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now that i have three kids of my own (and by have, i mean i am an aunt….i’m just obsessed with them like they’re my own), my perspective on family and babies will never be the same. they’ve made my little heart softer, my eyes weepy and miss them before i even leave the house to go back to seattle.

i cant even imagine what it’s like when that baby is actually you’re own.

growing her for 9 months, bringing her home, seeing what she looks like…who’s eyes she has and who’s nose she got. 

i first met jill a few years back, she was lulu’s regional manager and commented a blog i had put up the day prior. it was a yoga shoot. i had flippantly wrote, “I’m gonna go slap these photos on lululemons desk and be like, here.” …awoke the next day to her saying, why dont you come into the store and bring your work. fast forward now, I’ve been shooting for their stores for the past 2 years. who wudda thought.

then she wrote me last year and said she was going to have a baby.

so shortly after little louise arrived, i went over to their queen anne home and captured a little bit of their new family. this was their last month in seattle before relocating to CA.

watching a new mom and dad with their little girl is an incredible thing.

one of my favorite moments. had jill hold louise, and said ok this is your I’m a mom picture. then watching her tear up over what that meant.

best of luck in your new CA home and watching your girl grow up.

Makeup by: Julia Nesterenko

by Andria

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kara #9 – those feet and itty bitty toes are precious!

Brooke So precious. I love seeing parents with their new babies. Nothing can keep those smiles at bay.

christina elston i especially like the fourth frame :)

Janelle Completely and utterly precious!

Jenny love.baby.pictures.

alison Hare made my freaking day! new mommy’s with their new peanuts is the most enjoyable site to see….smiling from ear to ear over your work andi!

Rachael Beautiful!!!

Hannah Nicole Beautiful, Andria! The mom photo diptych might be my favorite. Her face tearing up is something beautiful.

Melissa Evans Such beautiful pictures. I’m just in awe….

Alicia The beautiful baby blanket caught my eye through pinterest. Was it handmade? I would love to knit it.

Ana I have seen the photo of Jill holding Louise where you can’t see their faces and they are outside ALL OVER Tumblr. The photo NEVER had a source and I don’t like reblogging photos of other people’s babies because I feel most of those photos are stolen. I saw the photo again today, floating around on my dash and it gave me such joy. I’ve been having a rough week and seeing that GORGEOUS, amazing photo made me feel so much better. This is a beautiful family, captured brilliantly on camera. I did a image search on Google and finally found a link through here: http://www.disneybaby.com/blog/10-incredibly-sweet-photos-of-mom-baby/#slide10 to your blog. I am SO HAPPY I finally found the original source.
This is just a beautiful set and it has brought me so much joy and brought me out of my depression a bit. Thank you <3