so she’s got a bun in the oven. 

a little baby girl. 

i dont know how it’s physically possible to be this gorgeous any day, let alone when you’re weeks away from having a baby. but jennie is. i love being in her presence. she is sweet, generous, a listener and an dang entrepreneur. i can only imagine the girl she about to bring into the world.

i love the opportunity to make a girl feel incredible. to have some darn good images of herself. this girl, makes that pretty easy.

already absolutely one of my favorite frames of 2012.

“good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite. love, gramma.”


this is my first official ‘maternity’ session. it’s going to remain one of those types of shooting i reserve for only every once in a while. for just a certain girl, family or a close friend. there will be no hearts over tummy’s or Sears-ish images to be made.

cant wait, only a few more weeks and i get to be in the hospital room. get to capture the first time she meets her little girl. how about that.

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by Andria

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Jillian in.cred.ible. she is so gorgeous. so many of them kill me, but that one with the white frilly duvet (or sheet?) is so great.

nirav speechless.

Jonna holy wow…killed this…so amazing that you’ll get to be at the birth. this is beautiful in so so so many ways.

Monique wondeful session….oh so gorgeous! She is so so pretty!

Kristin WOW. Andria, this is one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I’ve ever seen. There are few things as beautiful as a pregnant woman and you captured that fabulously. I hope when I’m pregnant I can find someone like you to photograph myself so beautifully!

TJ absolutely STUNNING!!!!!
here’s hoping that in a few years i’ll be one of the select few that gets to do one of these shots. obsessed!
xo TJ

Jakob Yes. You rock, Andria.

jill hot damn

Phil Literally as good as it gets. I can’t even picture how anyone could have done this better than you.

Megan This is hands down the most stunning maternity shot I’ve ever seen Andria. Jennie is stunning, you captured her beautifully.

Never in a million years would I ever think you’d do a “Sears-esque” shoot. Thank goodness, I can’t take another dang one of those cheese-fests.

You officially brought sexy back to maternity photos.

Ashley Dru I can’t get over how beautiful these images are. so so so beautiful

Tanis Most beautiful maternity photos I have ever ever seen! WOW! These should win every award possible ever. SO SO GOOD! Beautiful mamma-to-be!

mckenzie powell woah. those are beautiful. what a sexy mama-to-be.

LACEY These are remarkable, Andria! I’d expect nothing less from you, but wow. Gorgeous!

Jesse Green Absolutely unreal. I don’t even know what to say.

James Really really beautiful, one of the best maternity shoots I’ve seen. BEAUTIFUL..

Lauren Love this whole shoot! absolutly amazing! ps. i love the bedding!

Dianne Gorgeous Andria! I have the privilege of capturing birth and those first moments of life…Such an honor! Careful, it’s addicting! I’m not a photographer but I take some pretty awesome shots :0)

Lindsey These are gorgeous! The colors…the compositions, wow! Well done!

Hannah Nicole So beautiful! Totes not cheesy — deffff not a typical, heart-over-belly maternity shoot. LOVE it. x

Ravyn I am melting over here. First of all … she is freaking GORGEOUS!!! Secondly, you, my dear are just so talented!! :)

Julia Nesterenko Ohh my goodness. Wow <3

Jeanette LeBlanc I just found you via pinterest and have only seen this one shoot – and already my jaw is on the floor. Truly stunning, emotive, incredible work. Cannot wait to explore the rest of your work. Consider me a fan already.


Heather SO BEAUTIFUL! i love this.

Kelley Face She is stunning! Beautiful.

Jamie Rubeis This is one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I have ever seen!

AmyPunky Photography Oh wow this is so gorgeous!!!

Shara What a stunning session. That is one beautiful mom to be. I would love to know where her amazing shirt is from. It’s so pretty.

Oli Just WOW. So glad I found your stuff. Amazing.

Romain Rochat Hi Andia,

Wonderful work. I’m totally in love with your pictures.


Amber green Please tell me where you got that beautiful silk shirt !! Must have 😉

Claudia Carter What beautiful, beautiful photography.

mike Wow.

Jessica LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot! I am 28 weeks pregnant and you’ve inspired me to a maternity boudoir shoot! Please tell me where you got that fantastic bra!!

Bekah These are absolutely breathtaking! I discovered this page from Pinterest, and was blown away by the beauty here. Your friend is so gorgeous, and really brings out the loveliness of expectation. Thank you both for sharing!

kendal carrillo your photos are perfect, this is amazing! i am 35 weeks pregnant and now would give anything for a photo shoot like this, very inspirational! great job she is beautiful!

Stephanie these are INSANE! so, so amazing!

Annie These are some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. Good work Andria! You are truly gifted!

Andrea Kendrick These are beautiful.. I wish you could do my maternity pics!!

White Petal Photography Lovely set of photos, all very tasteful. Good work.

Fantasia Great shoot, so different and beautiful. Shows the gorgeously feminine side of pregnancy, that other photographers don’t address so much.
Curious about those tattoos, especially on the back of her shoulder. I wonder what it means.

Margie THANK YOU!!! This is maternity at its finest!!! I HATE all those hearts on bellies, and Dads with no shirts on!!! No one wants to see that! Put your shirt back on!!! Unless you’re Shakira, and her Hubby. I’ll let that slide this one time. 😛 It’s classic, elegant, and a little sexy! Over all Gorgeous!!!!

Nora gorgeous!! she`s beautiful & your pics are brilliant!!


Stephanie This shoot is absolutely beautiful. It shows that pregnancy can be sexy, and you don’t have to feel like a blob. I’m pregnant with my first and at times I feel completely unattractive, but this shoot shows that pregnancy really is a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing this shoot! And I want her dress!!!

Julie OMG just amazing. Beautiful job!

Robert Austin Fitch Photography NYC Andria, Absolutely beautiful work…love the lighting, composition. The woman looks relaxed, happy, confident and gorgeous! Cheers! Rob

Natalie van Eyk Hi there – beautiful photos! I’m looking for a dress exactly like Jennie’s in this photoshoot. Any idea where she got this?


Hanneke So so stunning!

See3d Amazing, looks very professional and attractive :-)

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