Mason Sterner

when two people really love each other, they look into another’s eyes and then a baby is made. 

mason sterner is fresh out of the oven.

hindsight, i will always love. the first time i met matt and whitney, we were in front of church. i was asking how they met and what she does. years down the road, i walk thru the door and meet their baby boy.

it’s a good thing. being there for the journey.

what a cute boy he is.

by Andria

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Hannah Nicole flippin beautiful.

Pamela Evans Oh wow… !!!!!! He’s so precious!!! Thank you for also capturing the parents and their faith via the nursery decor. That’s so awesome.

kara precious. love the one in the crib, the black and white with his green onesie and tiny feet… yes!

atalie thronson holy frick the yawning pic is too much !!! love it

Charity oh, these are perfection. love that last one! so sweet.

Lisa Gorgeous session!!

mike Cuuute.

rachel grace beautiful! where is his personalized pillow from?!

stacey Just came across your site and I am in love. These are so gorgeous.