2012 roundup.


steady. but gone in a blink of an eye.

the year of being confident in how I do it. no second thoughts, free & willing, just do as what feels fitting. being knee deep in my own process. able to do things my own way.

the year of a girls night valentines cancelled, turning in an accidental night of meeting my valentine.

and falling in love.

of 32 weddings. and way many more engagements. heaps of boudoir. and other miscellany.

a holding cell and a rejected passport stamp.

of travel travel travel and being comfortable in my suitcase.

a year of getting close quick, all because of my camera.

setting up my first apartment. and feeling so so at home.

trekking a month in SE Asia. of relaxing. of fruit. of  bungalows and crazy drivers.


what a gift to be able to look back, see where i’ve been. i am so indebted to those that find me and bring me into theirs. there’s been thousands of hours shot. a blur, yet there are moments that are milestones along the way.

so i pulled certain moments from the year. not necessarily the best of my whole year, but moments i love that because i chose to stumble in, to watch. because i happened to be there. to go with my gut, i was able to create. many of them are associated with a feeling i felt right at that moment i got it. looked at the back and knew it was what i wanted.

these are some of my moments from 2012.

here’s to 2013.

by Andria

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dorothy I love that Asia is at the beginning! And that frame of Promise. So good. Love that one of Kris Orlowski and band too… That BW frame of that man towards the end and that last BW frame. Too many good moments. Can’t wait to see the rest of your frames from your travels :)

Rodrigo Vargas I just love how you shoot everything in such a simple and beautiful way. That’s my purpose in photogaphy too, and I love to see how you do it. Congrats! I really hope to see more from you in 2013 😉

Nicole Firestone What a year! You deserve every second of it. xoxo

Andrea You’re gonna be a legend girl! Man you are a beast. Ugh seriously…tilt shift heaven!

Jade Sheldon You are such a source of inspiration for me Andria. I hope our paths cross one day…

lydia {ever ours} you already know how i feel about your work. just glad we finally got to meet in person this past year. balls out or nothing for 2013.

Charity you. are. so. talented. Seriously, every shot is better than the last–from beauty to gritty, country to urban, smile to stare, joy to contemplation…you capture people and their moments of pure life so well. Gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us!

Tonhya Kae amazing stuff my friend. you had one hell of a year. proud of you.

Emily Vermaat uuummmm okkkaaayyy ~speechless~ and beyond geeked (again) that you will be there for my special day. Thanks for being awesome <3

Amelia magic oozes out the ends of your fingertips, Andi! so in awe. and I hoping for the day that YOUR story will be up here, too;) xoxo.

Janelle I don’t know if you’ve posted the Shea/Britton one yet (I don’t think I missed it, did I?) but her dress in that 6th to last pic is GORGEOUS! Excited to see more!
Cheers to an exciting 2013 Ms. Andria!!

Stefan Hellberg Photography amazing, what a year!

Rachel You girl, never cease to amaze me.

Asia LOVE the selection. So happy to have been apart of it even for a little while. =]

RF love these pictures. you must have a real nice camera.

but srs. bravo on 2012.

Phil So stoked I was introduced to you this past year. Your work is mega inspiring and your humble charm about you is wonderful. You’re gonna do some ridic shiz this year.

Jenny Linquist So many sick shots of Melodie Knight. Also love all the Spencer & Shannon photos.

Jonas Seaman So beautiful and inspiring!! And, it was so great to finally meet you!!

Steve Gerrard Majestic.
Love how you find images in unexpected places.
Happy 2013.

Jessica god, these are fantastic. you are truly an artist. x

( the alcove )

Sara Love your eye for beauty. Stunning images.

rachael the women shotgunning beer and the girl on the manhole! my faves! here’s to 2013 andria!

Emily Vermaat uummmmm aaaahhmazing! We are so excited to work with you and be apart of your 2013 Andria!

Emily Vermaat (OOPS just realized I posted twice, lol guess that means I really like you haha)

Vivi K these are beautiful. the emotion, realness, everything.
you, my dear, are absolutely amazing at what you do.

Hannah Nicole so good, andi. love the richness and adventure to your year. there’s such a honesty to your images that I adore. beautiful. can’t wait to see all that 2013 will hold! xx

emily chidester I can’t even handle how talented you are! Cannot wait to see what goodness you put out in 2013, I’ve been following and will continue to follow your amazing work!!

Ang T Amazing photography Andria – what a wonderful 2012 captured through your eyes!

Taylor Bartram You never fail to amaze me! Such a fan.

Mark Pyle You have a eye for capturing the Life in a photo, keep it up, your amazing.

Michelle Clement Wow! wow. These are crazy amazing. I quietly found your blog halfway through the year, and your photos are enthralling! :) Love.

Jonathan Connolly So good! Very inspired right now.

Sue These pictures are stunning.

Chris Simons so. freaking. rad. i just came across your work a few months ago and i’m so glad i did! :)

brett blown. away. your vision is incredible!

Maggie That last pic is just stunning!! You are an amazing photographer!

twiggs oh my what a yhear you had and so much beauty in it, so many adventures and excitement! i love new year’s because they make us think about the whole ride the past year and hopefully it will make us hope for a wonderful year ahead! way to go andria!

Brian Furbush This recap is absolutely ridiculous, incredible year Andria. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for you!

Christine Thank you so much for your work. I don’t know what it is, but there are deep stories in your photographs.

Grace Taylor Andria, you are so wonderful at what you do. Honestly, even the word ‘wonderful’ doesn’t begin to describe your talent. You inspire me with every photograph.

J Shoda Such a huge year, nothing short of amazing. So stoked to know someone as inspiring and awesome as you.

Melissa Jane Love Love Love // SO inspiring AS usual. What an amazing year I’m so happy for you, you amaze me lady