ashley & zach

there are times when you dont want to go to work.

there are.

and no matter if it’s the most incredible job ever (cough cough…photographer) for some reason, there are days that are sometimes hard to drag your bones outta your warm house and put your take-charge-creative-hat on.

but in my experience, those days last all about 3 minutes….as soon as I’m in my car headed where I’m going…the amped’ness takes over.

this day, with ashley and zach, was the coldest day I think I have EVER shot in the centuries of my picture taking.  it was the most gorgeous light, the light i adore that seattle so often has, but baby it was colder than a witches tit. the wind made your eyes tear up and there were times i couldnt press the shutter because my hands were so frozen. ashley and zach were troops. all for the sake of art. that’s what i tell my couples when their brains are frozen and I’m requesting she take her coat off for the shot. all for the sake of art. 

there are also days, before you even take the camera out of its bag. you know, you’re gonna make some sick frames.

i knew that the first time i saw ashley and zach. we would shoot and i’d be screaming. call it a premonition.

and for those days, i would do anything. i’d shoot naked in -25* weather. i’d ruin new boots. i’d have constant liquid running out my nose. it’s what it’s all about. 

these two met. were friends for some time. he liked her. she didnt give that a thought. then one day, she woke up and realized it was more than friendship. things changed. and the two are a married pair.

i really cant get over how much i adore this session. i want to do it again. sans frigid air.

cant handle it.

such a beautiful moment. tears he had. (or was it the wind?)

are you in love with them yet? i know.

i love a hind-sight like this. to know how easily it could be to stay in. schedule it for later. but when it comes down to it, getting out there. making some frames, its ALWAYS worth it. its always worth more than warm hands or a lazy sunday. get out there and create. that’s the high to chase. 

i’d like to thank the wonderful seattle grey skies for the moody and wonderful feeling we had in this shoot. ashley and zach, for being so giddy and in love. you make it easy to shoot.

by Andria

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kelly cummings The color is unbelievable. I love them tossing their coffee, and I am jealous of a cold enough day to snuggle up in blankets, Alabama hasn’t seen one of those in months and months. I love the blanket blur and her laying on the road arrow. Gorgeous work.

andrea as a fellow Seattlite– I absolutely LOVE how you captured the grey and these lovely souls. Very nicely done!!

Jeff marsh I dig this! Makes me like washington weather again

Jillian YES. i’m in love with them. i want to look at these images every day.

kara loverly. nature’s soft box. location – perfect :) couple – adorable. here’s to frozen fingers and gray skies!

Karen Waaaaaaw, this is such a great schoot. Love the couple, love the pic’s, love the atmosphere! this set is like an old classic movie.. very sweet and timeless. bravo!

Ashley Ahh I love them all so much. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

amanda vanvels wow woww wowwwwjfkldajskl;. i’m so in love with these. wow.

Phil Chester Money. In. The. Bank. My favs are the images in front of the boat. Pumped to hang/shoot with you next month!!

Jonna oh man, amazing…

Karen This session blows my mind. Seriously girl, you knocked it out of the UNIVERSE!

Jonas Seaman LOVE!

Mindy Braub LOVE this post! I can’t wait to make our way up there in April

Shelly Guzman Gah! I LOVE these photos! You leave me speechless.

Desy I LOVE this shoot! just WOW!!

Darren Yip, that confirms it. You’re pretty much a legend 😉

Kirsten Never mind your stunning photography, I just want her coat.

Brooke Tossed coffee and blanket love = perfecto. I just adore catching up on your blog, Andria!

daniel usenko awesome darkness!

Aiyana Oh Seattle! I thought the settings looked familiar. This the the most perfect couple photo shoot I’ve ever seen. You captured them, and Seattle weather so well! Beautiful.

Rebekah Amazing. Breathtaking couple. Kudos.

kate I cannot. Probably one of the best engagement sessions I’ve seen- in like- EVER.

Sierra You are an amazing photographer! And they are absolutely stunning. Beautiful shots, thank you for creating… and sharing!

maria when i want to be the people in the photos, i know the photographer has captured something so special. awesome work!

Shokoofeh Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen.

Meredith S. Beautiful, Andria. Utterly BEAUTIFUL. your work is captivating

Daniel G. This is so pure. Their love and how you captured it, light, everything. Always glad to see sets like this one.

Anja I love that you embrace the grey Seattle skies. Unconditionally. And that you DO get out at minus 127. Worth it every time. I adore this shot.

erica wowee.. these are beyond.


Carrie Willink This is by far my favorite photo’s I have ever seen. Thank-you for sharing and these are absolutely fantastic!!

Ewa wow! I came by this site and photoshoot accidentally (I think via pinterest) and I’m so in love. They are beautiful, the pictures as well, everything is perfect. And the colours! Ahhhh.

Melinda beautiful! What camera did you use?

Roseann This shoot is amazing. Love the colors, love the light. My favorite part? Throwing out their coffee. Genius. Thanks for braving the cold for this. Love.

3azeez They are in love. Got it?

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