Tomas & Rebecca

so you met someone and fell in love.

and no matter the path, it is your own. you can meet among friends, spend a week getting to know each other, then part ways to be states apart.

and a year can go by and the military can be taking you wherever they’d like.

so set your feet in the way you want and make your hearts desires your reality. 

and that path was one to the court house.

for an american-italian boy to wed his american girl. 

elopement smiles, they are a good kind.

a doe a deer i love being a fly on the wall to document and cheer.

i love myself an elopement. we make it want we want. the numbers are few, it’s a treat to be a part of.

by Andria

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Keidi Absolutely love the simplicity of the photos. Hard to hide their joy :)

Shelly Guzman This is incredibly sweet! I can feel the love oozing from your images.

christina elston sweet.

Brittney WOW. that last frame is magic.

Tori beautiful images Andria, as always. this collection though, really stands out to me. elopements are wonderful!

LACEY These are so romantic – their joy is so obvious, and their love even more! Gorgeous last shot, too!

Caty I love this little love story and their love is undeniable in these pictures.
This is how weddings are supposed to be!!!! With the people you love the most!!
Small and sweet :)
Andria you are blessed with such a gift!! One day you’ll shoot my wedding and I can’t wait!!! :)

Yee Rocked it yet again.

Stephanie 2nd to last image, with her hair flying = perfection. Your work is amazing.