. watching these two grow has been a joy, they emit so much happiness in each others’ presence and never stop giggling and laughing.

with girls all circled up in my living room, i couldn’t help but come to tears upon hearing sara recount the sweet way the chris proposed, but moreso listening to way after way that chris loves her exactly how she needs. without a shadow of a doubt, they are perfect for each other and it was beyond a great joy to the be the one to document their engagement.

now keep your pants on, because they didnt mess around.

annnnnnd, sara to a T.

and then. take two.

years ago, in a van stuck in traffic heading to a bachelorette party….sara revealed her little idea of her some’day engagement session to hopefully chris. a romantic night out in paris. moped. suit and dramatic dress. 

so then a few years down the road…she’s engaged and we knew just what to do. // i was screaming big time on this pier, these two are just stupid good. and a lazaro dress did us right.

stop it.

so pretty much, i died on this shoot. i cant tell you how much joy it gives me to be able to document for close friends, its overwhelming. 

i cannot wait til that january day comes and we all celebrate these two in tail and gown.


the thing about this shoot is, you can straight up feel the energy and excitement thru-out their entire shoot. i bring a helluva’lotta energy to my work – but its a two way street to create work like this. i depend on my couples energy and ability to live within what it is I’m having them do. that is how you document real life, not photograph poses – and that is my aim as a photographer. so as much as the outcome depends on my vision and what I bring to the table, thats literally only the half of it…i can create the image, but you have to bring the life. sara and chris did that effortlessly – their energy fed my energy and vice versa, and THAT makes work that I love and am passionate about.

and that’s the only way i want it.


by Andria

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Daniel Muller Dang.

valerie demo so so good.

Bailey Holy. Crap. SO GOOD. Killed it as usual.

kristin Gorgeous, as always! I love the movement…

Jennifer stunning.

Amazing Andria!


Kate Meyer Holy moly this is incredible. Probably my favorite set of yours I have ever seen. Your talent amazes me. I am in the midst of falling madly in love just like what you wrote about above and it literally brings tears to my eyes. Bravo lady….BRAVO!

ariel m. wow. wow. wow. such great moments! your work is awesome, andria!

Tyler everything about this screams incredible. very, very well done.

Tawni Love, love, love the pics! Thank you dear Andria!!!

benj haisch andria. this is stupid good. seriously.

Ana It’s too much gorgeousness for me to handle! And I want her pink skirt!

Daphnée WOW I love it

stennie this is amazing!!!

Jade Sheldon Oh my word. They are such a gorgeous couple and after reading all your sweet words about them, I wish they were my friends too, haha! Absolutely can’t wait to see the wedding photographs. I’m sure the wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing…

Lauren FRICK. YES! You can see it. That glow and total boost in your work when you’re capturing someone you truly KNOW. Not to say that your work doesn’t already make my jaw drop No. MATTER. WHAT. But this is incredible and I totally know the feeling you’re talking about. You hit it out of the park Andria…and then back in again.

Meredith Unbelievable! Absolutely breathtaking!

Courtney Schenfeld Andria, Sara, Chris –

These are GORGEOUS! I am in LOVE!! What a stunning couple (inside and out)!! You did an amazing job Andria!!!

Kristyn WHAT THE HECK! best. shoot. ever. like daaaaaaang.

Crissie Really???? WOWSA. So wow.

Taylor Carlson OMG— so amazing! I’m in love with the shot of them on the moped with the glittering city lights behind them. AMAZING work you talented lady, you!

sharon i agree with the two way street. looking at the images made me smile. their smile is so big and genuine. even though i don’t know her, i’m happy for her and glad youre sharing their happiness with us! (: i love your job.

Susann BAM! BAM! BAAAAAM! Girl, someday you’ll kill me!
I adore how inspiring I feel soaking up that passion in your pictures!

louie Jaw droppingly good Andria

Phil Just keep raising that bar andria, just keep raising it :) So good my friend.

dorothy yep

Tonhya Kae one of my favoritesssss.

alex anne bam hot damn.

Charity these are SO BOMB. ohmygoodness. too good.

hannah nicole FRICKKK. These are crazy good.

Lisa I love the way you described this couple and the entire session, the dusk setting is the most beautiful time of the day. The shot with the bokeh of the city lights in the background is something else. Never stop Andria

Catherine hot damn these are amazing !

fi(lle)ancée Amazing!

Tasha Masitha So amazing!!!! Andi, loved how you told the story & Sara–just sooooo incredible!! So excited to Sara & Chris. This is LOVE!

Angela Wow! These are soooo good!

Mom Insanely Amazing, such a stunning couple.. You both are the better half in these. Seriously!!

rebekah j. goodness. these are beyond fantastic.

Stephanie Well said! I had goosebumps by the time I got to the end of the post. They are a gorgeous couple and you definitely can feel their passion and yours in the photos. I agree so much with what you said about “bringing the life”. Great words to share with my clients. Thank you…

mike Wow. Epic lead in, and delivery.

Anjali i love how they’re both so glamorous and so playful! what a fun, adorable combo

Shannon Rosan It is SO true what you said about what the clients bring to the table during shoots. You can only do so much, but when they are trusting and have that energy it just makes for a magical session. But on top of it, you are a phenomenal photographer. I have recently stumbled across your work and have just fallen in love. Thank for sharing :)

Jen K. OMG WOWZERS!!! These are so beyond amazing! As I started scrolling I was just in love with how gorgeous they were and then I got to the “night in Paris” and died. You are amazingly talented and those two are so beautiful!

anthony hoang Wow just came across your work. This is crazy good!

Annie Richardson I’m seriously in love with what you do, but more specifically HOW you do it. And boy do you DO IT!
My sister is moving to Everett, WA next month for about a year and a half and I am dying inside to find a way to save up the money to to come visit her before she leaves and make a shoot with you happen while my husband and I are there.
No ones images evoke so much in me. So this is my RSVP- see you in a couple years!

Julia OH MY GOD! Best Engagement session I’ve ever seen. So so good!

Katie OH.MY.GOSH. THIS IS BEYOND BEYOND. This is stunning. Everything is just wowzers! And I am obsessed with her dream engagement session come to life! *Picking jaw up off the ground*

Anja Dream couple. Dream location. Dream photographer.

Meagan Lindsay Shuptar Holy hotness! Beautiful.

Matthew Long wow, hotness.

monica hines wow!!!!! breathtaking

Erin Such beautiful pictures! I love following your blog and seeing your amazing work.

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