it’s back

this became more than just about pictures a long time ago. 

this became more than about me, fresh out of the gates.

to my core, i know and believe that God has given us gifts – each & individually – to honor him, to bless others and in turn can feel the most precious fulfillment through using that gift. it can be anything. but if you’re mindful, no matter big or small…your gift can be used to bless others. it can.

last year, i’d been praying. i want to be used, i want to be able to use the platform i have to be able to bless others. to give. to serve. to tell a story and inspire. this idea came to mind. why don’t i just ask who knows of someone who has an inspirational story, surely someone out there does. and why don’t i ask them to tell me about them. and why don’t i get to know them and their story and tell others. because one thing i have learned is, dont even doubt what sharing something, when it’s from the heart and true of you, can do and how it can spread to bless others. dont ever doubt that. and dont be afraid to do it. don’t be frozen in taking a risk, not knowing how it will turn out.

so i asked.

and i started a monthly project called inspira(shown).

and i prayed and asked for the people who need to be blessed and who’s story would inspire others. that they would be brought to me.

and i felt this twang of fear. what if no one comes? but then i thought, if I have a willing heart, surely that will be honored. surely the lord has someone who’s story needs to be told, someone who needs to be given to.

so i asked.

and it wasn’t just one that got submitted.

and i got emails at all hours of the day, randomly. and i’d be frozen outside of the bank crying streams of tears down my cheeks reading the stories people had sent. 

so month by month, i met and listened. for hours. and then shot and told their story. kept it real simple.

…and i met the joyful and infectious lindsay who has brain cancer and her fiance who’s mother had died of a brain tumor. and i was struck by them.

…and i met the regal and gracious kathy who has an eye disease that will make her blind, who’s husband is an eye surgeon and cant do anything to help.

…and i met the strong and giggly lisi who had broken out of a life of prostitution, drugs, abuse and is raising a beautiful daughter.

…and i met the invincible and determined lisa who’s husband died while over in afghanistan and left her with 3 kids at home, never having met his several day old baby girl.

and today, i met amber, nate and isaiah.


and these people impacted me. and their stories impacted others. and i felt more than ever, i was doing something that mattered. that i was specifically using a talent that the lord gave me, to honor and bless those that need it.

and then a photographer in germany liked the idea and asked if she could do it with her readers. so she started her own inspira(shown)  and it spread. and more people are blessed.

and then things got busy and i started working 7 days a week and all hours of the day and things just got to be so much. this project is not something quick or a small time commitment and in order to keep up with what was coming in, the project slipped away but i have felt such a void since then.

so i’m bringing it back. 

because i will always be busy and i’ll always have something to do. but this, this is what fulfills.  this is something that matters and we make time for the things that are important. and i’m making time.

so I’m here, back, asking. this is not something i can do on my own. it takes you reading this post. it takes you being willing to send in an email and telling me of someone you know who inspires. it takes an effort. but in the end, things that take effort are the greatest parts of our lives. and it can be anything. anyone. it can be a couple who’d been married for 58 years. it can be about strength, or a journey. it doesn’t have to be sad, it can be a celebration. it can be anything. please don’t push away the thought that this one isn’t good enough.  don’t ever doubt what someone’s story can do to inspire another, let alone bless the person you have in your mind.

i will be doing this project bi-monthly. working on one, while the other is up. and vice versa.

and i’ve already shot one today. these days are overwhelming and so emotional for me. and i am reminded, the incredible opportunity i have to come into people’s lives and do something that matters. it’s heavy & a joy on my heart.

nominations sent in now, will be for the following month.

you can read all of the submission info HERE.

thank you for taking the time to read this. it’s an incredible thing to have an idea, be supported in it, and then see the lives it can affect. to be impacted the way i have by the people others’ submitted. this has been a huge part of how and why photography has changed me. i would love to have your support in this and in spreading the word. i’d love to be able to give to someone that needs it. 


I’ve started to get a few questions from other photographers regarding them starting up this project as well. i would say yes yes and yes to that. just shoot me and email and we can chat about it. ( i would love for this idea to spread.

**also: no one EVER knows how to pronounce it. it’s actually funny. it’s just pronounced inspiration. i was just trying to be witty, inspiration but with a (shown) because of the pictures. no one got it. but that’s ok.

by Andria

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Chantel I loved this idea back when you announced it Andria and I think I love it even more now! This may become a movement. God bless you. <3

Julia Manchik What a fabulous idea, Andria. The ones you’ve shot already are amazing. I can’t imagine how much cooler this will get. You need to take this bigger and get more photographers involved because I’m sure most are willing.

Chantel I loved this idea back when you announced it Andria and I think I love it even more now! This may become a movement. God bless you.

Kylie Such a beautiful project. Whenever I recommend you to people I always show them your “inspira(shown)” section, it really shows the heart you have for what you do and the people you come into contact with. Can’t wait to see more of these in the future!!!

lydia {ever ours} i can’t wait to see what comes your way. such an amazing project to take on again, andria!

Kathy S. It is so good to see you coming back full circle to this project…it impacted me immensely this time last year for so many reasons you know to well as you have heard the entire story yourself…looking forward to seeing your always amazing work Andria!

Janelle I’m so excited this is back! It was your month about Lindsey that first connected me to your blog and every single Inspira(shown) you’ve done since then has continued to blow my mind. I love your engagement and wedding blogs (excited to see mine!) but the Inspira(shown) blogs are the ones I check for every single day. So much good. <3

nirav Amazing Andria. Love this so much :).

Lisa Davis Andria – I love each of these stories. I’m so excited to know you’ll be doing more!! You have such a gift, to take us there not only with your beautiful, amazing pictures, but with your words as well. What a beautiful way to honor Christ!! Blessings to you, Lisa

jenny wohrle this is truly beautiful, Andria.

Brooke I fell in love with your photography when you started this project. You’ve grown so much since then but I’m so happy to see it return. I hope to one day share my own work people who inspire one another.

Katie all these stories are giving me chills. The photos make me cry. Beautifully done Andria. These people are beyond inspiring. Thank you for doing these!

Lacey I’m so excited you’re doing this again. :)

Danielle Wagner I have been following your blog for some time now but this post and these stories have really touched my heart, especially Lisa’s story. My brother-in-law is leaving for Afghanistan January 1 and leaving behind his wife and 4 little boys (ages 12, 10, 1 1/2, and 3months. I can only imagine Lisa’s heartache and I will pray each and everyday for her as well as the other strong women and their families that you photographed. Thank you for sharing their stories and the beautiful images. They are all beautiful inside and out.

Erica G Andria,I don’t know how I missed all of your Inspira blogs, they are beautiful. I cried the whole way through Lisa’s and was able to barely keep myself composed through the rest. What a beautfiul thing to share. Recently I feel that I keep being reminded of how much I have to be thankful for and that I need to share what blessings I can with others. Thank you, for yet another reminder :)

Rachael All I can say is “wow”. You felt God tugging on your heart and did something about it. This is so amazing. The Inspira(shown) pictures you’ve posted so far brought tears to my eyes, but also reminded me how resilient the human spirit can be! I love your photos because of their honesty. I just happened to stumble upon your blog today because I saw a wedding you shot at Hidden Meadows on, and wanted to check out your wedding photography for my future wedding. But what I found was so much more!! This blog is one I will definitely be following from now on! Please continue to keep doing what you are doing!


P.S. I totally “got” how to pronounce inspira(shown). :)