a lot of people dont know that i lived in Australia back when i was in college. lovely manly beach.

and it was because of that, that i made friends from all over the world. including great girls from sweden. 

and it was because of that, that i went to sweden 3 years ago to visit them. my first camera, in tow. 

and it was because of that, that i began shooting. that i returned to the US, a photographer in heart.

so a lot of love is in my heart for Australia. i feel like so much in my life happened because i went there. amazing.


“have you been to melbourne?”  “oh you gotta get there!” – I’ve been told many times. i always heard the best things about this city, i knew i had to get there.

so after my darling levi & esther’s wedding in Adelaide, i knew i had to get over to Melbourne. or, Mel-bun as the aussies say.


let me tell you, i adore. ADORE. this city. on the water, the architecture is amazing. design, beautiful. everything is centered around the river running through the city. shopping galore. and the ‘youngest’ feeling city i’ve probably ever been to. so many young people. i dont think i saw anyone over 35 my whole time there.

i only have good things to say about this city. apparently it is the best place for coffee as well, but nothing compares to seattle, so aussies really dont know.

melbourne, i will return. this was a wonderful introduction. 

this kid was amazing.

first self portrait.

went on a photo walk with Daniel Bilsborough. so awesome to have community around the world.

until next time, my dear darling.

by Andria

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Lauren OI, sweet Lord. Your work warms my heart in every sense. The colors and the shadows in these photos are so incredible, the light so rich.

Katie O You are so talented. Gah! Thank you for sharing your gift with us :) and now I want to go to Mel-bun

Lillian Rachel Very cool. very cool.

amanda vanvels so so wonderful, andria!

Simone aaaahhhh my heart, my hometown. I miss my Melbourne so much. Thank you for sharing these and making me homesick. I love your work.

Kristyn ahhh i totally need to get over to australia. this is rad.

Mikailah Autumn these are incredible. so rich, and full of life with such a warm undertone. amazing. xx

Don in Melbourne now… and i feel exactly the same way – in love with this city. i think there’s something new to discover in every corner!

Jasmine A beautiful snapshot of Melbourne! As a Sydney girl, my heart favours Sydney but I will grant you that Melbourne is beautiful!

Love your work! :)

Jade Sheldon Looks such a vibrant city… I hope to visit someday…

rachael i enjoyed this, as always. now i’d love to see australia! you make me want to travel the world :)

Kimberley Wow! So gorgeous!

Connor Could you possibly make a list of the presets you use/a walkthrough of your processing, I really like it.

Stu Heppell You’ve summed up Melbourne perfectly!! I’m living in Melbourne at the moment and I recognise lots of your locations from my photos :-) Love your work… Keep an eye out for a ‘Melbourne City Guide’ on the VSCO Journal in the coming weeks

mike makes me wanna visit.