a mighty quick hello. 

i really am not fond of the drive by blogging. my preference is to sit down and prep a meaty blog to put on your table. although, this time thing has made me walking a different way. i am always busy and i always say i wont schedule it like that again, but then i do. the past few weeks have had me all over, livin’ in a suitcase, shooting anywhere from 4-6 times a week, hopping between meetings to meeting new next years’ couples, then i moved (am moving…) and trying to prep for that whole documentary thing being filmed on me here next week. i’ve never had to be as careful with each moment of the day as these past weeks. call it a pointless post but i dont think i’ll ever shed the need to share what’s actually going on in my real life. because it’s my real life that influences how i see things which injected into my shooting and outlook.

the thing i’ve been thankful for. 4 hours like yesterday. no matter what’s going on in life, I head into a shoot and get lost. no matter what.

yestadai was that, on steroids.

to be young and in love. crazy googely eyed in love. spillin’ out ‘yer pores.

the hard part is, how do you say no to something you love? that’s my conundrum. 

more kick-ass’ness coming from these two. // do you love seattle light OR WHAT.

and tomoro i head out of town again. only this time, I’m in a wedding. one of my best friends of almost 8 years is getting married. watch out, imma excited bridesmaid.

by Andria

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mike Gorgeous colors.

Hannah Nicole dude. beautiful images.

Tim Sondrup Love these a lot!

Daphnée Amazing, I Love love 😉

Keaton Webb You could pour these over some waffles, and eat. them. up. :) Great work.

Mom Love the 2nd frame, a 1 of a kind, you are truly gifted.. Now go enjoy being a bridesmaid again…

austin you are so amazing. all of these are wonderful. and working with you yesterday was brilliant. lindsey and i are so thankful for your talent and excitement and creativity and your goldfish crackers.

atalie thronson love the colors love her shoes love it.

DistrictOfLights Nice colors! :) Ah I recognize these places. Great photos!

Darren Listen to your mom. She is right. [Countless times I’m sure 😉 ]
2nd & 2nd last – Amazing.

simi these are just…i don’t even have the words for how fabulous these are. xx.

Lindsey These are stunning, and you are wonderful. Thank you for an incredible shoot. You are the bee’s knees if I ever did see one.

marianne uhhh i love the her shoes..where can i find them? :)

Andria Amazing photos! And I much enjoy your blog, truly inspiring in many ways!
..If I do ever get married, I hope you can come travel to Canada!

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie crazy googely eyed in love. spillin’ out ‘yer pores

oh myyyy goodness. Best phrase ever. These pictures are literally making my knees go weak – I can’t handle it! What kind of filter did you use for these? Whatever you did in the editing process gives them the ideal light to convey warmth and happiness.

I just love everything about this. If you really took all of these, you are such a talented photographer. A real gift.


Kevin McBride Love that you never blow out an image to be safe. It really brings out the drama in the scene and makes for a more impactful shot. Inspiring.