justin and kaelin get married

there are no rules in love. there are no rules in how two people’s story should go. 

a friend can lie and say something came up with her kids so that an oregon boy can go pick up an alaskan girl at a train station.

and he can be wearing a winnie-the-pooh suit to greet her.

and shorty there after he can move to alaska to pursue the girl.

and she can be hesitant and not sure.

and he can know, in the early stages, that she is the one.

there are no rules, and never a chart. 

and when it comes time to get married, you can fly oregon and alaska to hawaii.

you can invite a photographer from seattle, one you’ve never met, and ask her to shoot it all.

you can find a florist down the road and your dad can be your officiant.

there are no rules, and never a chart. but when the love is real, everything will fall in place. 

mad libs for the couple.

made from leaves/flowers in the backyard.

one of the most wonderful moments i’ve ever seen. yes. he couldn’t even turn around to see her for a good 7 seconds.

kills me.

all done shooting, and we had to go back. this needed to get out of my head and into an image.

and she is, the matchmaker.

i left this week with a huge grin on my heart. did some writing from the honolulu airport about what it all meant to me. you can read it HERE.

I blogged the days leading up to their wedding HERE.

thank you to Justin and Kaelin and their family for having me out. i could go on for days, so let’s just leave it at that. thank you.

will go down in the books as one of the most special weeks I’ve ever gotten to experience. and i want more like it. if you’re doing something different. if you want me there for a week and want it all captured. well hunny, lets chat. 


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by Andria

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Kelly Stonelake Wow. Incredible work!

Justine Russo This is one of the most gorgeously photographed weddings I think I have ever seen! It’s just stunning! Their first look was so amazing! :)
WOW! :)

ljb_823@hotmail.com You did such an amazing job capturing their love and authentic joy! This is such a gorgeous couple, too!

Lacey You did such an amazing job capturing their love and authentic joy! This is such a gorgeous couple, too!

Mom Andria ….. this is an AWARD winning Wedding…. some of the Most Beautiful shots you have ever taken. Stunning Bride sitting on the ground with her dress fanned out is incredible. Breath taking honey!! The setting was like nothing I have ever seen….NICE
So proud as a momma to know my gifted daughter took these..

Carlee M You are such a beautiful artist!! These are awesome!!

katie hart NO WORDS. except, so, so amazing.

Dustin Robbins Wow incredible. Great job Andria. Best first look I have ever seen.

atalie thronson LOVE THEM ALL.
Also helps that they are a gorgeous couple and kinda resemble the Beckhams? Yea I’m pretty sure that’s the couple i thought of. So many gorgeous pictures Andria! Love that you captured every teary eyed moment!

Becki that first look. wow.

Jonna kinda speechless right now! i gasped, put my hand to my chest, smiled, said a lot, but by the end, totally speechless – good job!

Jenny LOVE these all! The first look pictures made me cry a little they are just that gorgeous! such a great wedding!!

lydia {ever ours} best. first. look. emotions. ever.

Stephanie Um, just wow. Whoa. Amazing. Their first glimpse is incredible. Made me catch my breath. Love these images. Great work.

Emilia Jane Absolutely stunning all around. These may be my favorite first look pictures EVER.

Kara you are amazing. each and every image, beautiful.

Brittany These are so stunning. This family is going to cherish these forever and those that didn’t get to be there will have a glimpse of being transported there when they look at these. Beautiful work!

the detailed life noses touching!!!

Shelly Guzman Simply gorgeous. I am totally moved. I think she is the most beautiful bride I have EVER seen!

jeff marsh I wanna get married again

$hoda You know how good this is, I don’t need to tell you.

Nicole Best wedding to date. xo

June NeSmith AMAZING photography!!! The lighting on the photo of him getting dressed………..breathtaking!

Kathleen Absolutely amazing. Totally made me teary eyed!!!! Their love for each other is radiating! You did such a great job capturing their special moments :)

Shea This bride, and these pictures — I am speechless. Their first look at one another…such a special moment to have captured.

Debi McDowell WOW!!! The first look….. I had to look at it for a long time, I was crying for a few minutes and everything was blurry. You are amazing, you captured them just perfect. We are so happy for them both. We are proud of Justin for not giving up, this has to be the 2nd best decision of Justins life (the 1st is accepting GOD into his life). AMAZING!!!

Tonhya Kae insane andi. absolutely insane.

Jillian wow. wow. wow. wow.
i am speechless, this is so beautiful, and that DRESS. everything is gorgeous, you told the story so well

Gina Fabish Wicked! Gave me goosebumps, very beautiful indeed.

Bett Union-Jakubek Thank you for the gift of these photos. Have not met the groom but love the bride and have enjoyed watching her grow up…there are tears in my eyes. You did an amazing job!

Karen Obrist Out of CONTROL! THIS is portraiture at it’s finest.

bryan so. effing. good.

Matt Lien those portraits of the bride…ridiculous. by far my fav wedding from you. so good.

Gabriel YOu have got to be kidding me. These are so amazing my computer exploded. You can send new iMac to Los Angeles. Thank you. Favorite from you that I have seen.

Amber Z Hot damn!! Those first look photos made me emotional, and the whole collection was completely flawless and fabulous! It’s the perfect reminder of what true love is all about.

SOPHIA K Hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and this shoot is so beautiful! I love the casual but incredibly meaningful feel of your photos. I’m wondering if you shot this particular wedding with film?

Kirsten You know how I feel about your work. This could not have been done better. The first look is incredible. (I suspect that it’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture of Kaelin, eh ;)).

Chris Absolutely stunning work. This is incredible!

Elen That first look literally brought a tear to my eye! Gorgeous!

sizzle The first look ones? Sweetest ever. Totally teared up looking at them. I love how tough he looks and there is clearly that softness to him with the tears. A beautiful couple- she is stunning!

Courtnny Oh wow. This post is unreal perfection. Fabulous images and lovely couple!

RF one of your best.

Julia Manchik Andria, you are putting out some GOOD STUFF. This is beautiful. The first look made me want to cry. It looks/sounds like you have a special relationship with this couple and I’m so happy they had you! So unlike all Hawaii weddings… in a really good way.

michele yowza…….this wedding is AMAZING!!! the bride is to-die-for gorgeous and your portrait work is killer. love it all.

Will These pictures are amazing Andria! I recently heard about you from shooting a friends wedding, and I was just blown away at your pictures. Your pictures truly are inspiring :)

Rachael Simply gorgeous, Andria!! They are one lucky couple.

Tanya This is honestly the best work I have ever seen. Such a gorgeous couple, and such beautiful images captured. The entire celebration was flawless!!

Laurie and Marty Andria,words can not express the emotions we feel after seeing the pictures of the wedding. We were transported back to one of the most wonderfully tender and joyfull weeks we’ve ever experienced. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Consider yourself one of the fam!

Lauren This is absolutely the most beautifully captured wedding I have ever seen! From getting ready and the first look to their vows and dancing … Wow. You are beyond talented!

alissa ferguson BEYOND WORDS. I didn’t think it possible, but with every shoot, you produce even more incredible work than the last. Just GORGEOUS.

Jaclyn Bishop Could there have been or more beautifully simple wedding. It looks like they are in the most real love ever!

Chelsea Abril Oh, Andria. You’ve outdone yourself. I am without words or expression as to how much I love this.

Loretta Rapa Hello Andria… I don’t know you. Someone I know liked your story and I was drawn to it. I have just read your amazing piece of writing and viewed your amazing photos. What a talent you have!! No need for words on the photos. You have captured love and I see it! I live in Tanzania in East Africa with an amazing man. In Swahili I would say ‘Hongera’ which is congratulations. I wish to have you here soon… to capture my love with my partner.

Shanti Jain The entire time I was scrolling through these images all I thought about was what I could put into words to express how amazingly moving, gorgeous, and perfect this couple is and the photos you captured are. I got feelings for them with the help of your words. Without your thoughts attached, it would get my attention for sure, but not quite so strongly. Hands down the best reaction anyone could get from me about someone else’s wedding story told. Thank you for being awesome.

Kelly Hi – do you know where she got her dress? It’s lovely and classic! :)

Mats Wow, great work! Looks a bit like Jonas Petersons style, very nice!

Sarah Gorgeous! I would love to know where she got the necklace!

Lora Beautiful photos of the couples special day. I’d also love to know where the necklace is from, its gorgeous!

Jenna Amazing. Really – so, so beautiful. Both of you.

Stewart Wow. I hope my wedding will be a beautiful as this one, and that my husband (whoever he may be) will look at me the way he looks at her. And I hope that I have a photographer as amazing as you, to capture the moments.

therealshard Such a beautiful couple, an awesome looking wedding, gorgeous photos… Wow, totally made my day. And im so happy for all of them :)

Jmay 帅。

Alex I’m quite certain that these are THE best wedding photos I have ever seen.

Lana Pribic ANDRIA. I’m dying. I am actually dying.

That bride is a STUNNER. Her dress.. her necklace… her hairstyle… her gorgeousness!

Those photos of them crying while looking at each other? I absolutely freaked right out and I made my entire family come and look at the photos immediately. What. A. Story.

Gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous.

Alma Torres-Almodovar Breathtaking, gorgeous, unique and spiritual you are amazing by capture every feeling in the divine moment. Congratulations Andria I love your Photography!!!!!!!

Amber McNeese How do I find out where Justin found his groom attire?

Bethany Hildebrandt I know it’s a long shot, but do you happen to know where the bride got her necklace from?

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Laura Came across this via Diply :) The pictures were always going to be amazing with such a stunning bride!

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