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always a super treat to see that others came across my work and would be impacted enough to feature it. that’s good love.

here are some features from last week.

VSCO Spotlight

i use (and LOVE) VSCO, so it was a total surprise and honor to see they spotlighted me on their journal last week. writing a bit about me and my style and said i was killing it – so that was quite the treat. if you’re still not using them for post work or their iPhone app, GET ON IT!


Jennie and the sexy Boudoir-Maternity session that everyone was sweating over got featured on a new blog Little Bellows. i was a little hesitant to have it featured because this is not a normal thing (maternity) I’m venturing into…but then again, if a girl sees the shoot and wants something similar for her maternity….I think we will get along juuust fine. // this feature is a 2 part feature. the other half isn’t up yet.


i have no idea what this blog is, but i was seeing incoming traffic from it. what is this german? i dont know. but go for it germany…feature Ashley & Zach. i ¬†love it.

the internet is a weird awesome place and I’m so so happy that people would want to spread my work across it.

keep the love rollin.

by Andria

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Jenny Linquist The last one is Danish. :)

Lisa Davis Wonderful! You deserve the recognition!