it’s friday and I’m wearing pants!

when i get sad about being overwhelmed i edit one picture and then i’m happy.

this is promise and i promise the next time i put up one of her images, it will actually be the whole shoot. no more tempting.

ATTN LADIES!! i wanted to take this beautiful moment to pass along a little trick i recently learned. a friend of a friend of a friend was ravvvvving to me about a little at-home brown-sugar-olive-oil exfoliator trick. and then I did it and I dont think my body has been that soft since i was an infant. LIT-UR-ALY. plus i smelled like sugar and a bit of a film is left from the oil which helps seal in moisture. it was amazing. lasted all day and into the next. i would only put it on my blog if it was THAT amazing. and it is. so, because of that, I realize this is a weird spot to share BUT ladies unite! we must share secrets.

directions: put a large handful (or two) of BROWN SUGAR in a bowl. pour in OLIVE OIL until the brown sugar is soaked through with the oil. add a TINY BIT OF HONEY. then you MASH IT ALL UP. hop in the shower and SLATHER it all around. shave. then SLATHER again (or just once). then rinse off. pat dry, put on some lotion and try not to be obsessed with how you feel. THERE YOU GO!

now go moisturize and be amazed!

by Andria

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abbey i think your blog is the best thing ever.

gladys Ummm. Yes. This is awesome. I will try that this weekend.

Rachael SO trying this tonight!!

LACEY My friend grows lavender and makes a product like this, but with lavender in it, too … LOVE it!

Andria I just tried the scrub tonight…works wonders! thanks for the tip :)

Christine I never notice stuff like this, but Holy Eyelashes Batman! Damn girl.

~ callee ~ So…I tried the brown sugar scrub this weekend. Oh, my stars, it’s amazing! I loved it! It left my skin so silky smooth and soft. The only thing I discovered was that sugar ants really adore the left over residue left in the shower ;-}