Meagan & Chase // Engaged

some can be admired for their devotion. 

some can be admired for their friendship. 

some can be admired for just how well they fit. 

meagan and chase are admired for not one, but all of those things.

they have spent more years of their relationship in a different city then they have by each others side. yet they find ways to stay connected and still growing. never letting the interest and love be wondered.

they know each other up and down, side to side. each inch of likes, habits. all that could be known about one another. yet they remain individual and independent, incredibly achieved and passionate about their own path.

they have waited. been apart. grown closer. had a good 5 years bring them to this spot where not only they know. but everyone around them knows, of their love and incredible fit.

so a week ago. in the most perfect way, a way that is so meagan and chase, he got down on one knee.

not a soul surrounding them could be more overjoyed for this union and official step. 

i could not be more overjoyed. more honored to take them out shoot their engagement pictures.

my sister. the one that’s gone from mud slinging, bed-bunk sharing little sister, to adored best friend. i am so proud to be her sister. i am so honored to have her in my life. i cannot believe i got to do something as special as this. 

so with some tears on my cheeks. may i introduce the future Mr. and Mrs. Chase Ramey. 


oh mai goodness.

and now i get to plan and be a part of this whole wonderful process. i cant wait to see my dad walk her down the aisle.

i am so happy. they are so happy. now i gotta go see this girl try on some wedding dresses.

by Andria

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Lauren what a beautiful happy couple. I love all of these! Congrats to them!!

Ashley Dru SO STUNNING! And oh my word, that light at the end. Swoooooooooon

carleigh your sister is a beaut! i love these – absolutely perfect set.

Jillian Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so gooood.

Hannah Nicole these are absolutely wonderful, andria. so stunning and full of heart. and that last one. mhmmm. dang — gorgeous.

simi these are absolutely incredible, andria. so, pretty much I just wanna be you when I grow up 😛

Whitney Absolutely incredible, Andria! They are a stunning couple and I’m so glad you get to give her so many gifts through your art and your love. Can’t wait to hear more along the way!

Justin Killer set!

Ben The love radiates of them , thanks for sharing this !

Ashli beautiful Andi!! they are a beautiful couple :)

Gabriel Bam. That last image is insane

kara holy schmoley lady!!!! she is so amazingly gorgeous. these are gorgeous. just.perfect.

Leila Beautiful pictures!

Ashleigh SO stunning! Your sister looks GORGEOUS in every photo! She’s your blonde twin. haha Beautiful work Andria.

Linnea Andria, these photos are gorgeous. What a stunning couple! So special that you can capture your sister and her love in this way. Beautiful!

Lisa Davis Love these! Gorgeous couple captured perfectly by your lens. The last one is unforgettable! Congrats Megan and Chase!!!

rachael what a beautiful couple! how cold were you guys after this shoot?!


Jade Sheldon I’m sad that I don’t have a sister to share this with. Cherish this time!

Meredith Adams wowwwwwwwww AMAZING shots and what a gorgeous couple

Christopher PRICELESS!!!

Charlie these are awesome! Great work! Such a cool thing to be able shoot your sisters engagement photos!

Pam Trull Perfection.

Liz These are stunning! And that last image…amazing!

Taylor Just stumbled upon these images off of Tumblr– when I get engaged I will be coming your way! AMAZING shots. You’re truly talented!

Falcon Dang this is good.

Anjali in LOVE with the light in the snow…and that last shoot is swoon-worthy

Jenny Your photos are stunning. If ever in need of photography services, you’re my first pick! :)

Taylor Overton So, so sweet. Read this with tears in my eyes. Your photos are absolutely raw, real, and true. I am inspired by you. Really and truly, to an aspiring photographer, I can’t help but be in awe of your sessions. This one was really beautiful.

Trellany Udall wow those are AMAZING!!

Marie What colour and brand is her nail polish?! It’s fantastic!!!

Ashley I love these images! Just found on Pinterest…can you tell me where your sister’s black and white coat is from?

This so makes me want to do photos this winter! Wish you were in illinois!

Stevie I have to know about her nail polish! I LOVE IT!!

Liesl What an exciting time for your sister and such a sweet post and honor that you got to take her engagement pictures! I came across your photography after seeing a pin from this shoot on Pinterest, love it! :) All the best to you and the happy couple!

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