Feature Feature & Off to LONDON!

hello my little muffins.

there’s a certain adrenaline feeling i know, it comes the hours prior to leaving the country. something i love and something i need more of. this morning, all morning…that jumpy excited feeling. i can pack a bag like no one’s business and can navigate any tube. baby, I’m ready to roll.

so off to London i hop. i’ve been wrapped up as a little wedding present by a brazilian photographer and her hub. their sister is getting married. I’ve yet to meet or see the bride, so we’ve got a blind date on our hands. the last time that happened, it blew my mind. so I’m quite keen on these blind weddings.

but then. oh isn’t there the Olympics going on in London? how convenient. i have a feeling a certain boy is going to show up in London and we’ll spend days galavanting and seeing a few games. that’s my future week

I will be sllllllllow to email while I am in London. then heading straight to San Fran for 2 weddings and will be able to communicate a bit quicker, but still not my normal. I appreciate your patience as I am out of office. i’ll get to you, I promise. but at a snail’s pace.

xoxo // A


Promise Tangeman Creative has started a project called “Creative Toolbox” where she shares other creatives and the essentials that are built into their brand. The little things you get attached and become a part of what you do. such a fun idea. you can head over to her blog and see MY Creative Toolbox . heyo. Exciting!

are there any things that are your essentials I should know about? i love hearing what others hold near as their essentials.:)

VSCO Film Walkthrough 


As you may know, I am a huge fan and supported of VSCO and all they do over there. I only recently got their VSCO cam app and I. am. in. love. FINALLY. an app that doesn’t filter the shit out of things. they keep the beauty of the image and allow you to easily edit the image just as you would with their actual LR presets. make sure you grab it in the app store. it is the only camera app i use now

a bit ago, i released some images of my previous intern. I got really inspired by the aesthetic of seattle and the light on that particular day, so I made a new set of presets for her shoot. VSCO then asked me to put together a vieo walkthrough of how I made and edited them. So i did!

>> you can see my internet video walkthrough HERE on the VSCO site. << i do not have a future in radio, but I especially like how the real life walkthrough helps to show just how easy it is to make your own presets.

i absolutely encourage you to take the wonderful thing they’ve given us and create your own! all the currents presets I use with VSCO, I have personally made and adore adore the final look of it all.

I have a lot to show you and some killer weddings, but for now….there will be a bit of a wait. i return August 7th, so hold tight and watch for some travel images to go up soon!

muah muah.

and for reals, if you have any advice or little things to do in London, tell me! off the beaten path, non-touristy. sign me up! I want to hear…..

by Andria

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Kirsten The sun is shining in London for you, Andria. Have a blast! (PS: It’s heaving already).

Kirsten Oh and London tips… Go drinking in Shoreditch and Hoxton. Eat at the restaurant at the top of the Tate Modern at night, it has a glorious view over St Paul’s. Shop around Portobello Road in West London.

Julia Manchik Loved both of these posts! You are such a star.

sharon really enjoyed the look in your toolbox and the walkthrough – thanks!