justin & kaelin. the days before. (part 1)

in the first time we were face to face, a skype meeting, when justin was upfront and said he really wanted to be watching football.

i told them i would be a fly on the wall. that my week staying with them, prior to their wedding in hawaii. that i wouldn’t be a huge presence with my camera.

justin told me, “well that’s not really gonna work.” 

that i needed to be part of the family. in on the games. taking part. not a fly on the wall.

and it’s hard to explain, because in looking back, i would hope i documented this time without my presence altering what was going on in front of my own eyes. yet, those days spent together were incredibly impacting. that i was part of the family. that i was anything but a fly on the wall. it’s a mix and a hybrid. but one thing that did happen, was i had their trust….and that is fuel to my fire.

that part that impacts, that part that turns a corner for me in my work is a week just like this. the opportunity for something different, to spend a week along with my couple and their family.  if i could wish one thing: if my work was ever to be thought of as impacting…it would solely be known that the reason for that is by the opportunity i am given, to be a friend, a part of it. that when i have that tie to someone, we can’t get anything but art. 

insisting that i am not a fly on the wall. but a part of it.

good lord it’s what it’s all about. 

hey oh.

surprise. bachelor party falling from the sky.

i will admit. i always thought hawaii was cliche. not a spot ‘real’ travelers go. turns out i was dead wrong.

so tomoro. i get to show their wedding. and i can say with confidence….it is, some of the work I’m most proud i’ve ever shot. so much because of the emotion tied to it.

until tomoro.

by Andria

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josh Lovely.

the detailed life i really like that one of her standing under the tree.

Alaina T. Ahhhh, I love that blue and yellow strapless dress the bride wore! Any details on it?

Eleanor Petry These made me so happy, just by looking at them. Good job Andria!

Justin Lucky!, & the last shot…super. +love the last solo shot of her.

Debi McDowell BEAUTIFUL is all I can say! You did a fabulous job, and you were like one of the family. If we had more kids we would definitely use you again. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty of these two people, we love them very much!

Phil Chester I would die to have an experience like this. Gorgeous as always Andria.

Aja The B+Ws all pretty much made me cry. The captures of Georgia, Mom of the bride and aunt of the bride b+w blew my away. This entire post=captivating. You are incredible!

Kirsten I love these. I hate my picture being taken, but for once I wished that I could gather my favourite people together in a beautiful place, and trust you to take images like these.

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