Alicia & Jon

i am so a fan of doing what you want. 

there are no rules.

and i adore when someone bucking the system brings me along. skip the tradition and stencil of what we think we should do. 

do what is meaningful to you.

put on that black wedding dress. have your dog in your first look. getting married on a hill with one strand of lights on the ground. move to a new country with your newlywedded selves.

i adore a little bucking of the system. there’s heaps of beauty in doing what make you feel true to your skin.

good lord.

thank you to these two. what a fit. so glad i got to be the one.

Makeup: my talented girl, Chelsey Matley 

by Andria

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Jessica Bossé sweet baby jesus, these are lovely Andria!

twiggs oh my goodness, they had such a beautiful day and there was not even sun to brighten things up! such elegance, such happiness in their eyes and smiles! beautifully done! this really means one thing… you just need love and to be yourself to have a beautiful day!

gretchen I already used the twitter to comment on these, but they deserve another, because that was before I made it through all of them. Just wonderful.

lydia {ever ours} like i told you already, i’d like to eat this post right up.

Julia Manchik So gloomy but so happy. How does that happen?! You did such a good job.

Tonhya Kae i’d love to get married like this. with black dress and all. love it girl.

Stephanie Wow! Gorgeous images. They look like they walked straight out of Madmen. What a stunning couple.

amanda vanvels you’re awesome. and HOW IS THAT COUPLE REAL. major babes.

Peter Roberts Stunning!!

Hannah Beasley Wow, these are breathtaking. haha and I love her dress! Unconventional but still so beautiful.

rachael that dress is beautiful! what a great idea. it kinda has a funeral vibe, but i think they rock it!

Colleen Beautiful!!! What great shots of a day all about Alicia and Jon and their love :)

Neena You two look beautiful!!! Congratulations:)

Meredith Adams beautiful. so cozy and special.

christina elston ha! found the right post

Dominik OMG! This is gorgeous!

Linda brown Ali

Haleigh shared your pix link with me-she knows how much you meant to me. So glad to see you so happy. Congratulations

mike love love love.