Bobsled for T-Mobile

recently got to work on a really fun project shooting for a new plan coming out by T-Mobile, pill called Bobsled.

the goal in the shoot was to feature users in distinct Seattle locations.

good people. a great client. the best city.

what more could i ask for.

the site went live a few days ago. feel free to check out the plan and images on your own!

big thanks to everyone on the shoot. was the bestest of days.

the lovely faces done by Ja.

by Andria

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Meredith Adams what an awesome opportunity! looks like fun! you rocked it!

bryan rad! sick work andria :)

Asia this came out so amazing. so happy for you!

Jessica how cool! great work, andria. :) xx

Dallas Ooh, I love this! Beautiful shots, Andria. T-Mobile was very smart to hire you! I just moved to the US and am trying to choose a mobile provider, and I’m actually feeling swayed by your lovely work 😉

Danielle Love the tone of these images, Andria! What VSCO film pack do you use? I am wanting to get one, but not sure which one to get…

Hannah Nicole so freaking cool. you totally rocked these, andi! :)

Gabriel These are amazing.
You are so inspirational my friend.

daniel usenko That seems like a really fun project :)

Sunshine Landry you pretty much nailed it!! great job and congrats!

Matthew Long yeah, like it, they all have the signature lindquist look. they did well hiring you.

Anja Soo cool, Andria! Congrats :-)

Jenna These are beautiful! May I ask what lens you used? :)