that thing you hope for.

some times you get it.

a couple, viagra the sweetest, pill most gracious, loving. filled with the truest of joys.

they find you.

i just got back from Tulum. quaint. real. tucked away in the Caribbean. i cannot wait to show the days i got to cover and be a part of.

cheers to yoko and andy. real gems.

by Andria

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April Russell STUNNING Andria! Your work makes me smile!

Meredith These. Are. Stunning. Love the colors and light in all three! Well done!!

Ellie Beautiful – I love Tulum and is that Le Zebra?

Mindy B First shot… Gorgeous!!

jason ball wonderful..

Whitney Gorgeous. It looks so pure. Can’t wait to see the rest!

christina elston gorgeous.

Hannah Nicole magic. that second shot is killer.

Ashleigh Barrett Andria these are killer! You are so crazy talented. Even the lightings incredible!

Kristyn can’t wait to see the rest! mmm, these are good.

jocee she is radiating with happiness. gorgeous.

Meredith Adams loooooooveee <3

daniel usenko Tulum is a beautiful place

stacy squires beautifully done!!! :)

mike Gorg.

Chelsea Patricia Beautiful!

Anjali oh my goodness, her smile! so precious