miss K

girls are pretty damn sexy.

and this is a way better wedding gift than a KitchenAid mixer.

The Ace Hotel is always generous and has the best customer service in town. i do i do enjoy shooting in their rooms.

by Andria

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KT That white dress and teddy are AH-MAZZ-ING

Tanis oh my gosh these are amazing!!!! so beautiful! i love her white/cream lace dress… where is it from? it’s beautiful. one day…. i will be photographed by you. one day. it’s my dream :)

Jonna Gorgeous! I love these!

Lo wow she is GORGEOUS!

stephanie Ack! I love these so much. I am having a great time exploring your blog. Your work is super fantastic. I’d love to know more about what film you use/or what photoshop actions you use to get this film look. It’s truly brilliant. I hope I don’t offend by asking :)