a tid tad of Asia

hello. on day 15 here. 

just woke up. were in koh phangan, a smaller island off of the east coast of thailand.

i’m sitting in a hammock, i can see the ocean. this place gets a badass stamp of approval.

we’re half way though our trip and it seems like we’ve been here so long, yet its gone by in a blink of an eye.

we’ve had so many noteworthy experiences so far. and crazy bits of laughter. and a few things that’s gone wrong. and met random and wonderful people during our days.

i’m very proud of myself, because i intended to not be on my computer, email, work-land a lot and i legitmately have not. at all. i always say that and it never happens, but not this time. and i have welcomed that with open arms.

i’m waiting to do a full grand’ol asia post when i get back.

but i wanted to share 2 images from each spot we’ve ventured in to so far.

the color.

the people.

the food. 

the water. 

it is good. 

and in order 2×2 that is that is Manila // Coron // Vietnam // Koh Samui // Koh Phanang

T and i could be any more of two peas in a pod. so happy we are here together for the trip.

by Andria

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rachael so excited to see all your pictures when you get back andria!

Jessica Every shot here is absolutely stunning. xo

Mike Panic Love the post on these, has a film shot through rangefinder feel.

LoCo Sooo goodss

Holly Love your travel photos! Thanks for sharing parts of your trip!

Kipples Sawadee Krup / Mai Pen Rai / Korp Khun Krup

Hannah Nicole love every shot. so crazy good. so excited to hear about and see more photos when you get back!

Alayna You’re so talented; it’s insane. Makes me want to go here!

Andrea love em all! So inspiring! CAn’t wait to see/hear more when you come back!

Meredith Adams beautiful. thanks for sharing!

sharon amazing images – looks like an incredible trip!

Dad :) Thanks for the update Andi! Such a rich experience- love you and be safe! (Go Cougs:)

~ callee ~ Ahhhhhh! Can’t wait to see more!

Nate Beautiful shots!Whats your go-to travel lens?

MELISSA GREEN . Ive missed you, AL . I keep checking for a new post.. and thats what i shall continue to do . Slightly obsessed. No big deal. Hope travels were awesome and you arrive safely home! :]

mike Love it.