PRINT GIVEAWAY! …and hey, a wedding album too.

hello my darlings.

i’m bundled up, i ate a bite of a peppermint clif bar so it kind of feels like the holidays, piano music is in the background and i’m just so terribly happy.

i had a friday wedding, which means i had a 2-day weekend. i can count on half a hand how many times that has happened since early this year. and i wouldn’t even necessarily change it, because man it just makes those times i do get, so savored and valuable. two days off, two days with my guy, its rejuvenating i tell ya.

back to the point.

i am so grateful for you. the other half of the internet. the half that looks and reads what i put out. i would never ever be where i am if it weren’t for a wonderful group of people that found me interesting enough to come back to read and scroll though. you’ve been an encouragement, you’ve sent notes to my inbox….words from a complete stranger that are so gracious and encouraging. people that make this wonderful community up, good people supporting others. its wonderful. 

for so many out there, i dont even know who you are. the stats behind what i see.

so i wanted to do a little something to help me get to know you a bit better. (and just give out a little thank you)

so we’ve got a PRINT GIVEAWAY up to bat for today. 

because it’s monday and some times mondays suck. so lets make it a little less suckier. 

**so here are some of my favorite frames, from all over. and i want to put them in your living room.**




NYC. upper west side.


San Fran.


Chinatown. / San Fran.



New Mexico.


Central Park // NYC

New Mexico

when it comes down to it, life is more good, than bad. people are more good than bad. i am beyond thankful to those who have been any sort of supporter of mine. i literally couldnt’ do what i do without you.

——-> HOW TO ENTER! <——–

in a comment, give me:

1) Your NAME

2) The CITY you live in.

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING.

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..

that’s it! I just want to get to know you a bit more. I’ll choose randomly and email you back for your home address and where to send the print. and please dont be shy and not comment, you can by my neighbor, my friend, someone across the country or the world. I just want to put some names to the numbers. (“deadline” is by tomoro evening….the 23rd)



what the what.

so now I bring you to the next part of the giveaway. this is for the PHOTOGRAPHERS that are out there. 

I’m a pusher. if l like something you’re gonna know and I’m most likely gonna make you try it.

you may not know, but I do not do my own album design. a lovely little company and guy up in Canada do. The Album Design. he does it all for me. this is extremely helpful, because with my workflow and shooting schedule, i just dont have the time to do my own album design. so i pick the images I want, send em on up to Brandon and he sends me back a beautiful PDF layout for my lovely couples. it really couldn’t be easier. and saves me mucho time designing.

so you, I’m bringing this company to you.

Right now, you can get a FREE album designed by this reference (just say I sent you!) and you send that boy your images and they will design you one album for free. easy peasy. just spreading the good names of good companies.

there is no risk in this, no fine print. just a free album designed and a chance for them to win your business.  if you’ve been wanting to hand off some of your work and want it done well, you will be very happy with the clean and simple album design they do. this is a great way to test them out!

The Album Design also does culling & color correction. so they can really help your work flow. which is always a plus.

you an see what one of my wedding albums designed by them looks like HERE.

you can inquire HERE. or shoot them an email to { }


ALRIGHT that’s enough giveaway for a monday i’d say. have a happy day folks.

by Andria

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Tiarra Sorte Tiarra Sorte

what i do: wife, mom, wannabe full time photog

amazing things happening now: quit my full time job to stay home with my kids and focus on my dreams. Jesus provides each and everyday and I am in complete awe.

abbey 1) Abbey Moore

2) Grand Haven, MI – Coast Guard City USA!

3) I’m a 65% part-time graphic designer for a theater guide and a 80% wedding photographer. Hoping to make that ratio 0 and 100 by next spring. :) I love both, but I’m passionate about photography x10.

4) The most wonderful thing is that my life is ever-changing. I moved back to my hometown from Wisconsin. I’ve graduated college and stepped into the real world. My business is on the verge of becoming something real, and that makes me so happy that I sometimes scream. And I’ve got a new puppy, so that’s self explanatory. :)

lydia {ever ours} 1. lydia
2. los angeles
3. recruiting/blogging
4. my 5 minute commute to work.

Mia Helen 1) Mia Helen

2) Fremont, CA

3) Full time cosmetology student

4) Being engaged to the most wonderful man alive!

Sunshine Landry Hello!! My name is Sunshine Landry and I live in Southern Louisiana. I’m a photographer and stay at home mom by trade, dreams and a whole lot of hard work at both!! I have an extremely supportive family who looks at me and says you can be whatever you want to be. My husband and children look at me and see my dreams with me. No second guessing or judging. That is the most wonderful thing about my life right now.

Sara Hey! I’m Sara and I live in Edmonton, AB in Canada. I have been a follower of your work for a little while now, and your images never fail to touch and inspire me. I am a psych nurse that works in middle management, however my real passion in life is photography. The most wonderful thing in my life right now is my family and friends, and I’ve been reminded over and over about this the past little while.

SYLVIA 1) Your NAME: Sylvia Chen

2) The CITY you live in: Diamond Bar, CALIFORNIAA :))

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING: I’m currently still a student but I’m also trying to get into photography and have started a little side photography business since February. You are my biggest inspiration!!

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..
Having people in my life that support what I do. I have great parents who support what I want to pursue as a career, great mentors at internships that teach me and help me become better at photography, and friends who encourage me when I doubt myself at what I do.

I’d loveeeeee to receive a print from you! I’m honestly one of your biggest fans and would LOVE to win something for once in my life <3

thanks Andria :) and have a nice one!

Alex Hey! My name is Alex, I live in Brooklyn, NY and manage an online menswear concept store based in Paris. The most wonderful things about my life right now is that I’m helping my girlfriend launch her womenswear collection -it’s so amazing to witness and be part of the development of such a talented designer!

Sara Hey!%20I’m%20Sara%20and%20I%20live%20in%20Edmonton%2C%20AB%20in%20Canada.%20I%20have%20been%20a%20follower%20of%20your%20work%20for%20a%20little%20while%20now%2C%20and%20your%20images%20never%20fail%20to%20touch%20and%20inspire%20me.%20I%20am%20a%20psych%20nurse%20that%20works%20in%20middle%20management%2C%20however%20my%20real%20passion%20in%20life%20is%20photography.%20The%20most%20wonderful%20thing%20in%20my%20life%20right%20now%20is%20my%20family%20and%20friends%2C%20and%20I’ve%20been%20reminded%20over%20and%20over%20about%20this%20the%20past%20little%20while.

Pamela My name’s Pamela Evans! I live in Huntsville, AL! For a living, I am a writer/pilot/photographer/athlete! Most wonderful thing: I know a supremely amazing Savior, Jesus!

Bethany Bethany Buer
Seattle (Ballard), WA
what i do: volunteer management
amazing things happening right now: learning how to live (well) into community // growing roots in my beautiful city // seeking goodness through jesus, opportunity, and beauty

Tanis YAHOOOOOOOO A GIVEAWAY???? OMG!! Best day, ever!!!!!

1) Name: Tanis Patenaude

2) City: Chilliwack, BC

3) What I do for a living: I work full time as a graphic design Coordinator AND I’m a full time wedding + portrait photographer

4) The most wonderful thing is that I am alive and well, healthy and happy…. life is so short and can be taken away instantaneously, that I am just living each day and each moment to the fullest. ALSO – this mornings sunrise was pretty kick-ass. :)

Jacki Moore My name is Jacki Moore and I live in Dallas, OR. I work part time in retail, but I’m working on growing my photography business! As for the most wonderful thing happening in my life right now, my husband and I just bought our first house and it’s been amazing seeing how God not only has provided for us but also how He just makes everything fall into place when we aren’t sure where to go from here :)

Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!
God Bless

Kathleen 1. Kathleen Alquist
2. New York CIty
3. Promotional Events/ Actor/ Model
4. That I am going after my dream in New York City and I have a wonderful group of family and friends who have encouraged me to dare greatly.

Laura Alfred 1) Laura

2) Seattle, Wa

3) Studying graphic and web design by night and working for SPU by day!

4) The most wonderful thing about my life right now is finding the peace in letting go of my life, watching God move, and enjoying the AMAZING people I get to spend my days with.

Kayla Johnson 1. Kayla Johnson
2. Spokane Valley
3. I am a graphic design student, and currently working at Gap.
4. The most powerful thing in my life right now is my family. They have been there for me when I need them most.

Atalie Simpson Moscow, Idaho
What I do: Study and make things for peoples weddings.
Amazing things happening right now: growing more in love with my husband and Jesus at the SAME TIME is pretty amazing I should say!

Emily Jackson Hello there lovely artist!

My name is Emily Jackson and I live in Troy Alabama. I am a full-time student studying print journalism and Spanish. I learn by inspiration so I am constantly reading and looking at photography which is how I found you. Your work is just beautiful and I would certainly love having one of your pieces up on my wall! My plan is to become a missionary and move to Nicaragua where I will help in spreading the Gospel and helping women who have gone through sexual abuse. Today, I am happy because my boyfriend is turning 21 tomorrow. He is an incredible man and I am so blessed to know him and be loved by him. <3 Thanks for your time and beautiful work! You are so talented and I wish you the best.

– Emily –

Whitney 1)Whitney Knutson
2)Louisville, Ky
3)Wedding and Portrait Photographer
4)My husband and I have been married for almost 2 1/2 years and have had roommates living in our house ever since then. Come November it will just be me and him and I couldn’t be any more giddy about the whole thing!

Lauren Hi, I’m Lauren :) Thank you for this opportunity! I’ve never entered a print giveaway or anything like that before so this is exciting haha. Right now I’m attending University of Wisconsin – Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I’m a full time student and I recently created a facebook page for my photography. Photography has been my hobby and passion for about four years. I would say the most wonderful thing in my life right now is being able to express myself through my art and being surrounded by those who love and support me because I really wouldn’t be able to do it without them!

Jennifer Nicholle I am an officer in the Air Force and currently live in Germany. This is the most amazing year of my life, it just has to be because it’s my Golden Year (I’m 26 and was born on the 26th) :-) I am finding new things about myself and defining my style in my work and my art. Because of this, I enjoyed a surprising moment last week sitting at a traffic light. I was listening to A Fine Frenzy’s new album (<3 it!) and teared up with sheer happiness… my most wonderful moment yet.

Shanley Hello! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway. I’m Shanley, from and living in Boulder, Colorado. I work at a great advertising firm where, in my own little way, I get to come up with stories for brands all day long. Not a photographer, but the stories you tell in your work is what makes it so powerful to me. The most wonderful (and scary) thing in my life right now is learning to trust that things will fall into place as they should – here’s to new adventures.

Thanks again!!

whit h e l l o ! my name is whit johns and i live in ames, iowa. i am a full-time student, graduating this december with a degree in elementary education. the most wonderful thing about my life is the gift of unconditional love – and the ability to pass it along to my better half. thank you for inspiring!

Matthew 1) Matthew Gronlund

2) Kirkland, Wa

3) Business Development for Amazon

4) My 5 month old, Mason

Suki 1) Sukie

2) Seattle, WA

3) I’m a student, an analyst, a dancer, a musician, an artist, and a musician. I’m also a daughter, a sister, and aunt, and a friend. But I suppose I only make a living from being an analyst. :)

4) The most wonderful thing in my life at the moment is hot spiced apple cider on Sunday afternoons, reading the paper, curled up on a couch with my boyfriend.

Emily Winiker Emily Winiker
Long Beach, NY
Full time photographer, part time waitress 😉
The most wonderful thing in my life right now is finally accepting my weaknesses in photography, and not letting myself drown in them. Its learning from my inadequacies and continuing to push forward in my shoots. The most wonderful thing in my life right now is waking up every day excited to move forward! Oh, and having a kick ass boyfriend who has never wavered through all of my creative ups and downs. And hopefully, you, Andria, will be shooting our wedding. But I’ve gotten way off topic and ahead of myself. Thanks for being a role model and inspiration and creating drool worthy work.

Shelby Champagne My name is Shelby Champagne and I live in Wausau, WI. I am currently a photographer/nanny/intern. The best thing about my life right now is that I just returned from NYC where I helped out behind the scenes with Seventeen magazine. It was so surreal.

Ashlee Zink 1. Ashlee Zink
2. Spokane, WA
3. Full time student, barista and current world traveler.
4. The most wonderful in my life right now is my semester that I am spending living in Florence, Italy. Being out of my comfort zone and traveling from country to country has been an incredible experience so far!
Also, haven’t talked to you since you took my Senior pictures…but looking at your blog becomes a daily ritual for me and I am so happy with how successful you have become! You are definitely using your God given talents in this world :)

Katie Gilfoy 1) Katie Gilfoy
2) San Jose, CA
3) Architect / Designer
4) I am still in awe of finally getting to live close to my fiancé after two hard years of long distance, AND I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend in 12 days! This is really a time for appreciating all the little blessings. So good.

Megan 1. Megan Muldary
2. Bonney Lake, WA
3. Technical pre-sales/marketing for a Software company
4. Most amazing thing = a comfortable life. Things fall into place on His schedule and I am loving it. Work hard + play hard = amazing memories being made always. Thank you for the beautiful distraction while I work at my desk 😛

Ali 1) Alisha Jacobson (omg I just got married…seeing that last name…so weird).
2) Green Bay, WI
3) Retail slave & and I own my little part time photography business. Retail makes me lose my faith in people, photography helps me gain it back lol!
4) The best thing in my life right now are the people in it. I have an amazing husband who encourages me to go for my dreams. My mother is the strongest woman I know and my best friend keeps me grounded and geeks out with me! I also have three wild little brothers who are constant muses. Life is good, I’m getting to where I belong :)

Heather Boren 1.Heather Boren
2.Enumclaw, WA
3.Photographer – Seniors, weddings & families
4.The most wonderul thing right now is my family… always is and always will be. I am blessed beyond measure to have the people who love me for who I am in my life.

ellie be 1) ellie :)

2) gaithersburg

3) i’m a love photographer!

4) can i pick two? living at home with my family + taylor swift’s new album 😉

simplicity hey there! I’m Simplicity, from the tiny but lovely state of Rhode Island. I’m a student, but I’m just starting up my brand spanking new photography business.
The most wonderful thing in my life right now is all my amazingly beautiful friends who are always down for a good hug :)

Jamie 1) Your NAME: Jamie McIntyre

2) The CITY you live in: the tiny state..Providence, RI

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING: office manager by day, tv & movie enthusiast by night

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is: my sobriety and my newly found peace of mind.

Carli R 1. Carli Rohner
2. Salem, Oregon
3. I’m a wellness educator/sexual violence prevention programmer for the local university by day and a graphic designer/momtog by night!
4. My students! The students in my classes and those that I advise are some of the most passionate, kind, energetic people I know. They give me faith that humanity is good, and that wonderful things will happen in our community as a result of their commitment to helping others.

Taylor Roades Awesomeness Andria I love your photos!!!!!

My name is Taylor Roades
I live in Guelph, Ontario… ever heard of it? probably not :p
For a living I shoot weddings and I’m pushing to get into the travel photography / journalism world so hard.
Best thing is my life. Well I’m headed to Bali… three weeks… officially bought my ticket a few days ago. It feels real and I can’t wait.

Jenny my name is Jenny, just Jenny or Jen, but not jennifer. (you can ask my mom and dad.) :)
i live in minneapolis mn
i work at a big mortgage co, but I’ve also started my own floral & event planning business!
the most wonderful thing RIGHT now is that I get my hair cut tomorrow (it’s been since july 4th)… ALSO, I get to smell flowers…for a job! :)

Josh 1.) Josh
2.) Nashville, TN
3.) Photographer
4.) I get to stay at home with my family. My wife and I do photography together and we have 2 little kiddos. It is an amazing blessing that I get to share life in a deeper way with them!!

Hannah Nicole 1) Hannah Nicole
2) My roots are tangled in good ‘ol Minneapolis, Minnesota! (love it — even though we’re steadily approaching the freezing winter months, I secretly love them too. :))
3) I’m a photographer + sometimes graphic designer + student + big sister + singer in our Church’s Worship Team. Primarily Photographer, though. :)
4) Oh, good grief. There’s too much to say. I’m blessed to see my little photography business start to grow and thrive. I have two weddings booked for next year and I am so super excited/grateful for them. God has done so much in my heart and life and I’ve been reflecting over the past year and have been overwhelmed with His faithfulness and goodness. And to top it off, I had a really wonderful time with several friends yesterday, so life has been busy and blessed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

JR Sseaman 1. JR Seaman
2. Corpus Christi, TX
3. Short FIlm Maker and Photographer

Emily Greenwood 1. Emily Greenwood
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Marketing Coordinator/Designer
4. The fall weather is the most wonderful thing for me right now. Color + Light = Inspiration

Thanks for your beautiful photos and words. I love the things you say about each post!

Angie Hey Andria!

I’m Angie from the small itty bitty town of Lilesville NC! We are so small we don’t even have a stop light. I am a home care nurse and love my job and helping people but I only do that on Saturday and Sundays so I get to have plenty of time pursing my other passion, photography, during the week. That also includes traveling and taking pics of my travels which is what drew me to your blog in the first place. The combo of your awesome travels and your style of photography is what I strive for in my life. So I guess, in a nutshell, my life is great because I have a job I love, that provides a good comfortable living that allows me time to also enjoy life!

Briana Morrison Hi Andria! My name is Bria and I live in a small California college town called Chico. I work as a photographer and also have a day job in marketing. The best thing I have in my life right now is a strong group of supportive, loving friends and family who are always there when I need them. I’m truly blessed by their presence in my life.

This is SUCH a great little giveaway, I would be honored to hang one of your photographs in my home. :-)

Michael Pflieger 1. Michael
2. Spokane, WA
3. I keep track of all the expensive things a University buys.
4. I live next to a meth house, so every time morning I walk outside and my car is still there my life is wonderful.

Stephanie Fry Hi Andria. My name is Stephanie and I live in beautiful Wenatchee, WA. I also am a photographer and thoroughly enjoy your blog. I can tell you that the most wonderful “things” in my life right now, are and always will be my children and the new unexpected baby that has blessed our lives making our family even bigger! Thanks for the fab giveaway on this bleak, rainy Monday :)

Maggie Boler 1)My name is Maggie Boler

2)I live in Seattle, WA

3)I work as a PM at an ad agency called Wunderman, but previously worked in the Action Sports Industry.

4)Being adult enough to recognize how grateful I am for the friends and family who have been there through thick and thin. Cherishing and being actively thanksful for these people is emotional and wonderful. Andria Campbell
Data Analyst by occupation, lover and a fighter by inclination
The most wonderful thing that is happening right now is that I’ve learning that exactly who I am is exactly who I am suppossed to be.

Ernest Short and sweet.

1) Ernest Lam
2) Huntington Beach, CA
3) Marketing / Designer
4) Celebrating Life through the thick and thin on this daring journey with my God.

Thanks for sharing your gifts! Artwork is work :)

byron gronseth 1) byron a. gronseth

2) seattle, washington

3) senior designer at POP, illustrator and writer

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about my life right now is… i am now happily engaged to my beautiful and wonderful fiance, as of October 12th. here’s how it went down:

it was a quarter to midnight, and I was supposed to be sleeping… but instead I wrote a fairy tale for her as she slept, and crafted the narrative to unfold what I hope will be our engagement story.

a fox that dreams of a princess in a city by the sea. in his dream, she loses her precious jewel to pirate thieves, and he travels across the world to find the jewel and return it to her. the fox crosses a desert, gets a lift from a raven, then finds the pirates and stows away on their ship. the fox tricks them into escaping with the jewel by hiding in it a book, and returns to the city to find the princess. he meets her in a moonlit garden and tells her stories of his journey. the fox’s stories restore her happiness and she falls in love with him. the fox then realizes what is most valuable to her…

I wrote a small fairy tale and read the whole thing to Christine in the gardens of versailles at sunset. I gave her a book with the ring inside that was described in the story, asked her to marry me and she said yes :)

we are so happy right now.

Jenny Brashears 1)Jenny
2)DuPont, WA
3)stay at home mommy
4)My husbands feet are on American soil :)

Kylie Martin 1. Kylie Martin
2. I live in Honolulu Hawaii (insert island music here)
3. I am an aspiring photographer
4. I have a husband and a God that loves me unconditionally, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Nellya 1) Hello my name is Nellya Kulishov
2) I am currently a stay at home wife and student
3) The most wonderful thing about my life right now is I’m married to my best friend and God is good. :)

Emily Emily Winiker
Long Beach, NY
Photographer (& waitress in the slow months) =)
most wonderful thing about life right now is being EXCITED to continue to learn and grow with my work. I found it difficult this past year to stay positive; I fell into the “I suck” trap often, and recently I have been able to transform that into “Im LEARNING”. Oh, and I have an amazing boyfriend who has been by side, encouraging me and pushing me forward (and putting up with my frustrations) no matter what. <3

Ryan Moore 1) Ryan Moore
2) Chicago, IL
3) Freelance Photographer
4) Similar to Tiarra’s story, I quit my comfy full-time engineering job three years ago and am now sustainably living off my photography. Even the “bad” days are good ones now.

Your work is outstanding and inspirational! Thanks for letting us in on your stories and asking to hear ours as well!


Megan 1. Megan Rosholt
2. Seattle, WA
3. Production supervisor
4. I am excited for all the fall/ winter activities and vacations i have planned! Also looking forwarding to seeing all of Megan and Matts wedding photos :)

Katie Katie
Seattle, WA
Work: Producer at a creative agency
What’s wonderful?: I finally feel like I’ve settled into Seattle and have created a wonderful work/life balance. It’s something I’ve always strived to do, but now it’s actually happening!

Allison Names to numbers! I’m Allison; I grew up in Philly and am here now still for college. How do I summarize or choose the most wonderful thing about life right now? Following a rough year or two, he last two months or so have been amazing ones; I’ve gained some incredible friendships and seen crazy answers to some risky prayers. life is so so good.

Your photos are beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Brijinder My name is Brijinder and I live in Menlo Park, CA. I’m an attorney. I get to work from home, which is truly wonderful.

O’Malley 1. Hello! My name is O’Malley King
2. I live in northville, michigan…a quaint little town about 30 mins outside of Detroit.
3. I am currently in the job hunt! A recent graduate from Olivet Nazarene University (small christian school outside of Chicago) in photography and graphic design so an aspiring photography business owner.
4. The most wonderful thing about my life is that its brand new. I just graduated so I have the ability to start a whole new side of life and can go wherever God has planned for me. Sometimes stressful, but equally as wonderful.

thank you for being an inspiration!

Tori Tori
Big Sky, MT
Photographer of Happy People
That I am realizing what is most important in life.

Kelsey 1) Kelsey

2) Seattle!

3) Software engineer at an ultrasound company

4) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! He heals, redeems, saves!

Debbie Jo 1) Deborah Landis
2) I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
3) I am a Registered Nurse working on a Neuroscience and Telemetry unit, mostly caring for elderly people who have suffered a stroke. I love it! and am learning so much.
4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about my life right now is that I am finally starting out in what I know the Lord has called me to and excited for where He will lead me next in nursing. And..I get to run through the falling leaves of Autumn here on the East Coast. Love it!

Brooke Beckwith 1. Brooke Beckwith
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. I’m back in school as a Graduate Student studying Youth Development Leadership.
4. I am in a (newly) long distance relationship with my fiance which has brought about such a wonderful new sweetness to our relationship.

Jan 1. Jan M.
2. Portland Or.
3. Photographer
4. I am finally getting to the point in my career were I can think about quitting my full time job and focus on my photography!!! Im so Stoked!

Caitlin Bergren 1) Caitlin Bergren

2) Fort Worth, Texas

3) I’m going to school to become a photographer and working two jobs! The first part I love, the second, not as much :)

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..I’m living on my own and figuring out life! There have been so many things to get used to and learn, but it’s been an adventure & I can’t wait to see where God takes me next!

Maria Miller 1)Maria Miller
2) Ketchikan Alaska
3) Hairstylist & Ak air ramp agent
4)The most wonderful thing in my life is my family! If I need to narrow it down it would be my 3 yr old son Isaiah. I am truely enjoying him grow up and develope a funny,sweet and best of all a bit of a jokester personality. God truely blessed me with this little man, I never knew how much you could love someone.. He is wonderful (most of the time) :)

Angie My name is Angie Mueller, I live in a tiny town named Carney, Michigan. I am a full time student at the community college near where I live. I have many wonderful things in my life, but if I had to pick one, it would be my family. They are always here for me, encouraging me to live my life for Christ and pursue my dreams.
I love your work, you are an inspiration! Thank you :)

Maciek 1. Maciek
2. I’m from Warsaw, Poland
3. I’m a lighting designer and wedding photographer :)
4. My wonderful family – wife and 2-y old daugther… And my 45mm tse 😛

Quinn 1. Quinn Oberlander
2. Bismarck, North Dakota
3. full time photographer, trying as hard as I can to take sweet photos and make people happy!
4. I am so happy and so incredibly thankful that I get to wake up and do the thing I love to do more than anything everyday!

Eugenie My name is Eugénie Hamel.
I live in Quebec city, Canada.
I’m a graphic designer for United Way Canada.
The most wonderful thing happening to me now… moving in a new place with my husband in just 2 weeks and celebrating our 6 years being married in december ! (I have to say, I’m only 27 so be married for almost 6 years.. it’s nice !)
Thanks for the giveaway… I wish I win!

Anna 1. Anna Tilling
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Selfemployed/ actor
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I am going to start my studies in an acting program next week. After two hard years of fighting against age restrictions, narrow minded people and prejudices, and fighting for my dream, I am finally blessed with my one opportunity to live my dream. I have been proven that staying strong will pay out at the end.

Charlie 1. Charlie Boucher
2. Vancouver WA (usa)
3.commercial tech for local cable company
4. Jesus and my family!

Kayla My name is Kayla, as stated above

I live in a small town in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. So the closest city is Kelowna, 45 minutes away.

I am an Office Manager with a passion for photographs (taking them, looking at them(whether they are mine or someone else’s artistic handiwork), framing them

The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I can finally make the time for my family and friends, and to go out and do the things I am passionate about! (i.e., photography, traveling, learning, reading, experiencing).

Claire Nassutti 1. Claire Nassutti
2. Seattle, WA
3. Social Work Student @ UW, Social Work Intern @ Harborview
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that it is FULL of new beginnings. In one week I will turn 25 and begin my second quarter-century. In December I will be a first time Auntie to the first grandchild/great-grandchild of my entire extended family. AND in June I will finish school and begin my career! Life is full of mysteries and possibilities right now and I’m loving it.

Abbie 1 // Abbie Kressner
2 // Atlanta, Georgia
3 // I capture moments in time with photographic stills (aka photographer), and I engineer technologies for impaired human auditory systems (aka phd student). It’s an odd combo, but it suites me well.
4 // I recently lost someone special to me (not literally but figuratively), and since I’m always striving to be an optimist, the wonderful part of it all is realizing how much I want that person back. =)

Pee Ess. You are cute!

Jade Miles 1) Hey, I’m Jade!

2) I reside in beautiful Chico, CA

3) What I do to LIVE is photography. What I do to survive is serving (cause I have thousands of dollars in student loans to pay off, blah)

4) The most wonderful thing about my life is my fiancee. He is patient and supportive and everything I need to make me a better person. Loving planning our wedding together right now, too!

Karen 1. Karen nachtergaele
2. Dentergem (actually a small town, not a city :-)), belgium
3. Occupational therapist, i work with children with autism and learning problems.
4. Most wonderfull thing is that Irecently found a wonderfull new sport to put my energy in and that I’m emproving in my photography and that my wonderfull boyfriend supports me through all that I do!

Allison Hill 1) Your NAME: Allison Hill

2) The CITY you live in: Brooklyn Park, MN

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING: Administrative Assistant, Volunteer

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is….. That I get to work and volunteer within two areas that I am extremely passionate about: Mental health and At-risk teenagers.

erin eppenbaugh 1. my name is erin.
2. i am from the great little city of omaha, NE.
3. i am a television producer and a freelance photographer on the side. photography is my truest passion but television pays back my student loan debt 😀
4. what’s so wonderful? i feel like i’ve reached a really pivotal point in my life, my long time boyfriend and i bought a house over a year ago and we are slowly fixing it up, my parents are finally at that time in their lives when they can focus completely on themselves and not on their children all the time (they seem so happy!), and my career is really taking off! now if only i had a lovely print of yours to put in my dining room! 😀

Brooke Martin 1. Brooke Martin
2. Denver, CO
3. College student, part time at after school program, part time photographer
4. My family and I can celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday this week.

Alex Anne 1. Hey Andria! I’m Alex. :)
2. I live in Minneapolis, MN
3. I’m not yet out of school (not even to college yet) but I hope to do some form of graphic design/photography/advertising once I’m free in the world!
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is God, and the countless number of blessings I have received from Him in the last year. My photography business has grown soo much and he has done so much to provide for that. :)

Lauren 1) My name is Lauren Apel (used to be a Lucas)

2) I live in precious Denton, Texas.

3) I am a full time student, a full time admin for the IT department of the university I attend, and I own my own LLC shooting portraits and weddings in the North Texas region.

4) I married my best friend three months ago yesterday. We are young, and learning, but we work hard for everything we have and trust the Lord to never leave us as we continue along the way. I couldn’t get through a day without that hope. But man it overwhelms every bit of our lives. Which is the best thing.

Lora 1) Laura A.
2)Helsinki, Finland
3)Copyright Manager
4)Re-uniting with old friends. Even though we hadn’t seen for years just after one smile and hug all those days and years disappeared and there we were again.

Chloe 1) Hi, I’m Chloe

2) Living Sydney, Australia

3) Shoot things, make things, teach things, learn things.

4) The most wonderful thing right now is that I can see that the end is in sight for all the work I have to do for my B.Design degree, so I can look forward to more time with my husband, and start planning more travel and adventures for our future!

(PS – Love the Golden Gate Bridge Photo!)

Allison Blake 1) my name is Allison Blake
2) I am from Portland OREGON!
3) I am a full time student/science tutor/chemistry researcher
4) The most wonderful thing about my life is ALWAYS finding new sources of inspiration. The challenge is wonderful, what I find is wonderful, and its impact on my life is wonderful!

Christine 1) Your NAME – Christine S.
2) The CITY you live in – Sacramento, CA
3) what you DO FOR A LIVING – Web Project Manager
4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is… my awesome job and amazing boyfriend. I’m beyond blissful and hopeful about my future!!

Amelia Renee I’m Amelia Sutton!
2. I live in Cedar Falls in the fun state of Iowa! 😉
3. I’m a full time student, and I work part time at a local sub shoppe, and am studying photography as well…so there’s that, too;)
4. This weekend was the collegete ministry the Naviagators’ fall conference for the Heartland in KC, and reconnecting with friends from my summmer training program there and and also reconnecting with God. SO MUCH JOY! Our God is forever faithful and good!

Melanie Leighton 1 – Melanie Leighton
2 – Lang Lang (a small town outside Melbourne, Australia)
3 – mother and photographer
4 – that I am living the dream I always wanted!
Love your work!

kaitlyn ray +my name is kaitlyn
+i live on the UWS in NYC
+for real i am an executive assistant, for fun i’m a photographer
+the most wonderful thing in my life right now is the adventure I’m having with the man i love

sharon 1. sharon t
2. from la,ca but currently in riverside, ca
3. undergraduate studying neuroscience
4. working towards my dream. i terribly want to work as a neurologist in a teaching hospital. it’s gonna take alot for me to get there but i’m putting in my sweat and tears for it.

andrea 1) Andrea
2) Marysville, WA
3) homeschool mama // photog
4) uncertainty + security.

Aundrea Shafer 1) Aundrea Shafer

2) The boonies aka Scranton, Kansas

3) I am officially a photographer full time & work part time at a non-profit focusing on HIV work. I can’t find it in my heart to leave the non-profit job, I love meeting all the people I get to meet & helping others.

4) The most wonderful thing about my life right now is I am officially a full time photographer & took a huge leap of faith & opened a natural light studio. Love all the support my friends and family have given me.

Heather Olson Hi Andria! I’m Heather Rae Olson. You can call me H-Rae or Hols :)
I live in Lynnwood, Washington.
I currently work two jobs – By (week)day, I’m an Implementation Specialist with Concur Technologies. By night, I’m a photographer at Holson Photography.
The most wonderful thing in my life right now is my son Hendrix. he will be one on Friday, October 26. We prayed and waited for this little man for almost five years. He is the most incredible boy in the whole world, and I am so thankful for this amazing year we’ve had with him.

allison 1) Allison Harp // 2) Ovilla, TX // 3) Photographer! // 4) I’m so grateful for such a wonderful post-grad life where I have the space and self-employment that allows me to figure out what the hell is coming next.

Lucas Pupio Veneziani My name is Lucas
Right now i live in Oak Ridge, NC
I am a photographer/ videomaker
And the most wonderful thing about my life right now is that since last month and in the next 5 months i will be checking several items from my bucket list such as places and people I wanna meet/photograph.

Amy 1. Amy
2. just outside of Chicago
3. I do marketing! Love it!
4. I am quickly being pushed into adulthood, and God is teaching me so much about relying on him for the heavy lifting!

Lauren 1) Hello, hello, I’m Lauren.
2) I live in the eclectic city of Louisville, Kentucky
3) I am a wife, a student working on two BFA degrees, in Photography and Graphic Design, I have my own photography business, and I work as a personal caregiver for a woman with cerebral palsy. I love all of my jobs!
4) All of the fall colors and those moments in the evening when the sun is setting and everything feels ALIVE!

Bri McDaniel 1) Bri McDaniel
2) Atlanta, Georgia
3) Photography student and now officially a full time wedding photographer *squeals*
4) The most wonderful thing about life right now is finally dying my hair the perfect shade of purple

ps. I ADORE your work!!

Phillip McCall My name is Phillip McCall and I am Nashville native currently living in Knoxville, TN.
I am a full time student studying business logistics but I am applying for a job at a few local restaurants.
The MOST wonderful thing about my life right now is getting to date my best friend for close to a year now. I am way too blessed and I thank God for her every single day.

Anne Verheul 1) Anne Verheul
2) Utrecht, The Netherlands
3) I graduated as graphic designer in june and will start a masters degree in New Media at the University of Utrecht in February. Meanwhile I rediscovered photography and am trying to start my own small business in this, which I can hopefully combine with college.
4) I used to love photography so much but in artschool I sort of forgot why, because everything we did was analyzed to bits. Now that I am done with school, I feel free in doing things that just feel right. I don’t have to have an explanation for every decision I take and its incredibly liberating. Very wonderful!

Dana Jonas Hi! 1st of all I freaking love you. Once, I almost sent you an adoring email, explaining how badly I wanted to assist you. But alas, I thought it sounded too needy, so the damn thing go deleted and now you are among the many photographer’s I adore and wish to know. Anywho, I would love a print so I could be inspired by you everyday!! Here is my info:

1)Dana Jonas
2)Seattle, WA
4)My girlfriend’s smile. Literally the most amazing thing to get to come home to everyday. I’m gonna marry her once RF74 is passed! Maybe we’ll hit your wonderfulness up :)

Anne Barkett 1. Anne Elysabethe Barkett
2. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
3. Family Nutrition Coordinator and Pigeon Pea Extensionist
4. I love that I get to wake up to roosters crowing, and smiling Guatemalan children waiting to play with me, and walking to the local molino to grind corn every morning to make homemade tortillas. I love taking bucket showers and washing my clothes in the river than runs through town. But most of all I love that I get to share my life and work with the local Guatemalan people, empowering them and empowering me at the same time!

Erin Grimson 1. Erin Grimson
2. A tiny cluttered house tucked away in Knoxville, TN.
3. I am a full time student, photographer, personal assistant and intern at the Knoxville Museum of Art. Professional busy-bee.
4. The most wonderful thing in my life right now is this mix of loving where I am and busting with anticipation for the future. I am surrounded by those I love and feel so beautifully supported by them. Meanwhile I am looking forward to the craziest decision I have made in my 21 years thus far…. moving to Paris. I will be in Paris studying studio photo from January to May of 2013. I am so incredibly terrified in the best way possible. Little me heading off by myself.

Thank you for your work- you bless me on a daily basis with your passion.

Kelci Hey Andria!

My name is Kelci
I currently live right outside of DC in good ole Silver Spring, MD
I am an assistant photo editor for a city magazine
The MOST WONDERFUL thing about my life right now is the constant support and love I have been feeling from my family and friends and being able to reciprocate.

Thobeka I’m Thobeka :)
2) Durban (South Africa)
3) I’m in Experiential Marketing – The touchy feely kind.
4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about my life right now is discovering that ‘cape town fish market’ has a buy 1 get 1 free special on the best.sushi.ever! on tuesdays. i now live for tuesdays and since my sister is here visiting from the states, tomorrow will be sushi day for some sisterly bonding.

Kendra Tobler Hi Andria!

I’m Kendra and I live in Springfield, OR. I am a Marketing Specialist at a local credit union (love my job!). And, the most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I’m content. My whole life I’ve been used to change and moving lots. My husband is the opposite (lived in the same town nearly his whole life) and we have managed to balance each other out really well in that aspect of life. I still have a desire to move out of my hometown, but am ok being here now.

Also, a funny little tid-bit is that we actually have mutual friends! A couple of my friends went to SPU. :)

Rhea 1. Rhea
2. Louisville, KY
3. Full time marketing professional, part time photographer
4. All of it-all the time.

Crystal Smith 1) crystal rose smith

2) reppin’ milliken, CO

3) i coach level 4 gymnastics and take photos

4) the possibility of going to france in the spring to visit a friend who is studying abroad there!

Trevor Connell 1) Trevor
2) Brampton (Ontario Canada)
3) Photographer
4) My family (specifically my beautiful wife and adorable 3-year-old son are the most wonderful thing about my life right now. They drive me to succeed. They support me when I need it. They love me unconditionally. What more do I need?

Megan Menke Hey Andria! I LOVE Your work btw! 😉
1) Megan Menke

2) Currently I am living in the Chicago area!

3) I study graphic design and run my photography business

4) Honestly, studying graphic design is fabulous and today is great because it’s raining and personaly I find rain very inspiring!

Shantal Marie Hiiiiii. You have made my day (:
I’m Shantal. I live in St.Albert, AB (Canada), I am a portrait & wedding photographer as well as a secretary. The most wonderful thing about my life right now…God, and He will always be. (: The places He is taking me and surprising me with is simple wonderful.

Rachel Del Grosso 1) Your NAME – Rachel Del Grosso
2) The CITY you live in. – Las Vegas, NV
3) what you DO FOR A LIVING. – Currently work in outdoor advertising but am trying to build up my lifestyle photography business.
4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is… – that I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child!

Renee Hi! My name is Renee and I live in Dublin, CA (East Bay). I’m a photographer and work at my church, and the most wonderful thing about my life right now is I’m going back to Haiti in less than two weeks to love on some beautiful babies and kiddos!

Christina Christina
Seattle, WA
Student/graphic designer
I’m getting married in 2 months!! YAY

Lauren Campbell This is such a beautiful idea. Thanks for continuously being a very inspiring person! I adore your images!

1) My name is Lauren Campbell

2) I live in Canberra, Australia

3) I am currently a Nuclear Medicine Scientist working in a Hospital, but my true passion is photography. I am so hoping to make it my life and career! You are constantly inspiring me as I try to do so!

4) The MOST WONDERFUL thing about my life right now is…..that I have the most amazing supportive husband a girl could ask for. He supports me 100% in my crazy dreams to give up my great job in the hospital, and become a photographer. He has not once said its not a good idea or that I wont make it…he just believes I can do it when everyone else thinks its just a silly hobby…and it makes all the difference in the world!

Im a massive fan of your work! Your images are truly beautiful and always inspiring! x

Katelyn 1. I live in Spokane, WA
2. I get to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network and get to be on the leadership team of a newly planted church in my new city!
3. The most wonderful thing in my life right now, my main man Jesus. Second, my amazing wonderful hubs. And third, we just purchased our first home! …i could really use a print for the walls:)

Jess Jessica
Charlotte, North Carolina
I’m pursuing an English degree, but I also started second-shooting weddings on the side this year and have absolutely fallen in love with that. Now I’m dreaming and working toward running my own photography business full time after graduating!
Lately I’ve been working hard toward being content and enjoying where the Lord has me in life for now… and by His grace, I’ve been experiencing a newfound peace and joy in life that’s been refreshing after going through some bitterly rough situations over the last few years.

Kristin 1) Kristin
2) Seattle, WA (represent!)
3) Photographer
4) Celebrating my 3-year wedding anniversary tomorrow (the 23rd) and couldn’t be happier!

love reading your blog, always new eye candy that is so inspiring :)

Caty Hi I’m Caty from Portland Oregon
I’m working with the Loss Prevention Team at Sears
And am also a full time student majoring in Business and Management
The most wonderful thing in my life right now is my boyfriend who keeps me
From giving up sometimes as life can get crazy stressful and difficult.
I love your art Andria!!!!!!

Anne 1) Anne Brookshire

2) Waco, TX. keeping it wacko in waco.

3) Wedding/Portrait photographer

4) the excitement of moving to a new city this summer & building a house to live in with my hubs. dreams come true.

Helen Yuan Helen Yuan
Los Angeles, CA
Student at University of Southern California, studying Human Biology and Economics (gross, I know!)
Most wonderful thing? Hm… I’m going to go with being 2 days away from finishing a month-long sweets diet. I’ve been meaning to do it for 2 years now and I’m almost done! I never thought that I would have the strength to say no to all the cupcakes I’ve been offered this month… 😛

Elizabeth Binette 1. Elizabeth Binette
2. Baltimore, MD
3. I am a non-profit sales coordinator for a PR software company and a photographer on the side. Although everyday I wish it was the other way around…
4. The best thing about my life right now is that I married my best friend, Patrick, exactly 1 month ago today! I am finally able to love him in the way that God created me to love; experiencing true freedom in marriage!

kayleigh A GIVEAWAY. baller.
1) Kayleigh Schofield
2) Raleigh, NC and loving every minute.
3) I’m a student, but am working on being a social worker and plan to work with orphans.
4)The friendships I have made lately that have helped point me more&more toward Jesus every day, He’s pretty cool I think.
Your work is truly art!

Andria 1) Andria – yupp you’re not the only one!
2) Essex (Ontario, Canada)
3) I’m in 3rd year University studying to become a Registered Nurse
4) The most wonderful thing in my life right now is God, friends, family, and the realization that everyone is an infinite possibility. We have so much to live for :)

valerie demo 1)valerie demo
2)v-a-bizzle. (aka virginia beach, va)
3)attend weddings and get to capture lovely stories of people in love while i’m at it.
4)i’m basically living my dream.

Kristin Hallak Andria! Your photography absolutely rocks! I couldn’t be more inspired! I hope to be half as good as you some day! Thanks for making life that much more beautiful!

1.) Kristin Hallak

2.) Seatlle, WA (SPU campus housing, as my husband is getting his PHd)

3.) I am a stay at home mama of 2, we just had our 2nd baby on Sept. 2nd…woop, woop, art/design/photography/interior design lover… and an occasional 2nd photographer for weddings!

4.) My life rocks in so many ways… I seriously couldn’t be more thankful… A.) I have the best most supportive husband B.) I have two beautiful children I love more than words can describe and…C.) I have the most adorable campus house that has a bare spot on the wall for one of your lovely pictures! Ohhh, pick me, pick me! 😉

Jade Sheldon 1) My name is Jade Sheldon
2) I live in Portland, Oregon.
3) I’m a photographer/illustrator/future educator (I just finished up my Masters of Education and hope to obtain my Master’s of Fine Art Degree.
4) The most wonderful thing about my life right now is my husband. We were married this past summer. He is the most loving and most supportive person I’ve ever met. While I am trying to find my footing as an artist, he is watching out for me and making sure I have the freedom to truly pursue what is in my heart. He is truly a blessing God gave me.

Catherine My name is Catherine and I live in beautiful Port Angeles, Wa. I recently left my corporate job in the big city to pursue my passion and complete my degree, I am currently a Full time student. The most wonderful thing in my life right now is that EVERYTHING in my life has changed over the past year and I couldnt be more full of joy and gratitude for where life has placed me in this season of life.

Sarah Burns 1) Sarah Burns
2) Wheat Ridge, Colorado
3) I am an administrative assistant at an architectural firm, and a budding photographer.
4) The most wondering thing about my life right now is that I married my best friend in July, after 9 years together. I actually almost had you photograph us the weekend after our wedding, but we had a family emergency and had to cancel :( I can’t even describe how incredibly thankful I am to God and the universe that I met him and we are now married. I still get butterflies after this long.
ps- your work is stunning. just… stunning.

Kelly Goss 1. Kelly Goss
2.. Kalamazoo, MI
3… Radiology Assistant in MRI .. aspiring photographer extraordinaire!!!
4…. as crazy busy as my world is, I, continue to dream BIG …

JP Benante I. JP Benante
II. Washington DC
III. Research Biologist
IV. You know that feeling when so many wonderful things are finally coming together in your life?…That’s what is happening right now for me.

Natalie Chipman 1. Natalie Chipman
2. Plainville/Boston, MA
3. I am an industrial designer (most recently designed kids shoes) who currently designs toys for babies :-) !
4. Ever since I sat in my car after a disappointing doctor’s appointment and ripped up a prescription for a medication that I felt was going on too long with no results- I researched and recently experimented my way to my own holistic cure for an embarrassing skin disease I have had for years. It feels wonderful to be in control + to prove the adage “you are what you eat” !

p.s. I’ve been following your work for awhile now (because of course I want to be a future client ;-)- & every time I “like” something of yours on facebook I think- “she’s probably like, who is that random girl liking my work”- so this is funny you have this contest so I can finally feel like I’m participating other than “LikE”

Christine 1) Christine
2) Kamloops, BC
3) Transnational programs coordinator for local university
4) Coming back home to my partner and 4-year-old after 2 semesters away for grad school – it was worth chasing (and half catching!) a 17-year-old dream but being reunited has made my appreciation for the everyday, normal life just so much deeper.

Amanda Jordan 1. My name is Amanda.
2. I live in Amana
3. I am a high school student
4. Seeing leaves on the ground and smelling pumpkin spice anything:).

Kendall 1. Kendall
2. Seattle, WA
3. I’m a white-collar slave by day, but a writer in my soul. I’m still working on finding a way to make that pay.
4. I gave my notice at my job today, and I feel positively LIBERATED. T-minus 7 work days until I never have to wear flesh-colored pantyhose ever again.

Brittany LeSueur Hi! I am Brittany LeSueur from Mesa, AZ. I am a full time stay at home mom who is aspiring to build up a part time career in photography and blogging. I have beef GREATLY inspired by your work and kick myself in the head every single day for not knowing about you when I got married five years ago!! Right now the most wonderful thing about my life is that I am in a happy place as a wife and mother and we have lots of hope for our future! I am excited for this giveaway and I am so grateful for your ability to capture so much in each and every single photograph. I love looking at your images because, there is SO MUCH more good in the world than bad, and you catch the essence of this perfectly!

Marisa Groff yay giveaways! These are all lovely and would be so fun to have a print of!
Marisa Groff // Lancaster, Pennsylvania // Photographer and Barista
– my favorite thing in life right now is slinging coffee next to my FINANCE, seeing the beauty in the change of the seasons this fall, as well the challenges that come with being stationary for a bit after traveling around so much – in all of it I am growing. learning. and being renewed. praise the Lord for his continued faithfulness 😉

Dorothy My name is Dorothy Adams. (Your mom used to cut my hair until I married Spokane/Tri-Cities favorite Weather Guesser, Tim Adams and moved to the Tri-Cities…and I’ve been following you since your first days on your old website). I knew (without question) those first months that if photography didn’t work out for you, you could absolutely make a living as a writer! My future daughter-in-law contacted you recently for her wedding (Aug 31, 2013) but sadly :( you are busy.
The most wonderful thing about my life right now is (after spending 20 years as a stay-at-home mom) I went back to school, and began a new career today in the medical field. Life is new and exciting and Grand!

Adam I’m from Knoxville, TN. I’m a Student, and the most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I know God has an adventure planned for me and it’s starting soon! :)

Joanna H My name is Joanna Hildebrand and I live in Kamloops, BC. I am a receptionist at an accounting firm and volunteer Young Life leader. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is my dance class. I never thought I would see myself learning to dance Irish but I decided to try something new after my friend’s persuasion, and I’m so glad I’m sticking with it!

carolina 1. Carolina A.

2. Currently: Chapel Hill, NC

3) Art Student!

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..hmmm… I get to wake up and create art which I enjoy

Here’s to winning! weee!

lupe martinez 1.Lupe Martinez
3.Photographer/sporting goods salesman
4.The most wonderfull thing about my life would have to be my new perspective on life, i understand so much more about what it takes to be a caring,selfless,persevering,and appreciative person. I now live and i love like i never have before, because for some odd reason one day i realized…we aren’t here for long so why not do my part to be nice, to help others, to be grateful and to maybe just with a smile or a small talk…start a contagious trail of motivation…motivation to be full of life.

Blair Hi girl!!!
1; Blair Marie!
2; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a pretty little city.
3; Photographer of all things love
4; My warm little house, the changing colors of the trees, the crisp breeze, my amazing job and the people I get to meet because of it.

Kari Herron 1) Kari Herron

2) Salt Lake City

3) Paralegal

4) I just started a new kick-ass job at a great law firm!!! I’m so blessed to finally be where I need to be.

Joe O’Daniels (n) Joe O’Daniels
(c) Atlanta, GA
(p) Aspiring Wedding Photographer
(l) The best things in my life at the moment are my beautiful wife Becca, and to see that our lil photo business is starting to finally catch on ;-). Love your work and thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

Victoria 1. Victoria
2. Boston, MA
3. Student
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is knowing that I am so blessed and enjoying life because of it!

Amelia My name is Amelia and I am from Philadelphia, although my heart resides elsewhere. I’m currently a junior in my undergraduate studies – my majors are Spanish and Linguistics. The most wonderful thing about my life is a boy who lives thousands of miles away from me. Because when I’m stressed or angry or sad or anxious, I close my eyes and remember that he loves me, and that as long as that is true, I will be okay.

Lalita Ramakrishna 1) Lalita Ramakrishna

2) Bangalore, India

3) Graphic designer for an IT Mag on weekdays / French teacher on week-ends

4) The unconditional love I give and receive to everyone in my life!

Alex Dobbert 1) Your NAME: Alex Dobbert

2) The CITY you live in.

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING.

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..

My name is Alex Dobbert, and I’m a freelance audio engineer/student. I live in the bustling anti-metropolis that is Indianapolis, Indiana. The most wonderful thing about my life is my relationship with my wonderful girlfriend, Heather (2 years strong!). She isn’t just my better half. She’s my super-better half.

Fergie Medar 1. Fergie Medar (And yes like Fergie like the singer)
2. Boston, Ma
3. Full time college student, part time Panera barista (to support my photography obsession)
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is the fact that I am still young and I have so much of life to look forward to and experience. all the while learning how to balance church, school, work and relationships with my family and friends while trying to capture and create memories.

Samantha 1) Samantha Clarke Prescod

2) I currently live in Ottawa, but my heart is in Greenville, South Carolina.

3) I’m a photographer and a law student. In that order :)

4) I’m able to do two things i really enjoy. meet/take picture of people as well as study in a field i am seriously passionate about. i’m really looking forward to being a social justice advocate after I graduate while maintaining my photography business too.

Kat Healy Kat Healy
Billings, MT
PR/Marketing Intern for
Last year, my boyfriend of four years broke up with me around the same time I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (not life-treating, just moderately annoying). It may not have felt like it at the time– but it has allowed me to do more for myself and others than ever. In a year, I have gone on backcountry mountain hikes up unnamed trails, started a new job, driven cross country alone, been a bridesmaid 3 times, done statewide press and PR for a four day music festival, been on TV interviews, lead a nonprofit campaign to organize a glass cleanup and install wastebaskets along hiking/biking trails in town, had a conversation with our state senator, traveled to WA, OR, ID, TX, NV, ND, WY (Chicago, & Israel trips are on the calendar still), set up a working photo studio for product launches, had a kid’s backpack named after me (the “kat pack”), and plan on doing a 3 month internship in New Zealand in 2013.
I found your site when I was looking for a wedding photographer– a lot has changed since then…but reading about other people’s stories of finding unconditional love keeps me sane (especially after going on a particularly dissatisfying date or two).

Elisabeth Sears 1) Elisabeth Sears
2) I’ve lived the last 10 months in St. Louis, but Chicago will always be home.
3) I am a nurse
4) I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how technology has “ruined” relationships, and I understand in some respects, but today I am MOST thankful for the easy ways to communicate with people back home: in the last 48 hours I have had 2 long phone calls with my mom, received a bible verse text from my dad, Facetimed with my beautiful 7 year old niece, and shared a hilarious email exchange with my best friend, just to name a few…wonderful blessings for those homesick days…

Erica Walte Erica Walters
9th grade English teacher
Drinking Crown Royal and watching/playing Jeopardy! with Tyler in our sweatpants.

Amanda Rose Amanda Rose/Tacoma, WA/Wedding and Event Consultant/Dang. Life is the gift that keeps giving no doubt. Right Now: My husbands sexy vibe, my daughters articulation, consciously purchasing food and preparing food, getting super stoked about a few friendships recently found that seriously connect without pretense. The fall, the air, it’s all good.

Marie 1.) Marie
2.) Currently San Diego, CA due to my husband being deployed. We usually live near Fort Lewis, WA..
3.) I’m a stay at home mom,, army wife, sister, daughter, friend, what I need to be for the ones I love.
4.)spending every moment of every day with my wonderful 2 year old.

Laycie HI Love!!! I am Laycie Haupt and I live in Bellevue WA. I am a 4th grade teacher and love those stinky little kids :) I am currently stealing your boyfriend’s roommate to be my own and that is the best part of my life! I get to live with John next weekend and I am turning 25 on Saturday. I feel like I have it all. I miss you and hope to see you soon you busy girl!!! You honestly do amazing things with your talent.

nadine nadine.

vancouver, bc.


finishing midterms!

Heather O. 1.) My name is Heather
2.) I am currently living in Woodinville, but I am half Woodinville, half Seattle at heart.
3.) I am working towards becoming a full time photographer. It’s hard. But more than worth it.
4.) There are many wonderful things in my life, but the most wonderful thing is my boyfriend Jay, and the idea that we might be engaged very soon :) Helps me get through this latest underway (navy).

Your work is absolutely breathtaking, and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for doing what you do. :)

Steph Hi Andria. I love your photos and blog. very inspiring.
I am Steph from Lower Hutt…New Zealand!
I currently am a student/teacher
The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that the sun is coming out and that means I am buying a new summer wardrobe…yipeee.

Shaina Sheaff Hi, Andria! My name is Shaina and I love your work. I live in my sleepy little town of Denton, Texas. I am a full-time fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer (and will be hiring you to shoot my wedding, if and when that ever happens). The most wonderful thing about my life right now is all the love. And the creativity. The two seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? xx, S.

lynn granberg Hi, Lynn from Kent Wa
I am an office manager for REI private brands,
The most wonderful thing about my life right now is my family; mostly my husband of 27 years. He has become such a great listener, supporter, and helpmate. Our lives are changing but the constant is that we always laugh together and we are each others best friend.

kel 1) Your NAME: Kellynn

2) The CITY you live in: Currently I live in Auckland, NZ, but I’m originally from Singapore!

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING: I’m a Sociology/English Literature undergrad. I absolutely love what I do.

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is: I’m on a student exchange to NZ: the most exhilarating and frightening thing in being here is having no one but myself decide what I want to do with my time. I will never have four months entirely to myself, with no connection and no obligation to anything or anyone like this again. I hope I’ve made the most of it! I’ll also be finishing school in a week’s time and then I’ll have a month to travel around this gorgeous country. I can’t wait to see who I’ll meet.

Meg 1) Meg
2) San Leandro… in the San Francisco Bay Area
3) photographer and travel
4) being single… ironically. :) It’s given me the freedom to be the best of myself. I’m growing my business and traveling the world and growing the relationships I do have. being single has been a blessing.

—How exciting about this print giveaway! I would love that print of London with the red doors!

Danique | 88Forever Hey Andria! My name is Danique and I live in a small city called Hilversum in the Netherlands. I brew coffee and take pictures for a living. Even though right now money is always tight I’ve never regretted chasing my dreams! The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I can create my own. I love to be able to take a step back whenever I want, work extra long hours if I want, take time off to grab a coffee with the love of my life or cuddle my cat while editing images. Plus, autumn is my favorite time of the year so just looking outside and seeing the trees being all yellow and red makes me feel that life is sooo wonderful.

Thanks for your awesome give away, I really hope I win one of your breathtaking images to hang up on my wall!. How cool would that be! Thanks for being such an inspiration xo

Julien The most wonderful part of my life is my girlfriend, she inspires me every single day to live life with passion and love.

Caitlin Donovan 1) Caitlin Donovan

2) Seattle, Washington

3) I am a nanny, an autism therapist, and a portrait photographer.

4) The most wonderful thing about my life is making others smile, whether it be making the two year old twins that I nanny go from a toddler tantrum to giggling on the floor and giving me the sweetest hugs, catching eye contact with a little boy who has autism, who wouldn’t normally make eye contact and smile at others, or getting that beautiful natural smile from clients during my photography hours. Receiving the most sincere smile brightens my day and completely warms my heart. Nannying two two year olds, providing autism therapy, and even photography can be challenging and heavy on my days, but getting that smile just makes it all worth it.

MELISSA GREEN . YAY for monday giveaways! & for entering it on a tuesday.
1 // Melissa Green
2 // Oklahoma City, OK
3 // Photographer and assistant to an awesome photographer in the city.
4 // JOSH MARSHALL . He’s my best friend, boyfriend, and the best part of my day/life. Can’t wait to marry him and have YOU there to shoot us. :]

Charity Charity / Bellingham, WA / currently an intern for a campus ministry at Western Washington University after graduating with a Creative Writing degree / the most wonderful thing right now are the evenings I get to curl up with my boyfriend, have a beer and watch the rain and wind blow outside while safely warm inside!

Emily Bakale 1) Emily Bakale

2) Grand Haven, Michigan = Pinky side of the Mitten, half way down 😉

3) By day, I’m a Recruiter’s assistant. Nights and weekends.. I’m trying to make my dreams reality with my “can’t eat, can’t sleep” love of photography.

4) I’ve dreamt those dreams so big, they scare me. I’m in the process of chasing them. God’s timing is everything. The most wonderful thing about my life, is I trust Him.

Annie My name is Annie, I live in Brisbane, QLD (Australia) and I am a photographic artist on the side of my main bread winner – an instructor at a rock climbing gym in the city :) The best thing about my life right now is the fact that I am on the other side of the world, sitting in Boise airport after one of the greatest weekend adventures, thinking about the serendipity that brought me to this random, wonderful place.

Sandi Hi I’m Sandi , I live in Spruce Grove, AB Canada and I am a photographer. Here in Canada the days are getting shorter and colder so right now the most wonderful thing in my life right now is snuggling on the couch with my family watching movies and sipping hot chocolate together.

Ashley Ottinger Hi!

1) Ashley Ottinger
2) ATL – holla!
3) Graphic Designer
4) The best thing in my life right now is that I’m motivated to do something…be something. It’s new for me. I love it.

Jennette Hi, Andria.

I live in Seattle and am a corporate communications writer. I dabble in photography, but only as a hobby. Becuase it’s mad fun.

I’m a stat on your blog every other day or so – because all of this is just so dreamy.

My life is wonderful because of a tall Texan and our two fabulous, stinky children.


Wolfie 1) Wolfgang Lerch
2) Heilbad Heiligenstadt
3) 9 till 5 job in a public service… better then it sounds;)
4) my girlfriend / move in a nice big flat soon after waiting for months / get marry my girlfriend and get a baby with her;) … and the feeling that I’m get better in photography day by day;)
greetings from Germany

jakob Jakob
Raleigh, NC
50% IT Consultant/50% Photographer
My 1 year old daughter.

Jessica Whalen 1// Jessica Whalen
2// Fayetteville AR
3// Videographer
4// The best thing is that my husband (of two months) and I are launching our own wedding and fine art video company and dreaming of our future. Being a newlywed and working on our dreams together is such an adventure.

Heather Hemmeger Hi, Andria! My name is Heather, and I live in West Lafayette, Indiana. I’m currently a full time student working toward my Doctor of Pharmacy. When I’m not laboriously studying, I love photographing the world around me. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is the fact that I have a loving boyfriend, Alex, who’s there for me when I’m up, when I’m down, when I’m stressed with school, when I’m helplessly attempting to cook in the kitchen (haha), and most of all, when I’m in need of a good laugh and a giant hug.

Aaron H 1) Aaron Harris
2) Bowling Green
3) Computer Nerd
4) The most wonderful thing, without question, about my life right now is my incredible wife and 3 kids, They rule.

Claire Quinn 1) Your NAME
I’m Claire, but I go by Libby

2) The CITY you live in.
Currently residing in the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois.

3) what you DO FOR A LIVING.
I’m a full time student at the art school Columbia College Chicago

4) the MOST WONDERFUL thing about your life right now is…..
The most wonderful thing about my life right now is the opportunities I have living in this fantastic city. Between the killer food, the nightlife, and the hardcore fans of every Chicago sports team, there is always something to do or see. Most importantly though, the story that comes with each person that lives here. I love meeting people and hearing about where they came from.

Amie Name is: Amie
From: Woodbury, MN by way of Forest Lake, MN
What I do: assistant in commercial property management
Most wonderful: possibilities, dreams and my hubby

James 1. James
2. Palo Alto, CA
3. I’m a data manager.
4. Tomorrow I get to take my Mom to the World Series, and that is pretty cool.

Cherish 1. Cherish Bryck
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Mama and photographer
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I am truly happy. I have a beautiful, wacky little family and career I’m passionate about. Pinch me.

Christine 1. Christine
2. Seattle, WA
3. Cytogeneticist
4. The fact that 2 years ago I met someone who changed my life forever. I never thought that in this world a person could exist who inspires so many others to greatness, sees the world all as art, articulates passion of life and love in words and sincere actions, sends me the catalyst for the happiest laughter and solid truth that I am loved and will be loved. A week ago he proposed and I couldn’t be happier than to promise to be his wife.
Thank you for asking Andria. I hope you have a better idea of who some of us are as we lovingly enjoy seeing through your lense.

Lauren 1. Lauren!
2. Bakersfield, CA
3. I get to nanny a tiny, sweet, giggling baby girl & I also take photos! Too much goodness.
4. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I’m loved, I’m loved by Christ, I’m loved by the most amazing man in the world, and I have the love of my family and friends!

Megan McLaughlin Name is Megan! I grew up outside of LA, but live in Mesa, Arizona right now. I am currently a Photography student at Arizona State University! The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that I’ll be graduating in less than a year! LOVE your pictures above!!!

Liz Lovi Hi Andria! I came across your website and I have to say that your work is beautiful. I’m not trying to win the contest, (and it’s over anyways 😉 I just wanted to say that the dream catcher picture is amazing. Something about that is just simply beautiful. For kicks I’ll answer the quesitons! :)
My name is Liz and I live in Novato, CA (about 30 min North of the GG Bridge). By day, I work at a college, but my second ‘full time’ job is a photographer. The most wonderful thing about my life right now is that…I am able to refect back at this past year, all the ups and downs, and start fresh next year!