cherry turns 100

there’s a handful of things my dad has said over and over. i can hear his voice saying them.

one of them.

what do you want to be remembered for? 

when others think of you, what will it be that they remember you for.

this can be played out by conscious decisions to be something, or just inevitably who you are.

it’s not all too often, someone has 100 years to live and create that legacy.

to literally see the country we know change from one thing, to another, ten times over.

a quiet revolution. 

something i have never heard before. a descriptor used to explain what auntie cherry stood to do. a teacher. someone who held out for what she wanted and believed in. start with one, and individual by individual, make a change and impact. 

such a powerful concept. very few believe it enough to actually live that. 

it’s not all too often we get to see someone 100 years into their life. and it’s not too often, i get to be a fly on the wall and document that kind of celebration. my favorite thing, photographing real life. something that is going on whether I’m there or not, and just because i got to have a camera in my hand, i get to tell the story.

this is cherry. she just turned 100.

are you dying?



miss cherry.

few and far in between are days like this that i get to shoot. good lord i love it.

by Andria

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Samantha She’s beautiful.

Martha Swann SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story and lovely photos!

Pamela Everything. Beautiful memories.

Jonna Wow…just so precious. love it!

Lauren What a special, SPECIAL event to document. How lucky is her family!

Gabriel Andria. These are absolutely stunning. Beautiful memories and pictures they will cherish for so long.

Jaime Patterson oh my gosh i love this!

Elen Miss Cherry is one glam 100 year old. Loving her red nail varnish! Beautiful images as always.

jess cafferty we’re celebrating my grandmother’s 80th today, so this was especially moving. this post is just so beautiful – it brought tears to my eyes, and made my whole day.

Meg Lindquist What a fun day! :)

your Dad :) Andi, you captured more than just images. I feel like I know Chris’ family- lots of love and smiles :)

Tiarra Sorte I love her! Great job, lady as always. :)

Ciiku What you have captured in these images cannot be explained in words. Beautiful!

josh So beautiful!

Hannah Nicole This is powerful, Andi. I love this a lot. The story is so poignant, so real, so raw. Beautifully heartfelt.

Jonathan Andria these images are amazing! The portraits are breathtaking ive seriously learnt from this, thank you :)

Meredith S she. is. beautiful!

Lisa Davis <3, that's all.

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