crafted by hand, they made it.

i am in love with this tucked away little corner of Nick & Ash’s wedding.

pretty dreamy, eh?

there is not a slow season. I’m mid-mini-busy spot right now. shooting a ton, traveling and coming off some jam packed weeks. so nose to the grind i am. do not look left. do not look right. up early to get sh*t done.

getting ready to leave for Australia on monday. pumped pumped. how is it almost march?

wait til i can show you this crazy beyond belief DIY wedding I’m working on from Florida, folks.

by Andria

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Kristyn second shot is a winner! absolutely beautiful.

Caitlin Bergren Andria, your stuff inspires the hell out of me!

Hannah Nicole dreamy. love that second shot. so good.

margie woods brown Stunning as always!!!!!

Holly Love the second shot, how romantic! Was that in their backyard?

Abbey oh wow oh wow oh wow THAT SECOND SHOT.

Jessica ohhhhhh, so dreamy. love this. xx

lindsey whoa. how romantic.

lydia {ever ours} i want that first one as a print…please. kthxbai.

Grace The twinkle lights and paper creations are dreamy.

daniel usenko great photos Andria

Emily Vermaat Oh yeah I love them! Can wait to see more!

BRITTNEY <3 the three frames, especially frame 2. its nice to live vicariously through your travels and see the world you are so blessed to capture!!! Being a married mother of two in gilbert, az. my life is so different, and I am totally intrigued by the excitement in yours:)

christina dreamy, dreamy.

Rachael Those twinkle lights took my breath away!!!

mike : D

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