spring & sheer

this just in. lace and sheer are sure winners for the good ‘ol boudoir.

dont you think?

so feminine and dainty.

she was laying on her back, i was shooting away. “Let’s Get it On” came on, we laughed and giggled…and I just thought, this aint too shabby of a gig eh? love boudoir, we have such good times. being a girl is the best.

About Me Posting Boudoir: so I know I’ve offended some considering the fact that I post Boudoir images. i didnt want to ignore the fact that this is an issue for some, that I’ve offended in doing so, just like the time I did in posting someone smoking a cigarette. not addressing something doesn’t make it go away and it only leaves it open for those to misinterpret or in the very least not know where I’m coming from. First and foremost, my girls’ (and their men) privacy is my number one priority. there’s a simple question i ask after I shoot with a girl: Do you mind these being used online?  There is no pressure, I understand this is a very private thing, so each girl can answer any way she’d like. If it a no, the images will remain private. End of story. and I’m not sad about it. If it is a yes, we then go what type of images she is ok with. Do you want your name used? Do you want your face shown? If a girl doesn’t mind her images being shown, there is literally any option or combination that we can do and it’s completely custom to each girl. Then I send a file of images I would be interested in using, within the guidelines we’ve already talked about that she is comfortable with. She then can yay or nay each image. So, with the potential of an image being shown….every single image is seen and ok’d. there are no surprises.

// This is for every girl. Every time. I shoot heaps of Boudoir that never sees the light of day and I’m absolutely ok with that. I would never ever want a girl to hesitate shooting Boudoir with me in the fear of pressure to show her images. It is always an easy question with Yes or No and then from there we go….

so I hope that – first off – is known. any girl I ever post is ok with her images being shown. and she is ok with each one that I do show. many remain private and there are certain types I’d never show anyhow.

// what I’ve seen, why I feel so strongly for Boudoir, and why I post them: I am a girl. I know the struggles and insecurities we can have as a female. As a photographer, it remains one of the greatest treasures to be able to give a gift that allows someone to see themselves in a confident and proud way. photos can do that. being comfortable with your photographer can allow you to be shot in a beautiful way. to make art. with boudoir, it is one of the most dear things to me in all that I do, to…in the end, give something to a woman that shows her how beautiful she is. how feminine. how precious. just a glimpse at how her husband sees her.

i have shot every type of girl. every type. confident girls, shy girls, girls who have never worn lingerie, girls who have lost a lot of weight and this is their milestone, reserved girls, free girls, girls who are completely stepping out of their comfort zone in doing this. and one of the best things I consistently hear is that they had nothing to worry about. that their fears in being shot were so totally off. I think you’d be surprised ladies, at how comfortable you will be with someone who knows how to direct, makes this a fun experience, jokes around. that is my job to get you there….it’s a part of the process.

and in shooting every type of girl, this has become one of the most beautiful things I get to be a part of. and I want women to see that. to see images and see how classy they are. to be encouraged, to see this type of imagery as empowering. this is art. that’s how I see it. I am encouraged when I hear the responses from those I shoot. hearing what having these images can do for their confidence. allowing them to embrace their beauty and their flaws. maybe you don’t see that when you just see an image with lace and sheer – but that’s what this is.

i know you could think, but do you really need to show it in order for this to be possible? in my mind, plain and simple: yes. i would love for girls to be able to envision how I shoot this without ever posting what they look like, but in my experience, I’ve seen it doesn’t work that way. for some reason, posting images takes the fear away a bit. gets you over that fence that as a girl to see that you can trust someone to shoot you in this way. I want to post images, because I want to encourage women to do this. yes, for their husband, but many times, my main focus in shooting this is so on the woman. i want it to be seen that these can be done tastefully and beautifully. i also know that by sharing images and the way that I shoot them, has allowed girls that would never have thought they could be ok with this type of shoot or want to do one – to see that they will be in good hands and to see that not only would they be comfortable with something like this but that they want to do something like this.

// i want girls to see the way i shoot this and be like screw my fears, screw what i think i need to look like in order to be beautiful, I want to do this. //

most girls on their Boudoir day start off unsure and shy. i know girls always assume my other girls are these sex kittens. not so. some, yes…but not most.

maybe you dont see this as an empowering thing. but in that room and with the end result, it is just that. 

maybe you dont see this as an appropriate thing to post, i know it’s private, i know this is a delicate area. I’m sure I’ve stepped over that line to some and not even batted an eye to another. but my heart behind posting these is for women to be encouraged. to be empowered. to see that they can be shot in a way that highlights their best features. to help them embrace and see themselves the way they truly are. to do a double take, to be proud of themselves.

I’m proud of what I shoot. I’m proud of these girls. I’m proud to be a part of a process that allows women to appreciate how they look. to be proud of themselves. and i will always be proud of playing a role in that. i will aim to remain respectful and tasteful while doing so and sharing these images. however, i think everyone has a right to what is right for them and I dont want anyone to think I’m belittling those who dont think these images should be shown. my own sisters were the first to challenge that I was showing these. 

moving forward in my shooting and in my career i know without a doubt, i will not only shoot boudoir but also personal work that I see as art – that for some, will be outside the boundaries of what should be public, and to others not. but what it comes down to is first) my clients comfort and permission and second) my growth and exploration as an artist and what I feel is right for me and my online presence.


i realize that showing this type of work can be seen by any and that leaves an area for it to be seen in a light I dont intend. there is grey here and I’m not naive, i also know there are opportunities online that go beyond what i post. i want to be sensitive to that. however, within the guidelines noted above and protection to each girl and her comfort – my aim as an artist is to grow, to experiment, to allow those I shoot to feel the transformative nature that comes in being photographed – and for others to understand that power and process. to encourage others to seek to do the same by taking away a bit of the fear that can come by mystery of not knowing.


there is so much power in photography and no matter the type, i hope to highlight that power thru sharing my work and being represented as a photographer that empowers, encourages and makes beautiful art.

by Andria

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kaitlyn so beautiful. lovely and womanly boudoir in such a classy way!

Amanda VanVels these are lovely and amen!

Amanda VanVels p.s. you make me want to do boudoir now.

Marina I can’t wait to do a boudoir shoot with you someday. You’re amazing at what you do.

Dani Butler Your work is incredible and I can’t wait to do a boudoir shoot with you!

Bethany i love what you had to say about confidence and femininity.

Sara Adams I absolutely LOVE the boudoir that you do. You are so amazing at it and really showcase how beautiful each and every one of those girls are. I never in a million years would have considered boudoir for myself until I started seeing your work – I can’t wait until I’m ready to book my own session! So yes, please keep doing what you’re doing and sharing it with the rest of us.

Ashley Dru wonderful words. I also want to do boudoir now! Keep up the amazing work and I already saw you as an empowering photographer before you posted this! :)

abbey I am so in agreeance right now. Agreeance is not even a word, but it makes sense. I am constantly showing your boudoir images to people saying “LOOK AT THESE!” So classy, so different, so real. I think that is what makes them different than your typical photo of a girl in lingerie. I feel like I am truly seeing the girl, and the beauty of everyone, no matter size shape color whatever!

Thanks for explaining why you do it as well, its nice to hear. :)

Paul Krol the images are lovely, tasteful and artistic. anyone who would complain about the ones you posted probably just has their knickers in a bunch and should go to another site if it somehow offends their sensibilities. don’t take it to heart.

Laura I’m so proud of you, Andria. The images are beautiful, tasteful, and artistic. You do amazing work. Keep it up.

kara you, my dear, are amazing, your utter being and everything you are is honest. you care so much for those that come into your life. every opportunity precious and special. it can be seen through your images, felt through your words, and to those of us that have been fortunate enough to meet and know you, it is the very essence of you, you care, down to the tiniest of details.

at the end of the day, when you close your eyes and pray, at peace with who you are and what you do, all is well.

Karen Obrist Well said- love these images and all the boudoir ones you post. There will always be people that criticize your work in the world, but I’m happy to see you are standing by your decision to post boudoir photos because it really is an empowering and beautiful thing for women to do. Way to go Andria. I’m behind you 100%!

Cal you nailed it again Andi Pandi

Amy The human body is NOT offensive. What you’re doing is beautiful!

Tonhya Kae Proud of you, poop. You know you’re going somewhere when people start to criticize. Celebrate 😉

Ashley I find all these photos totally beautiful…these women beautiful! It is so empowering to see these photos and women enjoying the way God made them to be. You are one classy lady and I will probably call you someday :)

alison Hare you’re amazing for standing your ground and being proud of what you do – needless to say, this posts makes me look forward to the day I call you to schedule my own boudoir shoot!

Heather O. I love everything about this post! Well said :)

Alex Amazing! :) I LOVED this!

gee very interesting, nice pics.

Summer Twitchell I so totally agree with everything you have said about this subject. I have done boudoir shoots in the past and had my intentions questioned. I see boudoir as an art form, and as a form of empowerment for women. We are constantly badgered by what we’re ‘supposed to look like’. With boudoir, I try to show women that no matter their figure they can still be absolutely beautiful! I did a shoot for my 64 year old aunt. She had a great time, and the photos were gorgeous. I tell my clients, it isn’t about how others see you, it’s about loving yourself, and my client feeling sexy and beautiful. I encourage women doing boudoir for themselves, not only for a fiance or husband.

Jess I’ve only just found your blog but I love the honesty with which you talk about topics which mean a lot to you and get strong reactions from others. I find it very interesting where everyone draws the line between appropriate and inappropriate. I have to say that when I looked at the images above my first thought was that they were a stunning impression of female beauty which feels honest rather than manufactured. Love your work and your approach!

Kristyn Thank you so much for posting this, Andria! I have been struggling with posting boudoir as well, my family’s beliefs are strongly against it, but in the end, it isn’t about them, it’s about you and your clients!