you have to decide in the split second if you want it.

because, when road tripping, if you wait. you’re going 70 MPH and it’s too late.

so alyssa and i went to oregon to shoot a wedding and spent an entire day deciding in the split second if we wanted to stop and get a shot.

i typically travel alone. and i typically gaze at allllllll the spots i want to stop and shoot. i cant tell you, it warmed my little heart having someone along ready and willing to run in traffic, stand in the cold, get screamed to leave property, discover, explore and play. not everyone is willing to burn a day like that.

here’s to a weekend that was nothing what i expected, only way way better.

bearded lady.

headbutt semi

crazy love this water tower.

static? wind? magic?

goin nuts over this.

caught wind some friends were in portland. so we hopped over to join em. plus random PDX street style strangers.

caterpillar four.

meet cory.

ace hotel pillow fight – GO.

died over this for a good 27 minutes. i made them hold hands, adds the perfect *touch* dont you think?

good lord what a weekend.

life is fun.

by Andria

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Phil Chester Incredible set. Bearded lady is my fave. Listened to Skinny Love while viewing these, totally set the mood. I can’t wait to retire there.

Jordan the black and whites kill me. love love loooooove these!

JASON WILLIAMS Lonnie and Cubby Graham look like kings. And the frollikiness(?) never looked so good. Nice work A!

kara holy goodness…..these are amazing. moss, trees, colors, two beautiful girls having fun roadtrippin’!
are you doing a karate kid move on that tree stump? niiiice! love the smiles, the giddiness, love how the silence of stillness comes through. oh.. I could go on and on… love…

the detailed life i think i have the most fun, taking photos of/with other photographers… it’s those people, who truly get you.

Rachael Oh, i SOOOO want to take a road trip with the girls now, just for the “pitstopping”! So spontaneous. :) You girls are both so pretty, amazing photos! All those headlights coming at you guys gave me slight anxiety!!

sizzle Love the pops of red. Vibrant. It doesn’t hurt that you’re both so gorgeous. 😉

Megan Pence Okay.
One. All of those are fantastic. I am road-tripping down to PDX this weekend with my bestie (Beka!) as well. How epic it will be.
Two. Where did you girls find that adorable red and black polka dot shirt? I require one! haha
Three – that turquoise ring is divine. I’m on a real turquoise kick as of late.

Jeff marsh Easily your best Colors to date

benj haisch killin’ it. look at all those all stars who made an appearance! alyssa, lonnie, cubby, etc. high fives all around.

lydia {ever ours} y’all are crajee town usa…but i love it.

Tonhya Kae Can’t help but smile looking at all these lovely frames. Good job poop.

Ravyn Hi Andria … Just found your work today. It’s absolutely lovely!! I love how amazing Portland/Oregon looks through your camera. I just spent 30 minutes admiring your work, and thought I’d send a few virtual high fives your way.

jill methinks i need some PNW in my life reeeeal soon.

Tanya so beautiful! and you both have rockin’ style!!! so much fun!

Julia Manchik What fun!! Love that you take every opportunity to make some good photos.

Will Foster LOVE these photos, great work!