kris orlowski

the thing you cant give someone is their drive. their ultimate motivation. their never-gonna-stop mentality. 

you can teach other things. but this, is often what separates one person from another and their path towards achieving. 

kris is hands down the hardest working guy i’ve ever met. he is constantly juggling a schedule and list of things that puts me to shame.

i met kris a few years ago. i remember asking him very pointed questions in the car. just not wasting time, we got to become great friends. we just clicked and ever since, he’s been one of my dearest friends. there is a different connection and appreciation sharing each others goals and achievements with someone who really truly understands. he has always been my cheerleader and been the first to make a big of even the smallest things I’ve accomplished.

last week i was standing in line at the airport and i heard a familiar voice. took me a second and then i totally screamed in that little store. “omg this is my friend. i know him, this is Kris. omygosh they’re playing him in the airport!” the store lady pretended to be excited with me. one thing i love, is being able to watch close friends head toward success, to get updates, to see them on stage opening night. i feel such a proud mama in those moments.

i adore being in the presence of such talented friends. such hard workers. all encompassing, it spurs me on and inspires me more.

i’ve been driving past this spot weekly for almost a year. i always always saw a shot there. finally got to make one, and it turned out exactly as i saw in my head…only better because you cant time some shopping cart lady bombing it.

this is seattle light. it is my favorite dessert. it is my favorite person in the world. i’d shoot this light over any sun, any beam of light.

sometimes its very good there is not printed commentary of what was being said on a shoot.

perfect timing for the laugh, i adore this image. what a good smile he has.

last year these other boys joined in with kris and I was so happy to see so. they made a switch and now they are just complete. what a fun group they are.

they just announced today they will be playing at this years Capitol Hill Block Party. very good things.

if you haven’t checked them out, please do your self a favor and put him in your ears. 

by Andria

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Kris Orlowski Thanks Andria, I’ll say it again. You are truly a rare and spirited talent!

abbey i love these. i love that you don’t try to edit the shit out of photos so that it looks like they were taken in the sunny daylight and that there weren’t shadows everywhere. i love that they look REAL. i feel like i know these people from these photographs.

ursi adore***
the shot of the guy with the black hat in front of the woodden fenca- EPIC, wonderful <3

Marisa Groff amazing! these photos are so raw and authentic and beautiful and his music is incredible… just listened to the first song and I feel i’ve been inspired to the depths of my being haa ah man.. so good. such talent you both have! thanks for sharing!

sizzle Kris is the nicest guy in music (and super talented to boot!). These photos are so great!

moorea seal Woohoo! I love Kris’ music. Such a talented group of guys and Kris really is one of the nicest and most talented guys around. I am really honored that I got to design his last 2 albums and his girlfriends up and coming album!
Lady, your photos are SO beautifully northwest feeling. A consistent moody vibe that only the northwest has but still all of the emotions of the subjects shine through that gorgeous dark haze. I love your work Andria!
xo Moorea

Mills Wonderful pictures. The Northwest light is captured so beautifully in your photos. And you are right, Torry has such a good smile.

Kevin McBride Great set. Love your comment about Seattle light. In Kansas City, light here is like a Whitman’s sampler.

kathy You have truly captured the ko spirit!

Julian Marsano Andria,

Looking through your photos, especially your commercial wedding work, I’m forced to ask: WHY would anyone EVER think that “wedding photography” is somehow not artistic, or second-rate? There are a lot of haughty visual types out there…

I think your wedding photography is EXACTLY the kind of showcase that great photography needs. You capture intimate moments intimately. What other story is there to tell than the love of two people? If I recall correctly, Shakespeare wrote a play about that and playwrights have been trying to improve on it ever since…

I saw your work on Pinterest, and I’m glad I followed the breadcrumbs to your site. Best of luck in everything, no matter where your eye takes you!


Julian Marsano

Nancy Your camera eye has painted great snapshots of these young men and their amazing spirits. What a gift! Thank you : )

ken kienow 12 pages blog-deep. guess i don’t have to say how inspiring your work and perspective is when i’m 12 pages and 20 minutes into looking at your photos, huh? :)