changed my ways

hey folks.

so as I sit here, eating my fresh made kale chips, i thought to myself, it’s time Andria. time to tell them of your changed ways. 

a blog like this needs a foreword: 

1) I was raised in a hunting, fishing, camping. help your dad clean the elk he brought home family. that’s my upbringing. keep in mind.

2) I’ve spent a good part of my life with some sort of candy item in my hand, eating fast and furious and not really caring what goes in, as long as its FAST!

PS – this is not a short blog. deal with it.


many years ago, when a freshman in college and nannying for a local family, I remember being awestruck when I was in their home. Im not kidding you EVERY ITEM they owned was organic, had a weird label i didnt recognize, they had recycling (which i had NEVER done) and what the crap, a compost?! who the frick were these hippies!? i remember telling my friends in disbelief people could be so hippy, they separate their food for compost. I think I threw everything in the main garbage, just because.

so fast forward to my life now. over the past 3 years, I’ve kinda prided myself on the fact that i dont care what I eat mentality. for the most part, I spent many many days building my business working 12+ hour days and literally not eating a meal until I was about to pass out or eat my arm, then I’d race downstairs and microwave something. sometimes i’d throw some frozen vegetables in a pot. but for most meals, decision for a yes or no would be, “can it be cooked in 7 minutes or less.” I’ve spent a lot alot of time in airports, in hotels, in peoples homes I am not the cook and generally just eating 99% of things in my car. If that speaks to you, you know that convenience is key. I’m pretty sure I could have been a spokesman for Luna bars (never again will i consume those, ugh). So pretty much, I thought i ate well, however…now i know different.

for about a year, a huge part of my daily routine was ibuprofen. and that was because I had daily headaches SO bad, I cant even tell you. I had to go to Urgent Care several times, had reoccuring sinus infections, carried tissues with me everywhere (it becamse the joke of the house, just ask my roommates) and one time it got so bad I was laying on the floor, alone, eyes closed, crying…not even able to drive myself in to the Urgent Care bc I thought my head was caving in. For a while, I thought I had to have a brain tumor or something! this is just not normal. so this went on FOR A YEAR. maybe longer, i dont know. and then. i shot a wedding on one of the islands and Kate Ford came along to 2nd shoot with me.  As we drove out of Seattle, i must have just popped some Advil, because we got to talking about my headaches, and she simply replied oh ya, i had that too and then i just gave up dairy, and it went away! WHAT?! are you serious. so we got into a huge discussion about food, and it was my first moment of learning a bit of how food actually impacts your being. the next day, I did not put the massive amount of MILK & CREAM into my coffee, and OMG, no headache. literally what a miracle. i tried it out for a few days and still, no headaches. (this was a HUGE deal to me after a year of them) and then I kinda forgot and had pizza a few days into my test. BOOM. instant same headache over my eyes, eyebrows and I realized, this is it! It was dairy. balls. this was like a death sentence of my enjoyment. I ate SO much dairy, dairy like no one’s business. ice cream, you are my first true love. but really it wasn’t (and isn’t) worth it. so I gave it up, I’ve learned I can have ONE or TWO bites of things and that’s it. Any more and the looming headache will return. I’m not even going to get in to how our bodies are not made to process, digest milk from another animal. Look it up. 

  • DAIRY REPLACEMENTS: I made the switch to Vanilla Soy Milk (now Vanilla Almond milk, bc my Dr says we shouldn’t have daily soy) and then coconut or almond creamer for the coffee. That’s a huge change. Obviously I’ve cut out most all cheese, yogurt, bla bla you get it. Most places are great about leaving it out of your meal if you mention you have an allergy – but I wouldn’t say its the easiest thing to avoid, but Oh So Worth it.
  • CHALLENGE! if you find yourself with headaches, constant runny nose, sinus infections, colds…..I CHALLENGE you to taking dairy out of your diet for a week and see. I know, its a scary thing thinking about not being able to go to Molly Moons, but man it is worth it.
  • HERE AND NOW:  I am so happy i found this out, its honestly made one of the BIGGEST changes in my life, if you had daily headaches for a year+ …not having them is pretty cool. Plus I haven’t had ONE sinus infection (i had 3 in one year) and you wont find my pockets stuffed with tissues. win! If you think this is a crock of sh*t – i will say, it is not! I feel like this is the most real proof that what you eat affects you. well, in MY case.


Ok. so that was a breakthru for me. but GET READY.

THE LEAD IN: i dont know what it is, but i’ve always kinda thought gluten-free, allergic-to-everything people were a load of CRAP and just enjoyed being high maintenance. we live in seattle, people love being weird about anything. watch portlandia, that’s basically seattle.  i first heard about this gluten train when i lived in Australia, most all the swedish girls (international school) were ‘allergic to gluten’ – that was in 2008, basically no one in the US had EVER said anything to me about gluten. but the swedes are always ahead, plus look at them, they’re all gorgeous. dont eat shit food, so maybe we should follow the swedes. ANYHOW. so i kept hearing about this damn documentary, “Forks Over Knives” on twitter. people wouldn’t stop about it. and then one of my friends was doing a 60 day juice cleanse and writing a blog about it. 60 freakin’ days. So i watched the dang documentary and it KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. completely off. and then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I almost died. and then she and I met up for a catch-up hang & juicy time. she and I talked about the changes in her life, and i literally just couldn’t stop the things i’d learned from these two documentaries.

  • the correlation between meat and dairy and disease.
  • how a plant-based, whole foods diet is the healthiest way of eating that has ever been studied, but it’s more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation.

THE REALISTICS: These movies were supported by leading Dr’s, hella facts figures and tests. i cant even get into it. You just need to watch them and get started on your learning. I will tell you this, my mom has had breast cancer, my uncle has lou-gerhigs, grandpa had several heart attacks, and my other grandpa, we lost to a terrible battle with Parkinsons. Nana and Boppa (not blood related) both have battled/am battling cancer. so, um, yeah. we have some disease in our family. but the weird thing is, all of them are ative, “healthy” americans, not overweight, nothing really wrong with them aside from these diseases. what the heck, there has to be something else that  contributes to disease. One of my BIGGEST FEARS IN LIFE is getting a disease. For the most part, we think its just like the most unlucky lottery. But from what I’ve been learning, I 100% believe that many diseases are completely preventable (I’m not a Dr. please dont think I know everything). I would also like to mention my mom DID NOT go thru chemo or radiation with her breast cancer, she went against Drs orders, had the mastectomy and killed that mother effing cancer with DIET and extreme immune support. She has been cancer free for 9 YEARS and I’m hella proud of her. 

I just kept thinking to myself, if I could do something relatively small effort wise compared to the pain or early death I’d have by possibly getting cancer, heart disease, etc. WHY THE FRICK WOULDN’T I MAKE THAT CHANGE?!! Well its not that hard, I literally changed my ways over night. It just seems too obvious. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. The facts were there, I am flabbergasted that we dont know more of how messed up America is about eating. It’s ridiculous. The amount of processed, genetically modified, absolutely nothing real-live-living goes into our bodies, we live on fast food, microwaved meals, frozen galore. Man, dont even get me started, I get so excited.

SO. this is what happened. 


threw out all my processed food.

bought a juicer.

started going to costco and spending $80 every 1-1.5 weeks on fresh fruits and veggies

juicing like no one business

day 3 – BOOM. waking up completely energized, like AWAKE. not needing coffee. like literally FEELING AMAZING. i couldn’t believe it/handle it.

continued to learn, read, watch.

visited a naturepath after thinking I had mono again. turns out it was some weird virus. was recommended to get on vitamin D, b-12, adrenal support* (more to come on that, below)


my mind is so clear. what is this. hard to explain, my brain just feels slippery and clear and working great. I’ve never NOTICED that before in anything.

pretty much am eating 95% as a vegan. still learning. loving it.

making food at home, I love and enjoy – all while still being vegan. woo!

learn more. really commit to only buying organic produce.

start shopping at Whole Foods. realize I’m spending $20-30 more on groceries but that its worth it.

so that’s been my last two months.  i know what you’re thinking, you’re effing crazy, I’m NOT turning Vegan. Yea i know, seems drastic doesn’t it. But getting cancer results back would be pretty drastic too. I am NOT am not saying that I think I have just guaranteed myself a disease free life, no. BUT based off the tiny amount that I know so far and being THAT impacted by the facts of how putting REAL LIVE UNPROCESSED food into your body can impact you and your life, man, I couldn’t ignore it. Literally two documentaries have changed my life, whoa. But more than that, I feel incredible. LIKE incredible. I dont think we really ever realize how tired we feel most of the time, or at least i didnt, until I started eating clean and understanding how the body is SUPPOSED to feel. Like a well oiled machine. Not tired, slow and wanting to sleep 24/7. Because of my lifestyle, traveling, go go going all the time, I’m pretty used to being ready to fall in my bed at 8pm, but I can honestly say I’ve NEVER had so much energy in my life that I have when Juicing. never. So the proof is in the pudding. really. I wouldn’t be doing this if it didnt actually make a huge impact on my life. 


EXTRAS: after I visited my naturepath Dr. (first off all, this is the ONLY Dr I’ll be going to now. I cant say how many times I saw a normal Dr with my effing headaches and sinus infections and all I was ever given were drugs. and THEN the first person I talk to that understands the body and food, the NEXT day my headaches are gone for good. It is not a crock of sh*t, it works and I’m never going back). So I happen to also be taking some herbal supplements and such and I feel awesome about it. Here’s what I’m taking recommended by my Dr.

  • Liquid B-12 complex // liquid vitamins are the BOMBEST. you just drop it in a drink, cant taste it. no swallowing pills. amazing.
  • Vitamin D // also a liquid (I was Vit D deficient with my blood tests that came back) If you live above the equator, you should take Vit D.
  • Adrenal Support // I have liquid and pill form. This is only something that a naturepath would catch. She suggested it to me because of my fast-paced, pretty high stress lifestyle, that my adrenal glands may be fatigued and so I’m on it and love it.
  • Calcium // pill form.
  • Women’s Food Based Multi-Vitamin // pill form
  • pop a emergenC into some water, for Vitamin C
  • Organic Wheatgrass powder // put a scoop in my water, hello hella energy. (i use hella in my vocab as a joke, dont get it wrong)
  • Goji Berry Juice // fountain of youth juice, what.

So i guess that may seem like I’m taking a lot of pills. But they are all food based, natural. Nothing is going to harm me and I feel great taking these things as a precautionary, something to keep healthy and give me the nutrients I need to be well rounded.

FINALLY, IN CLOSING: I literally could talk for like 30 hours on this. I feel pretty passionate about this topic, am constantly learning more and loving it. Currently trying to get my boyfriend to match my energy about eating this way, which is proving to be harder than I thought. And just soaking up what I can with the knowledge out there. If you dont know yet, I’m a pusher and I will push whatever I love onto others, so that’s this. I am so excited to be able to share something that has literally rocked my thoughts on health and eating. I feel like it is so common sense that what we put into our bodies impacts us tremendously, and the less fake, processed, genetically modified foods filled with chemicals and hormones that DO affect us and increase disease, the better off we will be. I am pumped to continue to share my new ways and thoughts. and would LOVE to hear from you guys out there on these topics. Are you vegan? Do you juice? Have you recovered form a disease? Do you think I’m crazy? 

some random foods/blogs/things i’ve really enjoyed so far.

  • My favorite juice mix: Orange, Sweet Potato, Carrot
  • you DO NOT need to have exact recipes for juicing, you really cant mess it up. just go as you please and taste test.
  • 2nd Favorite: Celery, Cucumber, Orange, Fuji Apple, Lemon, Spinach. = amazing, fresh, I love this in the mornings.
  • I do not eat anything that tastes like sh*t, so get it out of your head that all food enjoyment is gone. I only eat things that taste good.
  • Forks over Knives has a HUGE selection of vegan recipes
  • Netflix has bounds and bounds of eating, raw food, documentaries = amazing.
  • Read/watch/learn about The Gerson Theory / Gerson Method = PS it can cure cancer.  I CANNOT believe more people dont know about this, them and i think its a total crime more Americans (heck, people!) dont know about this.
  • Mix Oat, honey, chocolate chip and honey (and some powdered sugar) into a ball, stick em in the fridge = amazing oat balls!
  • Kombucha – dooooo it. Grape Chia, yum.
  • Chia Seed // a mayan staple, loaded with fiber, can replace eggs in baking, can be put into anything!
  • kale chips!
  • I juice with a Breville Fountain Elite, its $299. Seems pretty damn steep, but I wanted one that would last and chomp thru anything. (my first juiceman juicer broke within a month)….
  • JUICER UPDATE: I know have an OmegaVRT350 Juicer // my Breville started going 100mph all over the counter, not sure how that happened. But i returned it to Bed Bath & Beyond and UPGRADED a bit (blessing in disguise it broke!) so now I have the omega, which is a slow turning juicer so it doesnt heat and ruin essential enzymes like the spinning Breville kind. I really like it so far. PROS: it is way quieter, smaller and yields more juice. CON: the mouth is smaller, so i have to cut things smaller, which takes more time. But overall, so glad the other one broke so i could upgrade!
  • this is EXTREMELY random but i have your attention, so: FYI. a few years back I found out I was allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), the foaming agent in soaps, toothpastes, etc. So I ended up needing to get this funny little toothpaste called Squigle. I have been always one to get frickin’ canker sores (inside the mouth, not herpes folks) and i neer knew why – well this is the link!  hello SLS is an abrasive that is used in cleaners AND soaps and toothpastes. once I started using Squigle, I have completely stopped having canker sores. just an FYI, its amazing.
  • My Naturepath Dr. is Melissa Larson in Ballard (a Larson in Ballard? go figure) ….she is great. young, totally easy to talk to. you get a FULL hour with her for an appt // not waiting 3 hours only to see them for 7 minutes like my other experiences.
  • ***I am not saying this is for everyone, or that everyone CAN/WILL do this. I’m not even doing it 100% because it can be unrealistic as much as I travel, or in the case I’m a guest at someone’s home for dinner NOR am I preaching this to you on an ethical standpoint (although some treatment/conditions of where we get our meat SICKS me out ) …I am just sharing as it is applicable to me and how I’ve seen changes in my own life. I am not a Dr. I am not telling you all disease is caused by diet – if anything, I hope I could speak into your heart about just considering making some changes and seeing how you feel. the cool thing is, HOW YOU FEEL is a really tangible thing you can see from this. just test it out if you think its a crock. I spent 2+ hours writing this because I think the information available is life changing (literally). Your life and the length and condition of it, could be changed by becoming educated. It’s empowering. GO YOU.***

Yes, this takes more effort, more thought. It isn’t necessarily always cheaper (however if you’re eating out less, than yes it is!) but I think we pretty much often have it backwards. spend hundreds/thousands per year on new clothes, trips, things, and we want to spend the LEAST amount of money on food that we can (or at least that was my often thought) but once we really understand how food fuels us to leading a healthy and ENERGIZED daily life as well as preventing possible disease – I feel like it only makes PERFECT sense. so it is a commitment, but in my mind, a very worthy one.  

i have never thought of myself as an “unhealthy” eater, however, moreso, an “uneducated” eater now that I look at it. As most of us are, America really is under the fog of what real health is, I am so happy to hopefully be the starter for me and my future family to educated eating that make a real life impact in our lives.  from what I’ve learned and seen in REAL LIFE, in my own life, there’s no going back.

I am officially one of those crazy hippy all natural seattle people and I love it.

i would literally LOVE to hear any tips or thoughts from anyone. please dont be shy!


by Andria

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alex anne YES! this has always been a part of my life but i kinda put it on the back burner because i honestly didn’t care much about it. despite the multiple attempts my mom gave to keeping me NATURALLY healthy. 😉 but i am becoming more and more tired each day and i just need to be more healthy. like asap. i’ve never liked milk because it always gave me runny noses and headaches and all that crap so i haven’t had any in at least 4 years. (yay!) love that you’re doing this andria!!

Jordan yup. i went to a wholistic dr in chicago and same thing. i went to tons of regular doctors that would take my money and tell me nothing was wrong and i was just like- helloooooo my body isn’t meant to do this! it’s meant to be better!

loved this post and so great to hear about your changes!

Tom I stopped eating wheat/dairy/sugar for a month and my acid reflux went away completely. I fell off the wagon a bit, but ready to jump back on.

Andria i feel like the wheat would be hard, but maybe not, I’ve never tried! im sure ppl think juicing is hard. so awesome, thanks for sharing!

Naomi As I live in New Zealand, I literally have access to fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere as well as being able to raise animals off the land and personally getting the meat from them. This takes out the bad stuff and keeps me healthy. Although I’m fairly interested in looking at the dairy and gluten side of what you’re doing as I don’t really have control over what goes in that stuff!!! But WOOHOO good on you!!! Well done for making a healthy change x

Kirsten Andria, soooo happy to read this blog. I started eating vegan before my wedding (have been eating Vegan for 6 months now) and this blog post sounds just like me when I get on my food rage. Initially people think I’m crazy, but I tell them how clear and energize I feel (and people can tell the difference in how I look – especially clearer skin) I read Kris Carr’s book Crazy, Sexy cancer and it was amazingggggg. Also head over to the blogs oh she glows, the simple veganista and love and lemons for amazingggg recipes. I’ve also been washing my face with coconut oil (sounds crazy, but amazing) drinking yogi skin detox tea (life changing) and oil pulling in the morning – my teeth have felt amazing since starting this. So excited for you and your journey, it’s tough sometimes but so worth it. Dairy was my main culprit as well.

Hope I was able to share some new info with you!!! :)

Andria oooh amazing!! thank you SO much for sharing, I’m making a list of what people are saying, I want to read that book!!! so glad you shared. thank you and happy for you too you made such an awesome change!

Lauren My mom also had breast cancer. She did have chemo and radiation, but afterwards when she heard that eating dairy and animal products could increase her chances of recurring cancer she kicked those things RIGHT out of her diet. Like literally, I went on a trip for a week, came home and she offered me Spinach and hominy soup- what the frick? She’s been trying to push this on me, and I’ve got to admit, I’ve been reluctant. My diet has improved FOR SURE and I eat and drink less dairy and I really don’t mind it, I actually like it. Thanks for sharing all of this Andria, it’s super helpful.

Melanie Leighton The two types of blogs I follow are photography blogs and healthy/vegan/paleo food blogs as well! You just combined the two and blew my mind! I haven’t been juicing but I think you’ve pushed me over the edge, I’m gonna try it! You should check this out – I think you will love it!

Andria yay so cool – i hope i pushed you over the edge!! TRY IT OUT!!!!! literally that was the original thing that made me feel so CLEAN and incredible!!!

Allegra V How awesome!! I went vegan last year after watching Forks over Knives & I loved it! I’ve gotten a bit off track (so hard to always eat vegan when you are on-the-go + I may have a slight addiction to cheeseburgers haha). But this was a great post & I’m excited to keep pursuing a healthy/vegan lifestyle!

Jade Sheldon In 2008, I became extremely ill and for nearly 2 years no doctor could tell me why. I was young (20) and I believe the doctors that I put so much faith and trust in just didn’t believe I was really ill. They would ask if I was depressed. Of course I was depressed. I was sick and in pain and no one could tell me why or how to put an end to it. Full disclosure here: my stomach was in such distress that it got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house because I couldn’t be without a bathroom. I was bleeding internally. I was constantly getting gland infections and having migraines. Not only did I have my tonsils removed, but also my wisdom teeth removed during all this in hopes it would help some of my symptoms. I became so underweight that people started coming up to me asking what was wrong. I was obviously extremely ill. All of this was also happening as I was finishing up my BFA.

There were times when I didn’t know if I could finish school. I have my boyfriend (now husband) to thank for keeping me going. Honestly, his perseverance is what finally got us the answers we were searching for. Cory set up and came to all my appointments with me (I was too ill to do it on my own) and after one visit in particular where they asked Cory to leave the room and asked me if I ‘felt safe at home,’ we were done playing games. No one was listening to what was really going on. We finally got a doctor to agree to send me to a gastroenterologist who conducted an endoscopy and colonoscopy. The doctor found out I had the autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis. My husband and I cried tears of joy that day because finally we knew. We were angry that it had taken so long to be heard but thankful that we could start working on healing. Pain is real. And pain is something we don’t have to live with.

I was put on a series of medications to get my disease under control but after about a year, I felt like I had reached my limits when it came to being on meds. I wanted to heal, not just mask my symptoms. Then, 2 things happened: I watched the documentary ‘Fat Head’ (and cried) and I interned for Lisa Warninger who introduced me to Dr. Tony Murczek, the man who helped me live life again. Lisa and I never got any work done because we were always talking about health, haha! I am now off all of my medications. I was abled to get married to my best friend. I was able to travel again. I was able to paint and take photographs again. I was able to earn my Master’s Degree in Education. I still have a lot of learning and growing to do to reach my ultimate health, but I know for a fact that the food we put in our bodies is SO important. My husband and I try to avoid gluten and dairy and we juice for breakfast ever day.

I used to keep a blog about my experiences but ended up taking it down. I needed space to deal with things on my own. I think I need to do another write up again about my entire experience. I’ve come so far these last few years and am such an advocate about being vocal and getting the help you need.

I’ve been such a fan of your work for the past few years and now I admire you even more. Changing your lifestyle can be so hard but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who regretted it…

veronika goisova Wow!very inspiring,I started to feed myself and family more healthy about 2 months a go,its very expensive as I go organic and gmo free on everything I can…
We still have meat twice a week,and didn’t cut dairy off yet,I feel like I need to found first some life bacteria to get for us before i cut yogurts off.?
Im trying to replacing flour when cooking and baking with gluten free flours-coconut etc.
I also have Breville and just bought good blender too.
Keep sharing your tips,Andria,love this blog post!)

Sam Wahoo! My husband is an organic farmer in NorCal and we juice a TON and eat pretty clean. We haven’t cut dairy out fully (I would love to try that), but marrying a man that eats so clean was the best thing for my health! I totally come from a gun slinging red meat kinda family, so to switch to mostly vegetarian meals was HUGE! And we cook everything with coconut oil <—tastes soooo good! Something my husband taught me that kinda blew my mind is how a standard apple at the grocery store can be so nutritionally deficient than an apple grown by a farmer who really cares about his soil. Definitely changed who I would get my produce from and made me a big fan of CSA's. Also, a dear friend of mine battle some pretty bad cancer with a change in diet and doctors were shocked by the results. His tumor was the size of a baseball and is now the size of a sunflower seed. CRAZY.

Rach This just made my month! Vegan for 3 years, vegetarian for 13 before that. Meat had been gone from my diet for a long time, but dairy made a huge difference. Also suffered from headaches, sinus specifically, and also heartburn/ulcer probs too (due to our lifestyle, similar to yours ;)). Vegan whole foods diet cleared it all up. So proud of you for making the change and for your passion. You’re making a difference for your health and also helping the environment and promoting a more peaceful diet with no death and suffering involved (from animal standpoint). Yay! Let me know if you need any recipes, I make a killer nacho cheese sauce and Alfredo sauce both from raw cashews (blows the minds of even my non vegan friends). And if you ever have a craving for sliced cheese on a cracker check out Dr. Cow but cheeses (ordered online) effing amazing. Again so happy for you! Xoxoxox

Rach Dr Cow NUT cheeses that is 😉 (auto correct)

Annalise Andria you know I love you! and I love this and John and I have recently started making a lot of these changes in our diet too, my big thing is all the chemicals in beauty products…those freak me out. Please continue to be a pusher. My only critique is at the Gerson Theory…sounds awesome…but if he had truely found the cure for cancer I would love that…but coming for a pediatric hem/onc nurse it’s just not true…there’s sooooooo much more to cancer then that and we are always trying to figure out a cure…I would LOVE to not have a job anymore, bottom line is if there was a cure, kids would not be dying…promise…the doctors here are waaayyy to good at what they do.

Lisa Sorbe YES! Documentaries like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Fork Over Knives, and Hungry for Change CHANGED MY LIFE. I came from a “meat and potatoes” family – my mother cooked with cream of soups and heavy butters, etc. The only veggies we had were cooked thoroughly and drenched in butter spread. Not to mention the fact that I’m (a recovering!) chocoholic. In fact, I used to start my day off with a 3 Muskateer’s Bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper. (Oh, the aspartame horror!) I agree – it’s a tragedy that more people don’t know this. I’m extremely passionate about this topic and love to inform others – I’ve gotten a few people I work with to make changes in their diets and they’re amazed at the results! As they say, eat to live, not live to eat! What we put in our bodies DOES matter…

Oh, and the Gerson Therapy?! The fact that most doctors don’t inform patients of this is near criminal. I lost my dad to cancer years ago, and at no time during his treatment did the doc ever suggest making changes in his diet. The fact that this information is now becoming more widespread and accessible is an absolute blessing.

Ruth Girl, that is awesome! I’m a health nerd as well and love it! I’ve been vegan/almost all raw for a while. You would love the book Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It’s fantastic and really eye opening. :)

Andria cool!! adding it to my list of books i want to read!! thanks so much!!!

Anna yay! thank you for posting the website with vegan recipes! i’m trying mark bittman’s vegan before six (it’s a book, which i haven’t read yet, but the premise is in the title, and he wrote about it in the nytimes), and am looking for great vegan recipes, so that is so helpful! i definitely just feel better in general by making that relatively small change, and might make a bigger jump depending on how much i can fool my hubby into eating less meat. also the info you provided on naturopaths is great too…been looking for something like that, since my doc gives me a new prescription every time i visit and i never fill it. and your cookie recipe looks awesome too…i’ve been making something similar with peanut butter, oatmeal and chocolate chips and put the recipe up on my blog…soooo good! you’ve inspired me to stay on the vegan wagon by posting this, so many thanks to you!

keli Congratulations! I love the passion. It’s needed to encourage folks. I’ve been vegetarian for over half my life but still has sinus infections, seasonal allergies, and high cholesterol. All if those things disappeared when I went vegan. I rarely get sick either. Juicing and eating plants is where it’s at. I just turned 37 and I wake up everyday feeling great. Most people think I’m in my mid to late 20s. It’s important to take some supplements because even with organic foods our soils are still really depleted. In addition a vegan diet is cruelty free. What animals go through to end up at every meal is horrific. So excited when I hear about people being impacted so positively so quickly.

Andrea Enos I could have written this exact post 6 months ago! (minus the no meat — I’ve been more on the Paleo track) I always want to get on my soap box about how so many people just do not understand the relationship between food and health!! You are absolutely right…the medical industry is fueled by the pharmaceutical industry and almost always they just prescribe medicine to cover up health problems rather than go to the root of the issue.
I got massively sick this last December and started juicing to heal my body. I couldn’t believe how good I felt! (Need to get back to juicing…been traveling too much and not keeping my fridge stocked) Juicing is awesome!! You’ve gotten me all re-motivated to make juicing a priority!

Noelle You may have addressed this but I didn’t read through the comments, so forgive me if you have. I’m a photographer as well–and go go go is our way of life. I watched Fat, Sick + Nearly Dead (annnnd cried at the end it was so good) and have since changed my eating habits (mostly). However, being on the go so much and traveling a lot really makes eating healthy quite difficult. Eating healthy isn’t easy or convenient so its a lot harder to maintain when working and traveling a lot. Have you found a good way to stay on track with such a busy schedule as well as when you’re traveling? Thanks for sharing :) Love your work so much!

amanda vanvels yesssss i love this whole post! i eat paleo, but it pretty much has the same healing powers as vegan. so much energy, prevents diseases, etc. i just make sure to actually get good quality meats, because i know how disgusting the meat industry is and how loaded with hormones the meat can be. i’m so glad you wrote this, though. more people should know what food is doing to our bodies. no one really realizes until it’s too late.

amanda vanvels p.s. not sure if you’ve watched “starving for change” on netflix, but if not, you should! it’s my favorite food documentary.

Mary Banducci Wow! Thanks for sharing!
After many health issues I eat about 90% vegan as well (giving up dairy has helped calm some health issues).
I blog dairy and gluten free recipes with an herbal twist on my blog Sweet Roots (including an amazing homemade vegan cheese).

Lana Hi Andria!

I looooved this post!
My brief story – I have stuggled with acne for literally, 8 years. Last year I started seeing a natropath and, god bless her, she put me on the candida diet (sooo intense, but SO much more rewarding!) and on a bunch of vitamins/herbal supplements. This went on for about 8 months and it was the only thing that has ever truly made a difference in my skin. My life savers were grains, natural sweeteners, legumes, homemade salad dressings, and PROBIOTICS! Oh man, I REALLY know what you mean about the ENERGY. And food REALLY does taste better when you’re eating natural foods. Gah, basically, I could echo this entire post.

Lately, I have been really bad about my diet and supplements and i just ALWAYS feel DEAD. this post has reminded me how truly amazing and alive I felt last year when I was diligent about my diet. Best of luck to you!! xo

do you read my new roots? her blog is sooo awesome.

Kylie This is awesome! I’m glad you are feeling great. My husband and I have been eating “raw” (paleo) and it fixes NUMEROUS Heath problems for the both of us, I cured my husbands eczema and my migraines :) glad you are sharing your information because so many people follow your blog and you will effect so many people :)

Kathleen Great post! I have had a very similar experience, watching both of those documentaries (in that order, too!) and doing my own follow-up research. There are just some things you can’t unlearn.

I also love juicing and recommend you reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet book. It really dives into more detail about how food and other substances affect your body. It was incredibly helpful and inspiring.

You must also try this juice – it is my and my 5-year-old sons favorite: a few Kale leaves, carrots, apple or pear, lemon and a slice or two of watermelon. It’s delicious!

Good luck as you continue on this journey. I am only about a month or so in so would love to hear about how you manage when you travel, etc. Glad to hear you are feeling wonderful!

Dirkje Two books that you may find interesting:
Yoga for eating – Charles Eisenstein
– this one looks at being more in tune with your body when eating and knowing what to eat.

Eating animals- Jonathan Safran Foer
-this one looks at what else we affect, besides ourselves, through the food choicres we make

Congratulations on the change! Just be careful with veganism (I was vegan), the evidence in support is good but there are worries about it too, due to the lack of long term studies, and the difference between extracting nutrients from foods in labs compared to what your body is capable of extracting. I started feeling VERY tired and sick everyday, even with supplements after about 5 months, I have sinus issues too, so dairy is difficult for me, but an organic free range egg a day really makes me feel stronger. Good luck!

Kathrine Hi Andria!
I’ve been admiring your work for couple of months now and today I’m totally shocked cause I am kinda at the same point;) I havent been eating junk food or processed ever but the things I’ve discovered recently just turned the world upside down!
You seem preety to know all about it but I thought maybe you didn’t come across that book yet and it is my bible now;)) Might be of some interest to you. It’s Paul Pitchford Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.

Hope you enjoy it and all the best!


ps your pictures are amazing!

Christina Blitch AH. This hole post was amazing, I had to share it with all of my friends on Facebook because many of them have asked before why I switched to vegan and I have always told them, “Watch Forks Over Knives, It will blow your mind!” I was one of those unlucky individuals who would get really really bad stomach aches, and random spurts of AWFUL acne that would completely cover my face. I even stayed home from work one day because I thought I had contracted something awful. Once I watched forks over knives I immediately switched to vegan and the difference is amazing. First of all NO STOMACH PAINS! Secondly NO ACNE, being a girl in your 20s, having no acne is a miracle, it’s such a wonderful thing. Like you said I am 95% vegan, but when I slip it can be very punishing so I try to be as close to vegan as possible when there are limited options. You’re amazing, you’re work is amazing, and this blog post is amazing. Thank’s so much for inspiring me with both photography and with the idea of juicing. :)

Anja Andria – I am fricking happy and excited for you! I watched Joe Cross’ doku in January and bought a juicer the next day. I did a 30 day fast and haven’t looked back. ENERGY!! It’s my lifestyle now and I don’t even crave the bad things anymore. Must check out the knife and spoon movie.

Thank you for taking the time to write all this out… and: juice on!!

anda this is the best thing i’ve ever read on a photographer’s blog. “If you dont know yet, I’m a pusher and I will push whatever I love onto others, so that’s this.” — haha — LOVE that. i’m the same (#1 on the enneagram scale … (talk about being a hippy … i read the enneagram and love it ;)). anyways … THANK YOU. i was the same with migraines, always achey, feeling like i was going to die before 30 etc from something the doctors just weren’t catching (not a hypochondriac at all … just ALWAYS feeling terrible and in pain daily) … ended up in the ER from working my ass off as a new business person these past couple years. my good friend, joanne, was raving about juicing. so i started and I FELT AMAZING. truly. went nearly-vegan and felt more amazing. BUT after a couple months my nails starting crumbling and my hair was falling out. i felt amazing and full of energy still but knew something had to be way WRONG. i figured it was lacking in vitamins but i always thought supplements were a load of crap. i’ve been meaning to research the vitamins i should take though … because i’ve since gone back to normal eating (which was already healthy, actually … i’ve always been into organic/non-processed (i live in madison — the ballard of the midwest, ha). anyways, back to normal eating, and i feel terrible awful again. i am SOOOO getting back on the juicing/vegan train after reading this AND getting all those vitamins. i hope it makes a difference for me. thank you thank you — for being a great resource and sharing like this!

John Hi Andria,
Thank you for sharing your journey!
Enlightenment and truth are not always easy. Sometimes we really have to wrestle with the reality of the truth before we can move to enlightenment!
Pam and I have been on a health Journey as well!
We were raised much like yourself.
Due to some health issues that my wife was confronted with we began the J J Virgin elimination plan for 21 days.This plan can be found at We began this journey 50 days ago and have been amazed at the results.This diet eliminates the 7 foods that most people have an intolerance to for 21 days. Those foods are Gluten,Peanuts,Dairy,Eggs because of intolerance’s and Corn,Soy,Sugar because over 90% of this in America is GMO GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS.Sounds scary it is!
After 21 days you should have a clean slate and you may add back an item from the 7 and see how your body responds. Believe me your body will tell you.
Needless to say we have felt so good we haven’t added any thing back.OK, a little Dark chocolate organic.
I have lost 25 lbs as well as lots of inflammation and aches and we are now into our 50th day.I AM NOW 50 AND AM FEELING REJUVENATED AND YOUNGER EACH DAY.
My wife’s severe abdominal pain,swelling,constipation,aches,headaches and lack of energy have been eliminated.Her body is rejuvenating.
We have also started seeing a Natural Path Doctor named Tom Ballard and are on digestive enzymes, B12 (love it)and adrenal support and a good multivitamin.

Good sources for information and a video genetic roulette must see about GMO’s.

People we are in a fight for the future sanctity and sustainability of our Food across the world. Europe is rejecting this GMO food and burning fields wherever GMO noxious plants are found. Maybe they are more aware of corporate corruption and are less trustworthy of their governments because of the European history. Chemical Corporations have hijacked our food sources through the control of the FDA and USDA implementing GMO’S into our food since the early 1990’s First Bush until now. They want to control us and the food we eat. Buy local from local farmers support them as much as possible.

Like Andria said the proof is in the puddin. Your body will talk to you whichever path you choose. Please Choose wisely.

My path is no GMO no pharmaceuticals.
My path is organic or as close to it as I can be. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.Please support initiative 522 in Washington state.
Andria I wish the BEST for you!
Beauty and Enlightenment in Spirit and Truth.
We Love you the Nobis, Dacanay Family!

Nate Awesome post! If you haven’t yet, watch Food Matters on Netflix- that and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead are my life changers. I juice veggies with my Jack Lalaine juicer and fruits in a NutraBullet. I need to be more strict on my diet so thanks for re-motivating me!

Amanda Yep, yep, yep. My husband and I are right there with ya. I found out three years ago I am wicked allergic to dairy/eggs (headaches, GI issues, acne, etc.) He also lost a ton of weight a few years ago on juice+exercise, and we did a Clean juice cleanse last year (

We also pick up a lot of our produce at Top Banana in Ballard… it’s usually not organic, but we grab our Clean 13’s there, and the rest at Fred Meyer + PCC.

Good luck! Keep up the good work!

Pamela Evans Hey! Wow, so many comments! I’m going to chip in my $0.02!
Girl, I lead a mobile photographer/athlete’s life too! My friend educated me not long ago about how food is medicine! LITERALLY! She told me about the whole food nutrition of Juice Plus+ (not drinkable juice – just 15 whole fruits and veggies that are dehydrated and put into a capsule or a gummy chewable. This concentration of health working together in synergy has bridged the gap between what healthy food we can eat AND what amount we NEED to be eating! It is so perfect for busy people and travelers, without the mess of juicing. Can I mail you some?!??! I totally can!! Tell me where!! My gift to you – you bless me so much with your photography and I’d love to shoot this over to your apartment. You can find out more here ( and let me know ( Your journey inspires me and others and I’m so glad you blogged about this. If we don’t have our health, what else do we have!?!??? It’s such an intense truth. I see this product saving my friends’ lives because it prevents disease and changes your DNA from the second you begin eating it. I wouldn’t tell anyone about it unless I already knew what research Yale and Vanderbilt and other medical institutions have done on it.

Keep up the GREAT work! and let me know if I can mail you some JP+ !

sarah waggoner i love this so much! i’ve read so many things on eating healthy/clean, and the benefits of it. i tried to do it one week, planned out all my meals, tried to prep everything on the sunday, so it was all ready throughout the week. but oh goodness, it was exhausting, only because i wasn’t used to preparing every meal (i was used to eating out for every meal, or just skipping a meal when i didn’t feel like cooking or leaving the house, SO BAD!!). i couldn’t keep it up, and eventually just started eating out again. i’m really going to have to do some more researching and sticking to it. because i did feel so much better when my husband and i were eating better for that week. i think juicing sounds great, because it’s quick and easy, i’m going to think about investing in a juicer. thanks for all of your thoughts and tips. :)

Stephanie I haven’t gotten into juicing yet but I drink green smoothies almost daily. (I love the extra fiber you get with a smoothie as opposed to juice!) On days when I’m not able to have them for whatever reason, there’s a noticeable difference in my energy levels and overall feeling of healthiness. For the most part, I avoid junk/fast food and cook most meals myself but that added smoothie gives me a jolt of energy, not to mention a few extra servings of fruit and greens, that I know I can’t get just from eating something else. We have a juicer on our wedding registry, though, so I’m hoping one of our hippie SF friends/family members will gift it to us. :)

jennifer mccoy Hi Andria- I am in love with your photos! I read the entire blog post and could not agree with you more! The only thing that I would suggest is that you look into a Vitamix. I dont know anything about your juicer but it looks to me like much of the veg/fruit goes into the side compartment and the juice is in a different container. The Vitamix is a bad mamma jamma and blends EVERYTHING so you don’t loose ANY of the veggie/fruit. The shakes are thicker but I add water (or coconut water for a treat) to thin it out. They arent cheap but SO, SO worth it if you are life juicer!

Briana Morrison Love this post!

Unfortunately, I was born with a disease called PKD. It’s one that doesn’t really effect your lifestyle until you hit 50 or older but I’ve seen what it can do and my grandmother is currently on the kidney transplant list.

About 3 years ago I read a book called Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and fell in love. I eat mostly pescatarian, because I love my eggs and fish too much, but take on a vegan & gluten free lifestyle every May for a month.

I no longer juice (because my juicer sucks) but I make a mean green smoothie.
1 pice of citrus (tangelo is my fave), two giant handfuls of spinach, a pinch of salt, a scoop of coconut oil, a bit of coconut water or vanilla soy milk, and half a tray of ice and you’re good to go. Super tasty!

Abby Hacker Wow! I’ve been thinking about doing this too, but am kind of afraid to make the jump! I love chicken because it’s so easy to cook with and I don’t know what I would replace that with since I cook with it so much! Can you still eat noodles??

Caroline I started really wanting to juice after I read your friend Valerie’s blog a few months ago and my husband and I finally sat down and watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Monday and decided that night to do a 10 day cleanse. We are on day 4 now and I feel so amazing. Hungry, and still wanting a freakin muffin, but amazing.

If you haven’t tried the Peach Pie Juice from, you definitely should!

3 sweet potatoes
4 peaches
2 honeycrisp apples.

it’s amazing. and for real tastes like freakin peach pie.

Thanks for this!! I’m a big fan of your work and this was such a great thing to read while I’m on this cleanse and have come so close to quitting a few times!

mae yea, yea! going on 5 years vegan and i love it. it definitely can still be tricky to be healthy as a vegan (i blame pasta and booze), but if you do it as thoughtfully as it sounds you are, you’ll be golden. cheers to health!

Valerie Schöner I’m so proud of you! And I’m totally honored to be part of your inspiration! Doing another juice cleanse soon and gunna possibly write a book about it!! You’ll have to shoot my cover 😉 love ya lady!!!!!

Kate@MagnoliaRouge Thanks for the awesome post!! I’ve been semi gluten/fructose and dairy free and I know you can’t really do it ‘semi’… it needs to be all or nothing. I seem to go into it strongly for a few days but then my willpower breaks down and I head for sugar! I’ve had a juicer that a friend leant me sitting on my table for a month but just haven’t figured out how to use it yet – and yes I know it’s not that hard :-) I’m just being lazy, but this has given me the impetus to sort it out and put it to use. I’m armed with books and recipes and intend to use tomorrow to plan my week’s meals out and get into this again properly. Thanks for the links… off to watch those doco’s now!!

Kat Congrats! Welcome to the light side :)

Joel Allegretto Andria this is beautifully told! I remember two years ago when I had this same awakening and made this change, it is amazing the balance you feel in life from getting the right diet. Thanks for sharing this!!

sarah my son had ear infections one after another the first 12 months of his life. Every time it was the same: take him to the dr, get on antibiotics, his symptoms would go away and 3 days after the medicine was gone, his ear infection would return. Each infection meant two rounds of drugs usually lasting 20 days total. Ridiculous. Every time I went back to the dr I kept asking/teling that SOMETHING had to be causing them. Every time he/she would just say it’s something that happens in babies. The last infection he got, he was just over 1 year old. The DR told me if he gets one more, it’s tubes for him. So I started researching….decided to switch him to almond milk instead of cows milk. BOOM! that child has never had an ear infection again! I tell anyone that is going thru what I went thru about our experience with almond milk. Best product on the shelves! Yes, it is expensive but it’s worth the extra $ to save him the pain of the infections, not to mention all the drugs he was taking.

nicolelennox wow. amazing. I’ve been fighting this theory for a while but your post is making me think twice.

Michelle Clement Aaaah! I love this So. Much. I’m just coming out of a crazy busy time of my life, so I’m hoping it’ll be easier to eat healthier, but I’ve been living microwave-free for many years & it’s the best choice I ever made, because it forces you out of that ‘convenience’ mindset. And a juicer & blender & food processor are my best friends. I’m so excited everyday now when I crave juice and salad instead of junk. Seriously!! I feel ya. I often wonder how in the world people got so oblivious to think that disease just happens – that what we do to our bodies everyday has no effect on it whatsoever – but it’s such an uphill battle to find real truth and good food, which is so sad. I’m glad it’s getting out there – hopefully one day we can all be hippies. 😉

Anjali haha, you’re a wonderful writer in addition to being such a talented photographer – i giggled through this whole read, and i agreed SO HARD. i recently cut gluten and dairy out of my diet and i have never felt so good in my life! so impressed by your lifestyle changes

Scotty Hey Andria, try this juicy combo:
1/2 x beetroot
1 x carrot
1 x cucumber
1 x carrot
1 x apple of your choice. I use granny smith.
1 x lemon.

It’s how I start every single day. This juice and some cleaner eating and I have the energy to get through every single day. Goodbye coffee!!

Chloe Andria! I love this post so much and I wish I could listen to you talk for 30 hours about this, because I find this so interesting. After you left Australia, after shooting Esther’s wedding, I went to a doctor and they suggested I remove gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet to try and cure digestive issues, that was over 4 months ago now and I’m still loving this diet!

I need to look into getting a slow process juicer because mine sounds terrifying, but my favourite juice to make at home is:

1 x beetroot
1 x orange
2 x golden delicious apples
(I did try and add kale, but that didn’t work out for me)

I’m so glad you’re so passionate about this! I ended up seeing a naturopath to cure other issues, seeming my doctor prescribed me anti-depressants to cure digestion issues (which I refused to take) and my naturopath seconded the notion that cutting out dairy/gluten/sugar is the way to go.

I’m so in awe that you went vegan, that is amazing! I hope one day I’ll cut right down to nothing – although I don’t eat meat very often. I hope you post more blogs about this!

Natural healing is the way to go. If you want some more inspiration follow @healing_onlybelle on instagram, she is such an inspiration and posts some great raw recipes/juice combinations! We miss you in Australia!

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