kerry & jon-paul (pt. 2)

she’s a moody lady, that weather is. 

and i adore it. how some wind, rain, snow, sleet and sun breaks can totally change the look of an image in 3 seconds. 

give me grey skies. dark shadows. deep blues. i’ll take it.

kerry & jon-paul are real people. and a real couple. that just happens to know how to werk it. and they werked it allllllll over those desert hills.

crazy fav.

this is the first half to the holy-balls-this-is-my-favorite-work half of the shoot i showed a few weeks back. we were dealing with some crazy weather, so this half was much shorter. but alas, still some moody gems in there.

get me back to the middle of nowhere. i love it.

by Andria

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jarrod Whoa, some seriously awesome frames in there

Pamela Evans Holy crap, I love this shoot.

abbey YES! I love how different these two shoots are. I love this weather/sky/ahhh. So perfect. Killed it.

Julia Manchik Awesome, Andria. Every photo.

katie i loooove the shot of her hair blowing with the wind. gorgeous!

Gabriel The second to the last one. Blown away. It almost looks as if you are shooting in Palm Springs.

Allie Harkavy These are freakishly amazing. Your work continuously blows my mind. And what an awesome couple! Gorgeous!

Hannah Nicole HAWT. These are insane, in every sense of the word. So good.

Melissa Green W O W Z A. awesome.

Rachel Clarke Wham blam! These are terrific!

Kai Schwab Waving backlit hair. Slightly sassy openend mouth. Sweet red lips. Jeans panties. Gosh I am so in LOVE!

Charity holy goodness, what an attractive couple!