kerry & jon-paul

so you see it in your head.

and its beautiful.

but the important part is getting it from being a vision and into reality.

and the best part is, when that reality is only exceptionally better than the vision. and it’s because of synergy. us three, separate – are one thing. together – we made frames i love as much as my future children. there is nothing quite like having something in your head and actually getting out there to make it. far too often, those ideas stay just in our brains. i dont want it to be that way.

yes. one of my most favorite frames of all time.


the wonderful part is that she handmade this skirt the night prior from thrifted fabric.

i dont even know what to say, but they’re perfect.

i am swept away, i love what this day allowed us to do. things like this, i cant get enough of it and then when it’s over i feel a sadness. good thing is, spurs me on to keep creating.

you never know what’s gonna happen on a shoot and with this, we headed back towards seattle. in CRAZY weather – snow, hail, rain, high winds – then got to the pass and there was a 12 car pile up. so there we sat, on total E, with my gas light on for 3 hours. i peed in front of a line up of cars, scalped gas off a good samaritan and were starving to death.  what should have taken us an hour ended up being a 6 hour freezing waiting game. what a delight! good thing is, the images were totally worth it and i would have waited there all night.


a VIDEO!!!! what?! you’re a videographer now andria! no. buwe took some iPhone clips along the way to show a different kind of visual from a shoot. i hope you thoroughly enjoy it. i know, it’s kinda completely blurry…just go with it.

Free Flow from Andria Lindquist on Vimeo.

and wouldn’t you know. this is only HALF OF WHAT WE SHOT THAT DAY. I’ll post the other half up next!

by Andria

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Whitney I die for the whole lot, g-friend. I have a special affection for cliff pictures and b&w, though, so would have to say I was especially moved by the second far out shot of her on the cliff (the picture that was part of two right next to each other) and the side shot of her in the hat with the wind swooping her hair. Pure magic.

Jess Every picture is incredible. You are freakin’ amazing!

gladys Andria! I love everything about these images. I especially especially love the last 4. You kill it. SO SO SO good!

Ashleigh Barrett These are crazy beautiful! Holy cow! Every single one of these pictures turned out sooo amazing! Great work Andria, your beyond talented!

mandee amazing work!

Paul Krol Beautiful job, Andria. A few of the pictures are of epic proportions. Great photoshoot!

Laura Crazy, crazy, crazy amazing. This is the kind of shoot dreams are made of. Ahhh! I love this whole story/scene/colors/tones/couple/look/style/everything. You are so talented beyond words!

Nicole this is yummy stuff!

CHELSEA ABRIL yet again, words escape me. stunning, stunning, stunning!

lydia {ever ours} don’t even know where to begin about this post. hot diggity dayam.

Hannah Nicole These are crazy good. Love every frame, Andria. Just dang beautiful.

julie harmsen gorgeous, duh!

Mikhail Glabets you gooooo girl, this is super!

J Shoda Just wow. You’re completely in your element here.

Amber Z Fan-freaking-tastic!!

mckenzie powell Those are STUNNING.

Julia Manchik Your favorite frame of all time is my favorite frame of all time! That girl totally knows how to work the camera. Beautiful.

MINDY BRAUN AMAZING! Seriously your best work yet. You blow me away every time, keep it coming!

stephanie Amazing, beautiful, inspiring, lovely. They are timeless and modern at the same time. Bravo.

jill holy shit. you’re amazing.

Danique Wow, i LOVE these pictures! Amazing! And they are both so so beautiful. I adore your photography, I love the vibe in all your photos. You inspire me everytime :)

Phil Like Shoda said, totally in the element. It’s an amazing feeling when you can just cut loose like this. The things you can make once you get outside your head are so beautiful, it’s just hard to get out of your head in the first place. Incredible work Andria, soopa proud :)

Mackenzie Mind. Blown. I cannot even get over how incredible these are.

Bethany Barkey You created & captured a great moment!

Shivani As if it hasn’t been said enough, amazing.

em for the love, andria. these are so good I want to quit. or keep going. I’m not sure which.

kat Holy wow. This is amazeballs

Tonhya Kae lovely. quite lovely.

lonnie best yet. keep doing your thing!

rico wow.dang.crap.shit.

Tyler Brown you….. amaze me..

Joyce Alexander Holy smokes. Too many beauts to pick a favorite, can’t wait to see the rest.

Noelle Wowza! And beautiful. So beautiful.

Izanami Not many people could catch romance and you nailed it! Bravo!

gina breathtaking …
fucking stunning…
yeah ….

s h e r r y Ah! What an INCREDIBLE set of images. Love all the movement in them, ack, gorgeous. (Crazy what you had to go through to go back though, haha).

Medford Oregon Photographer Wonderful shoot!

abby Wow. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful!

Levi Stolove Awesome, These are so beautiful.

Chelsea Patricia SO obsessed with this whole shoot. I have looked it over 5+ times already!

Don Poling Gorgeous series. I love these two people. Kerry has always been one of my favorite people to photograph. Congrats on capturing such an amazing story.

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