i need to get a certain amount of baby fill every so often. 

i just gotta. 

and atticus. just about the darn cutest baby i’ve ever seen. filled that void for a few hours an afternoon back.

i got to shoot his parents a few summers back, actually right when she found out she was pregnant with him. but that was our little secret.

now, fast forward, they have this beautiful happy boy scootin’ around their house.

it’s not too often i photograph families, but when i do. sign me up, this is the exact thing i envision. natural, at home. no other way to do it.


just the sweetest little face. can he be mine?

ah spring has sprung folks.

i’ve been getting all organized and ready for a big commercial shoot coming up. been car shopping (ahhh!!) and recently started Juicing!!! omg it’s amazing. if you feel like being enlightened, watch Forks Over Knives.  its a wonderful documentary, i’ve been loving all the soaking up of wisdom lately and making a few simple changes for better health. cheers!

by Andria

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megs beautiful family and beautiful work! congrats on juicing and becoming enlightened…changing my view of food and health has been the best choice I’ve made for my family! <3!

Mike Olbinski Awesome, awesome…and wow, I love that name :)

Matt Long Too cute. This is what all family photography should be like.

Eve Victorie Love this session! The last photo… <3

Emily Vermaat I LOVE forks over Knives and I bought their book, it’s a great resource to have on hand :)

get outta here.
that kid is a major cutie.

Lauren The natural element in all of your photographs is so peaceful and beautiful. They look so comfortable- so THEMSELVES. It’s out of this world the way you can do that.

Grace Not going to lie, my first thought was: Atticus Finch?! What a lovely name for a child. His lips are crazy cute.